CTH 2.0 Site Maintenance Complete – Mission Accomplished…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree house on December 1, 2020 by Sundance

Data Engineers Have Optimal Solution To Restore Comment Function:

Success !!

It appears we have a workable solution achieved.  Excellent….

….Welcome Back Gang… let’s test drive this thing.

Run it hard, use this thread to try out the stuff you are familiar doing. Let’s see what we need to tweek modify or adjust to get back to peak operational condition.  Share your issues and ideas in comments.

We are no longer on Automattic/WordPress servers and despite the extremely tight forced eviction timeline we have achieved a safe rebuild ten hours ahead of deadline.  Quite an accomplishment considering the scale of the task at hand, and a holiday in the middle of it.

There are a few random reports of regional DNS issues and here’s a few tips we are discovering from users:

♦ Make sure you are using the latest version of your browser software.   Reports of Mac not reaching through to new site, but when OS “Big Sur” is added things improve.

♦ Make sure your cookies and cache are not returning you to old site activity.  I apologize for this issue because clearing your browsing history is always a mess and can often require you to re-enter all saved passwords, but that’s one of the unavoidable issues with an entirely new set of servers and new DNS targeting.

♦ All regional Internet Service Providers (ISP’s), responses for queries and bookmarks launched by users, should be aimed toward our new servers now.  Some of them took a long time to update, and there is a familiar pattern to it (discussion for another day).

♦ Remember, while we are using WordPress open source code/software, we are not operating inside the WordPress/Automattic platform.  Some proprietary functions of WP/Automattic will not be available.  I think the notification bell is one of those functions.

♦ There will be a new email-notification program initiated later today that will allow you to sign up for email notifications of new articles and updates. [In the works] In the interim Twitter users can use the notification function and all articles will cross-post to Twitter.

There are going to be features and site enhancements to come along later.  Right now the priority was to keep everything as identical and familiar as possible.  We will likely be doing some cool site changes now that we have full proprietary control and ownership of the site.

Thanks again for bearing with us as we work through some technical issues, search for optimal solutions, and fiercely retain the original values and mission priority of the Treehouse.  The Truth Has No Agenda

Please be patient if you get hung up in a moderation cue. It may take time to release some comments if they are hung up in moderation. The site admins do a great job with comment moderation and release so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue; and quite frankly, there are likely to be benefits from not having WordPress/Automattic software filtering through the comments as they post. Spam removal will be a priority.

Thank you for your support and fellowship. We will always work diligently to deserve it.

As word spreads… the voices of the rebel alliance are arriving now.  The best open-source researchers in the world are firing up their laptops and preparing for the most critical moments in the battle to save our nation.   The CTH printing presses are rebuilt, oiled,  and the deep rumble of the machinery is slowly building to a deafening roar.

We are extraordinarily thankful… and itching to get FREE VOICES back into this fight.

Love to all,

~ Sundance

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