CTH 2.0 Updates, Optimization

Posted originally on the Conservative tree house on February 18, 2021 by Sundance

Over the past several weeks the tech team behind CTH 2.0 has been working on a test site to optimize the battle-tank known as The Last Refuge.  This is phase-3 of the CTH anti-fragile system, know as the optimization phase.

The goal of optimization is to take the decades-old weight of our site, lighten the server load, increase the response time and simultaneously generate a site that optimizes based on the type of hardware being used by reader: desktops, laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

When CTH originally launched over a decade ago the theme was responsive to desktop and laptop computer users.  Mobile platforms were in their infancy.  Now more than half of website users are coming to sites from tablets or phones.  The optimization phase will make those user experiences easier and more responsive.

The landing page of CTH will not change too much (example image on left). However, each of the top links “About Us”, “guidelines” etc will generate a different impression for the user.  The right margin will be streamlined on the Main landing page, and we will be introducing an alliance of allies to replace the old-school blogroll.

Most of the decisions for the layout, font and navigability have been worked out; and now the coding is underway to generate the final product.  Once that is established we will run it through the paces on the test site before switching over; much like the process we used when we switched from WordPress/Automattic to our own server network.

Several website operators have reached out asking us to provide details on the infrastructure being used to stay “anti-fragile”, meaning outside the reach of big tech.  There may come a day when that information is possible to share, but it will not be in the near future.  CTH is operating with an abundance of caution in the era of deplatforming and targeting.

We are aware the eye of sauron, ie Google, has already targeted CTH 2.0 to eliminate traffic and site visits.  However, fortunately for us we have a long history of readership and only around 7 percent of total traffic was dependent on Google as a search value.

In what has been described as an “extraordinary situation” in the modern era, over 85 percent of CTH traffic is direct.  Users and readers come directly to CTH from their browser.  In the era of deplatforming this is a huge benefit.

CTH is a community of people; we take our responsibility for stewardship of our  community very seriously.  Privacy is the foundation of all systems we are using and no site features generates any data collection on any Treehouse guest.

This privacy approach is unique in the modern era of internet technology where data collection and cookies are now accepted practice.  However, not only are we proud of the effort we are taking, I can also envision a place in the near future where any site gathering data will regret that flaw in privacy policy.  CTH will lead the way on the creation of proprietary systems that protect our community; and we can see several states now considering legislation that will mandate a much more stringent view on privacy.

The optimization phase should be complete in the next two weeks.  Readers will be kept aware of the countdown to the change-over.  You won’t really notice too much difference from the front side, but there will be a noted faster response rate.  Additionally, some of the bugs we encountered, literally because we had to move so fast to generate CTH 2.0 – and only had two weeks to move 10 years of massive files, will be worked out.

Again, I thank you for your continued support as we put the final touches on CTH 2.0 as a relaunched site outside the reach of the tech control agents.  This entire move has been a painstaking time-suck to do it right.  Everyone has reference points for places that did it wrong… we are blessed to have incredible assistance from people with buckets of foresight.

Remember, YOU are what matters. This community is what matters.  Retaining our ability to connect in fellowship and discuss the issues in a respectful and honest manner is our priority.  We are in the majority.  They control the majority of systems that allow us to see the scale of our assembly.  Tech’s control effort to remove voices is directly related to their need to retain the false impressions put forth by ideological comrades.

The truth has no agenda, and people are beginning to see now just how far ahead CTH was within our explanations of the people and institutional motives in the world of politics.  Unfortunately, we have been very accurate with our predictions of “who”, “why”, “when and how”, the people and systems would activate against our constitutional republic.  However, in the end they will fail and we, a freedom loving people, will succeed.

Don’t forget to live your best life.  Nothing aggravates the totalitarian-left more than seeing joy amid the majority of people within a nation they are trying to destroy.  Engage your family, friends and community with optimism – and prepare; because the best is yet to come.

Love to all,


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