CBS Attempts To Controversialize Florida Governor Ron DeSantis For Doing Exceptional Job With COVID Response

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 5, 2021 | Sundance | 41 Comments

You can always tell who the left-wing media fear by the way they attempt to create false attacks against them.  Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has done an outstanding job leading his state through the COVID crisis.

While balancing the economic needs of the people, and keeping the majority of the state functioning and open, DeSantis prioritized protecting the most vulnerable elderly citizens; and then, once available, coordinating the COVID vaccine for that vulnerable population by expediting a massive distribution network to be the first state with over one million doses administered for those who wanted it.   In addition DeSantis allowed local communities to make their own decisions about mask wearing and school opening.

As a result the population was protected, cases lower than a majority of states and the principles of small effective government exhibited.  In essence, Governor Ron DeSantis embarrassed the heralded blue state governors (Newsom, CA, and Cuomo, NY) with an open economy and a protected population.  DeSantis exhibited strong principle-centered leadership and the results speak for themselves.

Because his leadership advanced a popular opinion that he should run for president in 2024, the left-wing media attempt to create an attack narrative with a 60-Minutes hit-job on the vaccination rollout.  The false narrative is so fundamentally flawed even legislative democrats in Florida are coming to his defense.

Jared Moskowitz is the Director of Florida’s Emergency Management *AND* a three-term democrat state legislator (source):

When the COVID crisis broke out DeSantis used the Florida National Guard to protect the elderly and nursing homes with medical resources, supply chain and logistics for quarantine needs.   DeSantis used the recommended federal lock-down period to complete infrastructure projects on roads and bridges.

Ron DeSantis was the first governor to drop the state-wide mask mandate and eliminate any fines or punishment for not wearing a mask throughout the state.  He was the first governor to re-open restaurants for eat-in dining, against opposition, and he kept the schools open for in-person teaching.

DeSantis partnered with private sector for supply chain and logistics for vaccine rollout and he prioritized the vulnerable population; and he was the first state to achieve one million doses of vaccine delivered.  He kept the economy open allowing business and local communities to make decisions at a local level, and he was the first governor to speak out against the COVID passport nonsense noting patient privacy as a key issue.

Florida also hosted the Superbowl without issue and has supported local venues making decisions on their COVID responses.   As a result the economy in Florida continued to grow and unemployment is approximately half the national average.

Perhaps DeSantis biggest accomplishment was keeping the principles of individual responsibility, liberty and freedom at the forefront of his decisionmaking.  Obviously, that makes him a threat to the far-left…. ergo, the CBS attempt to attack… which failed because it is manipulated and FALSE, BIGLY.

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