Netanyahu Is the Epitome of what a real World Leader should be!

By Jeff Longo
In a defining moment of our time the prime minister of Israel stood on the floor of America’s house and delivered a historic speech to Congress, the American people and the world audience. As radical Islam grows in strength and Iran continues its pursuit of a nuclear bomb, a new leader of the free world has emerged and his name is Benjamin Netanyahu.
With force and clarity Mr.R spoke as the leader of a nation fighting for its very survival. Israelis watch in horror as their strongest ally is on the verge of signing a terrible deal that all but assures Iran will have a nuclear bomb within a decade. “This deal,” he said, “doesn’t block Iran’s path to the bomb, it paves the path to the bomb.”  Dozens of times this electrifying speech was interrupted by thunderous applause and standing ovations from both sides of the aisle.
It’s easy to see why Mr. Obama has his operatives working so hard to defeat Netanyahu in the upcoming Israeli elections. It’s not surprising he was so defiantly against the prime minister’s speech to Congress. With great passion Mr. Netanyahu laid out the chilling effects of what the world would look like with Iran in possession of a nuclear bomb. This is a message that our president has been unable, or unwilling to deliver to the American people. It appears the president has accepted, as fact, that Iran will achieve nuclear capabilities and  has abandoned his pledge to prevent that from happening. His focus now is to make sure the “deal” prolongs this from happening until after he leaves office. Protecting his legacy always trumps the security of the American people and our friends.
The Nazis incinerated 6 million Jews and Netanyahu vowed “never again.” He explains that the future of free people rests in our ability to have the moral clarity to fight radical Islam wherever and whenever we see it. Americans need to understand that while Iran sees Israel as the little Satan they see the United States as “The Great Satan.” The United States and Israel are connected as one in their burning hunger for freedom and their need to destroy radical Islam before it destroys us. America must stand behind Israel.

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