British Prime Minister Theresa May Delivers Remarks on Westminster Terrorist Attack…

Source: British Prime Minister Theresa May Delivers Remarks on Westminster Terrorist Attack…


Trump for the American Citizens not all the worlds Riff-Raff that don’t belong here!

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Leftists use global body to break America’s sovereignty

Clifford Cunningham | – MARCH 22, 2017

The human rights arm of the globalist Organization of American States(OAS) has conducted hearings aimed at opposing President Trump’s executive orders relating to immigration.

The Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (IACHR), a “human rights watchdog” founded in 1959 under the charter of the globalist Organization of American States, conducted two hearings relating to President Trump’s immigration-related executive orders at the behest of advocacy groups.

Despite finding a sympathetic audience at the IACHR, the commissioners were unable to determine a proper course of action to oppose the orders.

“No way can the commission accept these acts of violations which are occurring, and which seem to be multiplying and becoming more and more serious,” said Margarette May Macaulay of Jamaica, first vice president of the IACHR. “We have a massive inhuman situation…

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Well I guess you could say that the Policy shot and killed the Muslim Jihadist who had just killed two people and wounded any more!

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Network ignores news reports from UK media

By Kit Daniels

UPDATE: Reports are circulating that the attacker wasan Islamist who acted alone.

CNN downplayed the ISIS-style Parliament attack as a “firearms incident” despite UK media reporting it as a combined knife and car attack.

The network published an article with the headline “UK police investigate ‘firearms incident’ near parliament” around 11:30AM EST.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.54.57 PM“London’s Metropolitan Police said on Twitter they were called at approximately 2:40 pm to reports of an incident near Westminster Bridge and that it was being treated as a firearms incident,”CNNsaid. “TV images have emerged of a car crashed into a fence outside the Parliament building.”

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.56.14 PM

CNN did admit a police officer was stabbed in the “firearms incident,” but the article was light on details.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.57.20 PM

In comparison, both the Sun and the Daily Mail said a knifeman was shot outside the UK Parliament…

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Policeman and alleged attacker among four dead in UK parliament terror assault (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Don’t worry nothing to see could have just been a drunk driver not a deranged Muslim Jihadist !!!

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A knife attacker has been shot after a car mowed down pedestrians on Westminster Bridge and charged the gates of parliament, in what police are treating as a terrorist incident. Four people are dead.


What we know

  • Four people are dead, including a police officer and the alleged attacker
  • Several others have “catastrophic” injuries after a car reportedly mounted the pavement on Westminster Bridge and “tried to mow people down” 
  • A woman was treated after “falling” from bridge into the River Thames 
  • A police officer is dead after being stabbed inside Parliament grounds
  • The alleged assailant is dead after being shot by armed police
  • At least 20 people have been injured
  • Police are treating the incident as terrorism
  • Police believe there was only one attacker
  • Downing Street says May will chair a COBRA emergency meeting tonight after the attack on UK parliament
  • Four…

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First pictures of London attack suspect emerge online

More peaceful Muslims !!!

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The first images apparently showing the man who launched a terrorist attack in central London on Wednesday have appeared in the UK media.

In photographs published on the Twitter accounts of UK media, the man believed to be the attacker can be seen lying on his back on a stretcher, with medics attending to him and police officers standing nearby.

A large blood-stained bandage can be seen on the man’s torso.

A zoomed-in image circulating in UK media also shows what appears to be a knife lying on the ground near the stretcher

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 2.59.24 PM.png

The same photo was published by the Mirror, Sky News, the BBC.

Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 3.00.24 PM

Another photo taken at the scene partly shows a person in brown shoes lying on the ground, apparently held at gunpoint by a police officer. What looks like a knife can also be seen on the ground…

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Canadians want action on illegal immigration

Why would any sane person want the worlds Riff-Raff to be here. We don’t need them and don’t want them we worked very hard to create a nice clean stable society and now our politicians are destroying it for their own personal gain.

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Published on Mar 20, 2017

Brian Lilley reports the results of a poll on illegal immigration that confirm the majority of Canadians want the Trudeau Liberals to do something about it. MORE:…
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The Petition
Justin Trudeau must uphold the common sense laws of Canada and respect the “Safe Third Country Agreement.”

Ken Stone

I think canada would be wise to deport Trudeau…….. You could do it in multiple parcels to save on shipping………
Canada is for Anglo, Celtic, Franco populations. Halt illegal and legal immigration or you wont exist in 30 years.
You’re fuckin right we do. Trudeaus government is a disgrace to all Canadians, left or right. Most people I know didn’t care who got elected. Not the case anymore.

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British police accused of hiring Indian hackers to spy on journalists & campaigners

Of course they are doing this and have been for a while but keep in mind that in the Utah is massive federal complex that has been on line for a while now where EVERYTHING that is electronic has been captured and store on tens of thousands of HD’s and it can be retrieved when needed. So everyone that uses a phone a cell phone or email or now a computer connected to the cloud has had ALL of that collected and stored. The NSA and the CIA can access that when ever they want!

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Screen Shot 2017-03-22 at 9.09.35 AM

The Metropolitan Police is under investigation after complaints it uses hackers in India to illegally crack into the email accounts of journalists and environmental activists.


The Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) is looking into the allegations after receiving an anonymous letter from a person claiming to have been working in the intelligence unit responsible for the hacks.


The letter was originally sent to Green Party peer Baroness Jones of Moulsecoomb.

“For a number of years the unit had been illegally accessing the email accounts of activists,” the letter read.

“This has largely been accomplished because of the contact that one of the officers had developed with counterparts in India who in turn were using hackers to obtain email passwords.”

In the letter, published in part by the Guardian, the whistleblower included passwords to email…

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London Terrorist Attack, Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament – Vehicle Attack, Knife Wielding Muslim…

Source: London Terrorist Attack, Westminster Bridge and Houses of Parliament – Vehicle Attack, Knife Wielding Muslim…

Turkey wants US laptop flights ban canceled or relaxed – minister

It would be easy to do that is for sure.

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Ankara is in talks with Washington seeking the reversal or softening of the new US ban on electronic devices larger than cellphones in the cabin of US-bound flights from 10 airports in Muslim-majority countries, Turkey’s transport minister has said.


“This is a wrongful measure. They shouldn’t confuse Istanbul, through which 80 million people are taking flights every year, with other cities,” the minister, Ahmet Arslan, told journalists on Tuesday.

Turkish authorities have already taken every possible precaution at Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul, he added.


The transport minister believes the US ban will “decrease the level of comfort for the passengers and will lead to a drop in their numbers.”

According to Arslan, the Turkish authorities will try to settle the issue through negotiations with Washington.

“We are particularly emphasizing how this will not…

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That propaganda video was so crude is was a joke, a HS kid in the US could make a better one; and the companies that produce games wouldn’t be caught dead anywhere near that junk.

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Snaps from the secretive state’s recent ballistic missile launches are shown alongside a haunting message

The SunMARCH 21, 2017

NORTH Korean tyrant Kim Jong-un has released a propaganda video showing a US aircraft carrier being blown up and a bomber shot down in flames.

Snaps from the secretive state’s recent ballistic missile launches are shown alongside the haunting message: “A knife will be stabbed into the throat of the carrier.”

It comes after the leader threatened to reduce the US “to ashes” as tensions with North Korea increase.

The shocking video goes on to declare: “The bomber will fall from the sky after getting hit by a hail of fire.”

Footage also shows nuclear-powered aircraft carrier the USS Carl Vinson going up in flames.

A statement earlier this month warned US President Donald Trump of nuclear destruction if America fires “even a single bullet” towards Pyongyang.

It said: “The…

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