Delusional Nonsense From Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

If any of those in the Green Movement could actually use their brains the green movement would never have started. Almost all of what the say or do defies any logic or the ability to reason.


By Paul Homewood

h/t Paul2


Ambrose Evans-Pritchard often writes about the forthcoming demise of fossil fuels, but he has really excelled himself this time, with such delusional reporting that about the only thing he has got right is his name.

The political noose is tightening on the global fossil fuel industry. It is a fair bet that world leaders will agree this year to impose a draconian “tax” on carbon emissions that entirely changes the financial calculus for coal, oil, and gas, and may ultimately devalue much of their asset base to zero.

The International Monetary Fund has let off the first thunder-clap. An astonishing report – blandly titled “How Large Are Global Energy Subsidies” – alleges that the fossil nexus enjoys hidden support worth 6.5pc of world GDP.

This will amount to $5.7 trillion in 2015, mostly due to environmental costs and damage to health, and mostly…

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