Digital Dollar & Civil War

Armstrong Economics Blog/Q&A Re-Posted Nov 28, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION #1:  Hi –
Martins blog post on the plan of canceling the currency Jan. 1st 2021 is very disturbing. Could he please clarify if that is indeed the plan and if it includes the USA. It is not entirely clear.


ANSWER #1: The Democrats have been trying desperately to join the World Economic Forum and Agenda 2030. They tried sneaking in a digital dollar into the coronavirus relief, but Trump had it removed. BigTech, mainstream media, and foreign leaders are all desperate to remove Trump so they can get going with Agenda 2030. If Biden takes the White House and the Republicans can hold the Senate, then we have a shot at a delay. But there cannot be a tie in the Senate for then the Vice President breaks those ties and you will lose everything. If Trump can prevail in the House by denying Biden 270 in the Electoral College, this will really upset this global agenda. So it is not yet conclusive as to whether the USA will join.

QUESTION #2: You once said that Gates, Soros et co.  They CANNOT manipulate the markets.  But in today’s blog 2020-11-27 about gold and bitcoin you say that they can manipulate everything?  Do you think they can also take away the shares?  What must we have in hand to save ourselves?  Help us!  Thanks!

QUESTION #2a: Hi, when you foresee a civil war in the United States, where will the flow of international capital go?


ANSWER #2: No, they are trying to manipulate the world with a very large consortium led by the World Economic Forum. They will also fail. No individual market can be manipulated because there is ALWAYS international arbitrage. The Long Depression of the 19th century, which was known at first as the Great Depression until the 1930s, was caused by the Silver Democrats bribed by the silver miners who took 70 cents of silver and called it a dollar. They overvalued silver on the ratio to gold and the gold fled the country and silver poured in. They thought that they could force the rest of the world to accept their high price of silver but discovered that international arbitrary led to the USA virtually being bankrupted by 1896 as all the gold moved to Europe.

This attempt to manipulate the world economy will also fail. It cannot be done. Only fools and egotistic madmen try this lofty goal. They can talk about it all day long while drinking their fine French wine in a 5-star hotel and decide how the world should work. That does not mean they will succeed. This manipulation is being attempted by bribing world leaders, but they will never allow the people to vote on their scheme. They certainly will never even tell the people what they are really doing. They also do not have an army to invade countries that refuse their suppression. They will try to use the SWIFT system to force compliance or block them from the world economy. China and Russia are already setting up alternatives to SWIFT.

Nevertheless, these tyrannical academics have fooled at least 50% of the American population who think they will die without a mask. Just look at the box and it states it will not protect you from any disease. Yet people wear them as if they will protect against a virus that has a 99% recovery rate anyway. They are pretending there is a second wave when in fact they are now testing everyone whereas the first wave saw testing only when people came forward with some symptoms.

The hatred they have created will ONLY be resolved in a civil war. Free markets will collapse at that time and wealth will return to just tangible possessions that make the transition to the other side.

Release The Kraken

Democrats capable, willing to silence millions of American voices, take on an operation of cyber-warfare against the United States of this magnitude during a presidential election is beyond disturbing, comprehension and beyond sedition. It is treason

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Ray DiLorenzo —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 28, 2020

Sedition is overt conduct, such as speech and organization, that tends toward rebellion against the established order. Sedition often includes subversion of a constitution and incitement of discontent toward, or rebellion against, established authority.

Treason is considered more serious than sedition.It is a concept that overlaps with sedition. It refers to acts of brazen defiance against one’s own government in a bid to bring harm or to overthrow the government in place.

The Kraken is a Department of Defense, Cyber Warfare Program

While the media, including Fox News, has been withholding overwhelming evidence of election fraud, and putting on a 24/7 continuous blitz that Trump lost and needs to concede, Democrats are announcing their intention to deliver us to a global reset. They have compiled an enemies list (Jennifer Rubin, Washington Post), and make no secret that Trump supporters need re-education (Bernie Sanders’ field organizer, Kyle Jurek). This is an operation to destroy this nation as founded, and people are becoming increasingly distressed, and are now suspicious that some massive fraud has taken place. And indeed it has. All added to the fear mongering from Democrats and the media for a minor pandemic to keep us off balance.

When Sidney Powell recently said to Lou Dobbs on Fox Business that the Kraken was going to be released, it was not a clever quip related to Greek mythology. Ms. Powell looked straight at the camera, never blinking. 

The Kraken is a Department of Defense, Cyber Warfare Program designed to track, hack, expose, and acquire evidence of nefarious activity from enemies both foreign and domestic. And we have enemies in abundance. The swamp rats are in the CIA, FBI, DOJ, Silicon Valley, the Media, Academia, the leadership as well as many in the rank and file within the Democrat Party and their hand puppets, BLM and Antifa. The program is designed to expose actions by any group wishing to do harm to the United States. This group does indeed want to do us harm. It is their intent to overthrow this government and take complete control. 

Ms. Powell and the Trump Team contend that President Trump won the election in a massive landslide. They argue that an algorithm was plugged into the servers to shift votes from Trump to Biden, that votes were deleted, that the envelopes millions of ballots rode in were tossed so as not to prove their mismatched signatures. Poll workers were told not to look for defects in ballots. Also, thousands of ballots arrived after election day in the middle of the night with all votes for Biden, a statistical impossibility. Many precincts also reported that there was a multitude of over-voting…more votes than registered voters, all for Biden.

Dominion servers with the Smartmatic software infected with a malware called Qsnatch

Thousands of Dominion servers with the Smartmatic software were built with the ability to drag and drop votes anywhere they wanted, and were infected with a malware called Qsnatch, allowing unauthorized persons to log into the servers from anywhere in the world. And now Eric Coomer, Voting Systems Officer of Strategy and Security for Dominion Systems, a member of Antifa, is nowhere to be found to answer questions. These servers were originally built for Hugo Chavez, who had every intention of being in power for life. Giuliani’s team will also show that illegal ballots were produced in abundance, with some that looked like they were never even folded to fit in an envelope. 

There is little doubt this election will prove to be the greatest act of cyber warfare in U.S. history, where some political operatives even had financial ties and support from Communist China. The former Defense Secretary and Democrat, Leon Panetta, said in 2012: “Well, there’s no question that if a cyber attack, you know, crippled our power grid in this country, took down our financial systems, took down our government systems, that that would constitute an act of war.”

These crimes are so egregious, so seditious, so traitorous, as to harm, maybe permanently, the integrity and security of our election system, the bedrock of our Republic. This election was not an election at all, it was an attempt to take over the government of the United States by the Deep State and the Democrat Party, a self-proclaimed resistance, an opposition, to destroy this nation and remake it in their image, ready for global governance.

This is the party of the 60s anti-America, pro Marxist radicals, the street revolutionaries

If the Trump Team and Sidney Powell are successful in proving their cases, they deserve no less than the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the highest civilian honor.

This is not the Democrat Party of past generations. This is the party of the 60s anti-America, pro Marxist radicals, the street revolutionaries. They are the radicals that planted bombs in police stations, the U.S. Capitol, and the Pentagon, traveled to North Vietnam to support the enemy, that now dominate our media, our education, our political institutions. We have slept and winked at their discord way too long. They have now morphed into an army of enemy combatants. Bill Ayers, of the 60s and 70s Weather Underground, even suggested in September of this year that the civil war has already begun.

That the Democrat Party, a major political party in the United States, is capable and willing to silence millions of American voices, to take on an operation of cyber-warfare against the United States of this magnitude during a presidential election is beyond disturbing, comprehension and beyond sedition. It is treason. 

Release the Kraken.

Joe Biden’s Path to the Presidency is Eroding With Each Revelation Of Massive Voter Fraud

Joe cannot win without the courts choosing to validate millions of illegal votes

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Mark Gray —— Bio and ArchivesNovember 28, 2020

As it stands, Joe Biden has not been elected to anything and can only be the president-elect once the Electoral College votes for him on December 14. Until then, he is the potential President-elect and nothing more.

The Electoral College vote can only happen if Trump concedes or all the legal challenges asserting that the election was stolen fail. As Trump won’t concede until all legal and constitutional options are tried and tested, the future of the Republic rests in the hands of judges.

A Contingent Election Favours Trump.

The beauty of the US Constitution is that it is written to protect the Ruled from corrupt Rulers and it does contain a procedure, called a contingent election, to resolve presidential election disputes. Should the courts find that voter fraud did destroy the integrity of the election they can stop the certification of those results which could result in neither Biden nor Trump having the 270 Electoral College votes required to become President.

In such a case, the Constitution pushes the decision back to the State legislatures with each State being given 1 vote in the contingent election, meaning massive California and tiny Rhode Island are considered equals. A simple majority of 26 votes then determines the winner.

The Republicans run 31 of the 50 US States and have control of 26 House delegations so this process is likely to choose Trump simply based on party lines.

The outbreak of post election Stop-The-Steal MAGA rallies shows people are no longer willing to remain silent while their votes are stolen by crooked forces. These passionate rallies will continue and likely grow as the process plays out, putting immense pressure on judges and legislatures to do the right thing. 

Another important aspect of those rallies is that they will directly counter the typical bullying and intimidation tactics from thug groups like Antifa and BLM, which will allow judges and legislatures to do the right thing. 

If the Supreme Court accepts that voter fraud occurred and it leads to a contingent election, then any vote for Biden—even in States where fraud didn’t occur—is a vote for a corrupt machine that attempted to destroy the electoral system. A Biden vote from a swindled State would constitute an explicit rejection of the voters’ will and lead to an even greater, violence filled, constitutional crisis.

The media will do their part and it will resonate like a CNN anchor praising mostly peaceful protests while the city burns behind them. They can ignore the rallies like they do evidence they don’t like but that effort will fail because the decision makers will not be able to escape the reality of massive MAGA rallies at their front door. 

So, yes, a contingent election heavily favours the reelection of President Trump.

A Biden Steal is the final nail in the Constitution’s coffin

Should Biden ascend to the highest office in the land riding on fake votes it means the legal and constitutional safeguards built into the system by the Constitution’s Framers have been breached.

Joe has voiced his desires to rejoin the globalist’s Paris Climate Accord and to mandate COVID regulations on the entire country. Who will be there to stop him? 

The COVID “model” was dropped on over 100 countries worldwide and if one steps back for a broader view, it looks like a totalitarian political model was bolted on top of those governments, who then pushed them down onto all semi-autonomous territories, provinces, and states. The COVID political model effectively strips citizens of all rights and liberties and hands control of our lives to an unelected and unseen global machine. Somebody gave our “leaders” the “guidelines” to follow—and blindly follow they do even if it means robbing you of your freedoms. 

Its likely a corrupt administration will move quickly to eliminate any threats to their fraudulent hold on power. So, expect a corrupt Biden administration to act promptly on installing the COVID control model, further ramp up censorship of opposing thought, and attack the right to firearm ownership. They will also go hard after Trump, his family, associates, and businesses to ensure he is unable to ever challenge them again.

Biden will force global tyranny on all Americans there will be no legal or constitutional remedies available to stop him. It is insane to believe that the corrupt winners will repair the damage done because that broken system guarantees their future electoral “success”. 

A Biden steal spells the end of honest elections, the Republic, and freedom.

If Trump wins, Freedom wins

Just as a corrupt Biden administration would be forced to deal with Trump, a Trump administration will be forced to deal with the dishonest forces that nearly stole the election from more than 74 million Americans. He can’t let that happen again.

All the supposed Republican figures who urged Trump to concede, including Mitt Romney, Chris Christie, and Pennsylvania Senator Pat Toomey, will find themselves trying to explain to their followers why they wanted their own team to lose.

World leaders, like PM Trudeau, who prematurely congratulated an unelected Biden will be dealing with a powerful President who sees them as an enemy, not just of his, but of the Republic and the freedoms it protects.

It also means Trump remains in place to deal with the swamp creatures who tried to oust him from before he was first elected. This places everybody involved in Russia-gate, the fake impeachment, triggering race riots, and the COVID tyranny in jeopardy of a free trip to Cuba’s Guantanamo bay. 

Trump will reject the totalitarian COVID political model, and with luck that act of defiance will inspire the rest of world to follow suit. 

A Trump win guarantees Freedom still has a home on this planet and shows the “Free World” it has a true champion in its corner.

Democrats dropped early clues to their election fraud

Democrats dropped early clues to their election fraud

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Lee Cary & Marty Watters—— Bio and ArchivesNovember 27, 2020

Before the November 3 election, several Democrats dropped clues as what they had in store for Trump. 

Below are just six of those clues. Feel to add any that the authors did not include. The format is:  citation, source, and link.

  1. Joe Biden: “We’re in a situation where we have put together — and you’d [sic] guys, did it for our, the president Obama’s administration, before this — we have put together, I think, the most extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization in the history of American politics.” 
  2. Joe Biden: “Folks, we got a lot of work to do. I don’t need you to get me elected. I need you once I’m elected.” (YouTube, Oct 31)
  3. Kamala Harris: “They [protestors] are not going to stop. This is a movement, I’m telling you [Colbert Show host], they’re not going to stop! And everyone beware—they’re not going to stop before the election in November, and they’re not going to stop after election day. And everyone should take note of that.”   (YouTube, Aug 28)
  4. Chuck Schumer: “…said Tuesday that President-elect Donald Trump is ‘being really dumb’ by taking on the intelligence community and its assessments on Russia’s cyber activities. ‘Let me tell you, you take on the intelligence community, they have six ways from Sunday at getting back at you,’ Schumer told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.”  
  5. Senate Democrats in the Judge Barrett SCOTUS Hearing: Senators Dick Durbin (IL) and fake Vietnam War Marine hero, Richard Blumenthal (Conn.) opened the bag and showed us the cat. “‘For the first time in the history of the United States, an incumbent president refuses to commit to the peaceful transition of power if he loses the election,’ said Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin.”  Blumenthal, in his opening statement, cited Trump’s comments concerning the need for a full Supreme Court if the election results are litigated. Democrat Senators knew what was coming, and so did Trump. 
  6. Former GOP POTUS George W. Bush:  The leader of the second political party opposed to Trump, the GOP Establishment, was quoted as having said aloud after Trump’s inauguration speech that, “That was some weird sh_t”.  In the Vanity Fair article that quoted his statement, we read: “During a speech in New York…the younger Bush eviscerated the president without mentioning his name. ‘We’ve seen nationalism distorted into nativism, forgotten the dynamism that immigration has always brought to America,’ Bush said. ‘We see a fading confidence in the value of free markets and international trade, forgetting that conflict, instability and poverty follow in the wake of protectionism. We’ve seen the return of isolationist sentiments, forgetting that American security is directly threatened by the chaos and despair of distant places.’ He went on to denounce “bigotry” and “white supremacy” in any form as “blasphemy against the American creed,” echoing the joint statement he released in the aftermath of the violence in Charlottesville, which the president largely failed to condemn.” 

So, Bush, Jr. sang the Democrat song for over four years. But have we heard a peep from “W” since the election fraud surfaced? No. Why not?

That’s a short list of clues to the Democrats’ intentions to manufacture a Biden presidency. Good until Kamala takes over and cheers-on the protesters.   

Had America listened hard enough, even to a corrupted media, it would have sensed early on, from Democrats and senior Republicans alike, their intentions to Dump Trump – by hook or by crook.

Marty Watters is an investigative reporter for the Chicago-based website IllinoisPaytoPlay.

Questions Presented

Armstrong Economics Blog/Q&A Re-Posted Nov 28, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION #1: Mr. Armstrong; I have been following you for some time and recently subscribed to Socrates. I have a question as a small player in the huge world of investment and finance.
It looks like digital currency is coming soon. How do you think it would be implemented such as a phase-in or dropping the hammer-like has happened in India? Another issue is what happens to the cash that some folks have squirreled away for a rainy day? Will they have us turn it into the banks, will they outlaw having it at all or just say the paper is no longer valid after a certain date?
I have talked to a few friends and we all have the same concerns. I suspect that this question is tantamount to a lot of people.
Looking forward to your and Socrates’ take on this looming issue.

DH in Florida

ANSWER #1: In India, it was Bill Gates advising Modi and he never even consulted the central bank. They were taken completely by surprise. In Europe, this was being pushed by Christine Legarde who was head of the IMF and now the central bank. But she is a board member of the World Economic Forum. This is part of the agenda for 2030, but it was Legarde who was running around threatening tax haven countries to give up every one or by blocked from the SWIFT system denying them the ability to transact any business internationally. They even threatened the Vatican.

Despite that drive to hunt down offshore money for taxation, it still was not enough. They are determined to cancel the currency claiming (1) currency carries the virus, and (2) it will eliminate crime from drugs to prostitution, but it will eliminate even paying a teenager to babysit.

They were planning to cancel the currency and the debt at the same time on January 1st, 2021. They assumed they had rigged the US election and Biden would join their ranks to embark on a new era of economic tyranny. Boris Johnson was also going to join and cancel the pound as the Bank of England has already created what it calls the RSCoin. This also included Switzerland. The idea floated was that to prevent hoarding in alternative currencies, they needed to eliminate paper money across the board and it would come in the blink of an eye with 30 to 90 days to turn in all your cash.  As of January 1, Americans living in UAE must comply with the updated tax regulations released by the IRS. Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are going to join the cryptocurrency era and build a new financial relation through Aber, a proposed digital currency.

They are coordinating this cancellation and it will take place including the USA under Biden. If Trump wins in the House, then the physical dollar will present the ultimate hedge against the confiscation of assets outside the USA.

QUESTION #2: They are starting to say dogs and cattle can transmit COVID-19 just as they have killed all the minks in Europe. What are these people doing?


ANSWER #2: They have on a wholesale basis exterminated minks in Denmark when even the tests for COVID are invalid. The CDC and WHO are claiming cats and dogs can also carry COVID. Cattle have often gotten coronaviruses but so far there is no real evidence that humans can get COVID-19 from cattle or meat. Nonetheless, because Bill Gates has been pushing alternative neats and eliminating meat is one of the 8 predictions on the list of the World Economic Forum by 2030, you can bet they will start claiming eating meat risks getting COVID-19 and they might throw in petting your dog or cat and to save the planet, there should be a mass extinction carried out of cattle and pets.

COMMENT #3: Your mention of Salesforce caught my attention this morning as I received a forwarded email from Salesforce entitled “[Salesforce} Reimagine Engagement with your Residents“. The original sender is Justin describing a Salesforce | MTX Group | Tableau Webinar describing “Learn how the New York City Police Department (NYPD), Salesforce, MTX Group and Tableau have reimagined their approach to community engagement. The community members now have the ability to report concerns from their mobile phone, collaborate with local officers to address constituent concerns, and schedule and track community meetings, and more”.
“community members now have the ability to report concerns from their mobile phone” . . . could be interpreted as neighbor reporting on a neighbor.

REPLY #3: It is unfortunate that Salesforce is a Dow stock. They are partners with Schwab and engage in using shareholder money to further agenda that has nothing to do with the business. They call this STAKEHOLDER economics. If I was a fund manager and started to spend your money on things I thought were my pet projects instead of investing it, I think they would call that fraud. I fail to see where STAKEHOLDER economics is ethical or legal.

Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts

Re-Posted from The Canada Free Press By Jon Rappoport — NoMoreFakeNews—— Bio and ArchivesNovember 27, 2020

Signs of the times—-

Large anti-lockdown protests are sweeping across Europe. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland. The media are trying to put a lid on coverage of these momentous events.

In Southern California, five sheriffs of populous counties (17 million people) are refusing to enforce Governor Newsom’s new curfew order. A petition to recall the governor is gaining steam.

England—police have warned government officials they’re “sitting on a time bomb,”

(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealed)

In New York, members of the Chasidic sect held a wedding attended by several thousand people, sitting closely packed without masks.

In a more intimate setting, up close and powerfully personal, gym members and owners in Buffalo, New York, shouted down cops and a public health officer, who had entered the gym because the gathering exceeded the prescribed limit. The gym personnel drove out the cops and followed them, to make sure they left the property.

In Buffalo, protestors came to the house of Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, to express their anger at new lockdown restrictions. The protest was also aimed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Sheriffs in Fulton and Erie Counties (New York) are refusing to enforce Thanksgiving lockdowns which limit the number of people in private homes.

In various areas of England, police have warned government officials they’re “sitting on a time bomb,” because lockdown rules make it illegal for two or more families to gather together for Christmas—-and law-enforcement personnel are permitted to invade homes where violations are occurring. The time bomb is, of course, huge numbers of outraged citizens.

In Australia, Qantas airline CEO Alan Joyce announced that travelers will be able to fly only after receiving the COVID vaccine, once it is approved. Soon afterwards, Joyce stood at a podium at an event to give a speech, and a grizzled Aussie walked up to him and shoved a pie in his face.

Two women saw New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eating dinner at a restaurant with his family. He was maskless. “You’re such a dick!” one woman told him. Murphy has just extended his state’s lockdown, the ninth time he has done so since March. At his dinner table, Murphy tried to remain calm. He put on his mask.

Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—-no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations

Andrew Kudrick, the police chief of Howell Township in New Jersey, says he won’t enforce the governor’s “draconian” limit of 10 people for Thanksgiving dinners.

The CDC has told Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving. Last weekend, two million Americans boarded flights.

In a form of silent protest, 300,000 residents of New York have left the city since pandemic restrictions began.

It should be noted that, among the several hundred thousand (or more) Trump supporters who gathered in Washington DC, at a Stop The Steal rally, few people wore masks, and no one paid attention to social distancing regulations.

Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—-no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations.

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts.

(The link to this article posted on my blog is here—with sources.)

Middle of the Road

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

I still get emails from Biden supporters who just hate Trump and refuse to look beyond the United States. This is not an issue of Trump v Biden, Republican v Democrat, this is the attempt to take over the United States by a foreign agenda. There is no way Biden will ever run in 2024, and Socrates looks at this from a very objective perspective.

The Decline & Fall of the West

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Good morning Mr. Armstrong,

We need more pics like Winnipeg Costco out in the news: They might wake up the sleeping herd!

I’m writing from Toronto where we are in a lockdown since 12:01 today for the next 28 days… and probably more!
Our Premier, Doug Ford, clearly mention in his Friday announcement that Big Box retailers would remain open.
The Winnipeg pictures are “refreshing” since it levels the field for the small retailers who only have 2 options: curb side pickup or shutdown.
Having Costco, Walmart, Loblaws (largest Canadian food chain), and a few more abiding to the lockdown “orders” might help people realizing how all this insanity is bad for us reducing at lightspeed our chances to live free and hopes for a bright future.
I hope Toronto will do like Winnipeg…

This morning on radio our mayor was encouraging retailers to take advantage of the rescue money (fix costs and taxes) provided by the Ontario government (who’s badly broke), who gets his own rescue funds from the Trudeau’s government (who’s already deep in s**t). He also told people who lose their job because of the lockdown to apply to the relief program money. As long as there will be “free” money, nothing will happen in the Great White North.
It is our version of guaranteed minimum wages backed up by endless deficit at all levels of government.

I think the business community, at least what will remain of it after this second lockdown, needs to stand up and ignite the fight.
If it doesn’t start with the entrepreneurs, it will be too late when the people will finally wake up.

We, Canadians, are too polite, too nice, and are generally respectful of authorities. That’s who we are!
May be the time has come to become more vocal about our love for our society the way it was before the government disrupted it with its mismanagement of COVID-19. What’s broken and need to be fixed? Is there really a need to “rebuild  better”?


ANSWER: There is no need to destroy the world economy and rebuild it better. Gates admits there is dissent, but will never address it. His real agenda is to reduce the population. This is the merger of Gates with Soros’ one-world government being the United Nations, and Klaus Schwab who is a very clever Marxist and is against capitalism while he has amassed a fortune himself.

Their claims that 97% of scientists agree with them is an outright lie. Al Gore simply has this in his mind and you cannot change it. He makes up statistics and pretends they are facts.

None of these people understand how to create an economy. They only look at the surface. Humans could never create a rainforest for there is such complexity that evolution itself has played a role in improving some species and eliminating others.

They will NEVER address criticism and just label anyone who disagrees as a conspiracy nut job. They have been predicting all the ice would be long many times. The water was supposed to be up to the 15th floor in New York long ago. There is no talking to these people. They will destroy Western Civilization to create a world that can never exist. While they are destroying European and North American economies, this will be the perfect time to wage war and take down the West and these crazy ideas. That is how Rome fell. Once its economy began to collapse, the barbarians got through the gates.

Prince Charles Agrees with Gates – Reduce the World Population

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Reset Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Prince Charles is no longer fit to become King. The Queen should remove him now from any path to the crown. Athelstan was the first king of all England, and Alfred the Great’s grandson. He reigned between 925 and 939 AD. The monarchy of England faces a cyclical crossroads in 2021.

Prince Charles has not only joined Schwab and his Great reset, but he has also signed on to Bill Gates’s agenda of reducing the world population. Has he lost his mind with early signs of senility? They have enlisted Charles to help them take over the world with their New World Order. Prince William has also signed on to Gates’ agenda – reduce the population. These people are trying to play God.

John Kerry – Davos Man as Climate Czar

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Nov 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong