Does anyone doubt that Obama supports Islam and ISIS?

Post by Jeff Longo

Just hours before the worst terrorist attack in French history Barack Obama stated “ISIL continues to shrink” and “we have contained them.” Delusional doesn’t begin to describe how out of touch with reality Obama remains on the danger facing the United States and her people. Since taking office he has refused to recognize radical Islam as the enemy that wants to kill as many Americans as possible. How can we  expect to defeat an enemy when the Commander in Chief refuses to identify them?

As a proud leftist and a proven liar Obama continues to mislead the American people. We now know that at least one of the terrorists held a Syrian passport and  was hidden amongst the tens of thousands of Syrian refugees who entered Europe. Just after the attack the Obama regime announced there would be no change in the Obama plan to allow ten thousand Muslim refugees into the United States. The question isn’t will there be Islamic jihadists imbedded with these refugees the question is how many will there be? As if this weren’t enough insanity the Obama regime chose this weekend to release five  more hardened terrorist from the prison at  Guantanamo Bay. These are not the actions of a president who cares about the security of the country he has sworn to protect.

This well coordinated attack on Paris was carried out by eight Islamic jihadists and sends a clear message they will soon be coming for us. ISIS recently stated that “American blood is the best and we will taste more.” We are being led by a federal government infested with corrupt, inept political cowards and they’re driving us to national suicide. The president’s legacy and the job security of a bloated government bureaucracy appears to be far more important than the security of our Republic. Washington is out of control and it’s past time the patriots of this nation demand to be heard. Call your representatives and insist they defund every penny that would go towards Obama’s reckless refugee program. If Democrats threaten to close the government, let them to close it down. The Obama refugee policy will kill Americans.


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