Schulz Warning if Italy is Not Given Aid by the EU The Refugee Crisis Will Explode Again

SPD chancellor candidate Martin Schulz has come out and warned that if Italy is not given support, then it will send the refugees to Germany which it can no longer afford to accept any more. Schulz is warning that the refugee crisis in Germany will explode, IF Italy is not provided support from the European Union. Schulz is saying that since 2015, over one million refugees had infiltrated Germany and it is just beyond control. The question becomes whether this will get much worse and disrupt the German elections in the come of September.

If the EU does not stop the refugee invasion, they are going to suffer a tremendous economic decline beyond imagination going into 2021.

Poland Suggests Using Refugees to Form an Army – Very Bad Idea


Poland’s foreign minister has proposed forming an army out of the refugee men arriving in Europe. His logic is that Poland could ill-afford to send its troops to the Middle East. That may sound good use of refugees, but there is a serious problem. If Europe creates an army out of refugees, Brussels will then have the power to defend itself from Europeans with an effective mercenary army. This is the most dangerous proposition ever for an army with no community ties to the people will easily be used to oppress the people. Just look at the history of the Nika Revolt in Byzantium as an example. The emperor used foreign troops to slaughter the protesters when the local army would not kill its own people.

Italy Threatens to Blow Up the Refugee Crisis

If you are against the refugees, many will call you a racist even though the refugees are not of a single race. The problem is they are economic migrants – not refugees from exclusively Syria, which the West can stop in a heartbeat. The crisis is economic. These people coming in are getting the benefits of unemployed workers without work and are breaking down an economic system at the worse possible moment.

Nicolas Sarkozy of France says immigrants should ‘speak French’ and attacks ‘medieval’ burkini revealing the culture clash. This influx is even starting to change fashion gradually. There is little assimilation, but the West is bending over backwards to accommodate them and in so doing is starting to change itself.

The crisis is economic. Italy cannot afford to pay for all these people benefits when the State is in serious economic trouble to begin with. They are now threatening a ‘nuclear option’ to migrant crisis by giving EU visas to 200,000 incomers and sending them north as the country struggles with the sheer cost of human warehousing.

The Rising Youth & Civil Unrest

Here is a picture taken from a reader in Hamburg. The degree of violence rising in Europe and in the United States post-Trump election, have been organizing the youth. I have warned that revolution always comes from the youth so this is not something we should push aside lightly.

It was wisely summed up that a man has no heart before the age of 25 if he was not a socialist, and no head after 25 if he remains one. These words ring true. All the violence in Germany, France, and USA just to glaze the surface, all involved primarily the youth. What we must be deeply concerned about is who has been funding these civil uprisings and they should not be allowed to bribe their way out with political donations

French Riots Erupt in 20 cities

The riots is France has been forming for the last two weeks and have now erupted violently with protesters carrying banners that read “Break Destroy Ravage” that is similar to the destructive forces unleashed in Hamburg. The police report that the mob is composed of the youth. It is hard to see how these people can practice restraint when unemployment among the youth is so high because of taxes and regulation prevent small businesses from forming.

Bill Warner, PhD: Islamic Reform Is Impossible

Published on Jul 14, 2017

How many times have you heard this, Islam just needs a reform. Well why does it need a reform? Well then it would be nicer without that jihad business. So let’s just reform it.

Germany Begins to Censor the Internet

Merkel’s attempt to silence any internet site that disagrees with her government seems to be the resurrection of the idea of East Germany where she grew up. Freedom of speech was outlawed. When I went behind the Berlin Wall, people would speak freely only when nobody else was close enough to listen. Today they have listening devices that can be pointed at you for 100 yards away. Trying to visit certain sites in Germany you will see this pop-up warning from the government. This is very disturbing and inconsistent as it seems to be a very desperate measure by a government that welcomed refugees.

Signs of this is what unfortunately we are facing. As government mismanagement comes to a boil, they become increasingly desperate to retain power. This is yet another sign of the times that what we are facing is the collapse of government. If everything was fine, they would not care what you have to say. The mere fact that we are looking at this crisis in government is why we suddenly see outright censorship now appearing on the internet.

China & The Rule of Law

QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong; I read your analysis of Country Risk. It was truly fascinating. You are correct. We do not consider investing in Syria or Iran no less North Korea because they are not safe places to do business. That is clearly the first decision which shuts down any further consideration.

So I must ask. What is your next advice to China? And will you be coming to Shanghai for a conference anytime soon?

Thank you

ANSWER: My advice to China is now to formalizing the Rule of Law, establish courts with true independent judges nominated only by the private sector, and their terms should be a maximum of 2 years and out – barred from ever holding any government job again. I am aware that Federal judges from New York went to China to explain how to establish the court system modeled on the USA. Do NOT listen to such advice. American judges cannot be trusted.

Absolutely no legal right should be subject to the oscillating wishes of a judge. Sir William Blacksone wrote in 1776: “That the king can do no wrong is a necessary and fundamental principle of the English constitution.” That is fundamentally at odds with what he also wrote: “It is better that ten guilty escape than one innocent suffer.”

We must be mindful that perhaps the most honest ruler to have have held power with respect to the Rule of Law was Julian II (360-363AD) known as the Apostate, because he rejected Christianity after he family, related to Constantine I the Great, were murder the night he died by his son to prevent any rival to the throne. When Julian II came to power, he was the most brilliant ruler ever. In the criminal trial of Numerius, governor of Gallia Narbonensis, who was accused of embezzlement, Numerius had successfully defended himself against the prosecutor Delphidius. The prosecutor did not like to lose and said anyone could be found guilty if they only denied the charges. Julian’s response, quoted in Book XVIII of Ammianus’s History, “Can anyone be proved innocent, if it be enough to have accused him?”

Julian said that not even the emperor was above the law. This should be fundamental to the Survivability of any society. We must understand that those in the judiciary call themselves “honorable” without ever having to demonstrate that they possess such as distinction.  For I think prosecutors and judges, act in their own little bubbles to the detriment of society, yet give very great pleasure to themselves in wielding power and always being correct.

Established the best UNBIASED Rule of Law and capital will pour into China fleeing the corruption of the West.

The Destruction of Hamburg is Massive

The destruction of Hamburg has been massive. There is much going on behind the scenes politically with the focus now on intensely monitoring and censorship to be imposed. The degree of violence many view as unprecedented since the raid on Jewish businesses during the Nazi era. Inquiries are now looking into the organizers behind the scenes and where this originated from.

If funding came from any group inspired to create political unrest, we will see some head perhaps roll, but if that head is Soros, it will be swept under the rug with a bunch of money. Someone had to pay for the banners “G20 Welcome to Hell” which clearly illustrates this was premeditated and not spontaneous.

Catalonia to Move to Referendum October 1st to Break From Spain

The Spanish region of Catalonia is preparing to hold a second referendum on separating from of Spain on October 1st, despite warnings from Madrid. Naturally, the EU is against any such separation. However, the regional tensions are historic and Catalonia is the rich and prosperous region of Spain with Barcelona being perhaps the most beautiful city in Europe. The separatist movement are generally small but rising on a global scale primarily because of governments going broke everywhere.


Spain was actually formed by the marriage of the Catholic Monarchs of Queen Isabella I of Castile (Spain) and King Ferdinand II of Aragon in general. Both regions were historically two separate nations. That distinction has lived on and it is economics that is driving the separatist movement as we see in Canada with Quebec and in the United States with movements building in Texas and California, albeit small minorities so far. Catalonia was not part of Aragon but to some degree much more isolated from Madrid as you can see on this map.

The government in Catalonia will immediately declare independence from Spain if the majority of the citizens vote for that result in a second referendum planned for October. However, if the majority of citizens voted against independence, new elections would have to be held in the region. Madrid opposes any separation for it would devastate their budget since they extract more revenue from Catalonia which is being forced to support the rest of the country, including the corruption and pension in Madrid.

The point is not whether or not the referendum votes to separate, The point is that such a separatist movement has risen to this level at all.