Adam Schiff and Dianne Feinstein Demand Twitter Investigate #ReleaseTheMemo…

The desperation of democrats has crossed into ludicrous world.  Rep. Adam Schiff and Senator Dianne Feinstein have written a letter to Facebook and Twitter demanding an immediate investigation into the strong support of the #ReleaseTheMemo campaign.

If you thought CNN was absurd last year when they spent eight months investigating the 2016 election results and determined a conspiracy behind the mobile ap ‘Pokemon-Go’ was a factor in causing Hillary Clinton to lose, well, Shiff-for-brains and DiFi apparently have one-upped that conspiracy.



Nice to know this is the type of insufferable stupidity Democrats in congress are focused on. Apparently, Mr. Shiff and Mrs. Feinstein cannot fathom an engaged American electorate that would be seeking transparency in government; therefore the scale of the social-media support must mean, Russians !

Echo-chambered moonbat logic thy name is…

Keep in mind these Democrats are the ranking members of the House Intelligence Committee (Schiff), and Senate Judiciary Committee (Feinstein).  Think about that.

Unfortunately for those who cling to left-wing conspiracy theories, according to early analysis from Twitter it turns out normal people just want to know what their government is doing.  The campaign is exclusive to America and U.S. accounts:

(Via Daily Beast) […] a knowledgeable source says that Twitter’s internal analysis has thus far found that authentic American accounts, and not Russian imposters or automated bots, are driving #ReleaseTheMemo. There are no preliminary indications that the Twitter activity either driving the hashtag or engaging with it is either predominantly Russian.

In short, according to this source, who would not speak to The Daily Beast for attribution, the retweets are coming from inside the country.  (read more)


Here’s the full letter:

Russians, gottabe !!


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