House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte Discusses Justice Department Corruption…

House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte is a key figure in the overall investigation and reform effort needed within the U.S. Justice System because the House Judicial Committee holds primary oversight over the U.S. Department of Justice.

By statutory construct the DOJ and FBI are directly and primarily accountable to Chairman Bob Goodlatte and the House Judicial Committee, on all matters.  This primary oversight structure is why Chairman Goodlatte and DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz are working so closely during the ongoing justice department investigation.

Chairman Goodlatte appears on Sean Hannity television show to discuss one of the more concerning and troubling recent revelations about the FBI; and their investigative bias within the Hillary Clinton investigation and subsequent surveillance on her political opponent Donald trump.

It is interesting this text sequence from FBI agent Peter Strzok happens on the same day (September 10th, 2016) that Hillary Clinton made her infamous “Basket of Deplorables” remark. –SEE HERE

We leaned on Treeper  DaveNYviii ‘s exceptional research here as a summary guide.  [THREAD HERE]

♦The FD-302 is an FBI form that is used to document interviews/interrogations. It details questions asked and answers given as well as who was present during the interview.

♦The FD-1023 is an FBI form that is uses to document meetings between FBI and sources. It does not necessarily discuss what was said. It is also called a CHS Report. (Confidential Human Source).

The 1023 gives extensive detail about the informant and what is to be asked, as well as ‘by whom’ and ‘where’ and ‘when’.  However, it does not give the informants answers or details of the meeting. That is where the 302 comes in.  The 302 reveals the content of interview, as well as identifies all participants.

The investigative 302’s and 1023’s would identify people involved on both sides; the informants (sources) and the DOJ/FBI personnel in contact with the sources. This is a critical part of the investigative material needed to understand what was taking place during the FBI investigation.

Remember the investigative batting order:  Nunes first (Intelligence Community), Grassley 2nd (FBI and Steele Dossier), Goodlatte 3rd (DOJ via OIG), and IG Horowitz is clean-up with his year-long investigative evidence.  Each committee chair has a specific role to play in the investigative outline and breaking down all of the inherent issues.

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