Mueller is After Trump to Obstruction not Russia


Robert Mueller is trying to build a possible obstruction case to take down Trump. There is no case for a conspiracy with Russia. Mueller is certainly not a fan of Trump as the rumors paint it in Washington. Nothing would crown his career more than taking down a president.

Trump is often his own worst enemy. He clearly does not understand the legal system. Granted, he knew there was no Russian connection. If there had been, it would have been leaked to CNN and it would be around the world months ago. Mueller, in my opinion, has abused his entire authority for he was charged to investigate a Russian connection. That failed, so he has to find something to do to justify all the money he gets.

Trump had ordered the firing last June of Mueller according to leaks. He eventually backed-off after the White House counsel threatened to resign rather than carry out the directive. This is being called the “West Wing Confrontation” and Mueller learned about the episode in the process of interrogating former and current senior White House officials.

Mueller is examining a possible obstruction case to bring down Trump and chalk one up for the Bureaucrat team. The real question is rather blunt. Is this now a personal vendetta since there was no Russian connection? If a special prosecutor is appointed to investigate let’s say you killed someone and that proves to be false, should they then make a case against you for tax evasion just so they win something? Is that abuse of power itself? Seems to me Congress should be investigating Mueller for abuse of power.

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