Schoolboy Cameron Kasky…

The U.S. media apparatus -specifically for current events, CNN and Jake Tapper’s narrative engineers- consistently indoctrinate and manipulate children. Indeed, in the history of Fabian political advancement children have always been a focus point for advancing their authoritarian control objectives.

However, today – as with prior history, the media’s ideological lust intoxicates them, and the engineers have a tendency to go too far.   Cue the audio visual:


As awkward as it is to see a boy utilized as a political tool, note the nuance, comfort, preparation and defensive narrative positioning of the moderator, Jake Tapper.  The aggregate event was a very carefully orchestrated pantomime.  The boy, Cameron Kasky, is nothing more than a puppet on a string playing a role.

As much as CTH dislikes Marco Rubio, I give him great credit here. Senator Rubio could have very easily deconstructed the child, but he took the high-road. Tough to do under these circumstances.

Years from now this boy will be found as all children are who go through this process; laying amid the junkyard of no-longer useful tools.  Smug, arrogant and condescending character traits only survive when they can be excused as childish immaturity; once they become fully matriculated and embedded traits – they are better known as toxic personalities.

[There’s a metaphor here with a Scott Farkas doppelganger in the background.]

Prior to appearing on CNN schoolboy Cameron Kasky scrubbed his Facebook page.  However, the internet is forever.

I can’t even fathom the ideological mentality and immaturity of the boy’s parents.  This is exactly what setting up a kid for a life of misery and shallowness looks like.


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