New York Mayor De Blasio Hires Massively Corrupt Miami-Dade School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho…

According to the New York Daily News, New York Mayor Bill De Blasio has hired Miami Dade’s former school head Alberto Carvalho to be the New York School Chancellor. This will NOT end well.  New York parents likely have no idea who their mayor just hired.

In 2013 an investigation into the Miami-Dade School Police Department (M-DSPD) uncovered several police officers, and School Resource Officers, admitting to breaking the law because they were instructed to do so by M-DSPD Police Chief Charles Hurley.  During the investigation, Chief Hurley admitted to giving the police officers instructions to hide criminal conduct by students, because of specific demands by School Superintendent Alberto Carvalho.

Alberto Carvalho is a very well connected political figure among Democrats.  [Carvalho also has a zipper problem] It was Carvalho’s program to use the police to inflate statistical improvements in schools that eventually led to neighboring Broward County doing the same thing in 2013.  Those policies directly led to the recent school shooting in Parkland.

New York – Mayor de Blasio has selected Miami Superintendent Alberto Carvalho — an illegal immigrant who rose to prominence and became a citizen in the process — to lead the city’s school system.

De Blasio will officially announce Carvalho, 53, on Thursday as his chancellor pick to run the nation’s largest school system, City Hall spokesman Eric Phillips said.

Carvalho was born in Portugal to a working-class family and came to the United States in the early 1980s as an undocumented immigrant.

He has served as superintendent of the Miami-Dade County public schools, the nation’s fourth-largest school system, since September 2008, according to the district’s website. (read more)

Superintendent Carvalho instructed Miami-Dade School Police Chief Hurley to stop arresting students solely to improve statistics.  However, what they ended up doing in order to achieve that goal was actually illegal.

M-DSPD Media Advisory - Copy

M-DSPD Chief Charles Hurley was fired shortly after an internal affairs investigation outlined the unlawful program. To keep the story from being widely discovered the reason given for Hurley’s discharge was a “sexual harassment” claim.  However, presumably to reward Hurley for going along with the false reason for the firing – the official reason for termination on Hurley’s file said: “failure to re-qualify with a firearm“, likely having something to do with keeping a pension benefit as a payoff.

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