A Live President Set Patriot Souls Alight at Mount Rushmore Last Night

Citizens will go on to defend statues and historical monuments, standing firm against anarchy and social justice

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Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesJuly 4, 2020

President Trump, Mount Rushmore

It happened last night—an elegant and rousing stopgap to the notion that Mount Rushmore’s timeless tribute to four American presidents would be no more.

“This monument will never be desecrated,” President Donald Trump vowed in an open air address, overlooked by the iconic mountain monument.

All of those found guilty of defacing statues and monuments will face ten years in prison.

The party’s over for lawless and destructive street anarchy

The party’s over for lawless and destructive street anarchy.

“President Trump took the stage in the shadow of Mount Rushmore on Friday night to condemn what he described as a “merciless campaign to wipe out our history, defame our heroes, erase our values, and indoctrinate our children” in an address to mark the beginning of Independence Day weekend. (Fox News, July 3, 2020)

“Trump declared the United States to be “the most just and exceptional nation ever to exist on Earth” and claimed that “no nation has done more to advance the human condition than the United States of America and no people have done more to promote human progress than the CITIZENS [emphasis original] of our great nation.”

“The president also castigated left-wing activists and practitioners of so-called “cancel culture” who have targeted statues and monuments of historical figures across America in recent weeks.

“This movement is openly attacking the legacies of every person on Mount Rushmore …” Trump said. “Those who seek to erase our heritage want Americans to forget our pride and our great dignity, so that we can no longer understand ourselves or America’s destiny. In toppling the heroes of 1776, they seek to dissolve the bonds of love and loyalty that we feel for our country, and for each other.”

Spectacular fireworks show over Mount Rushmore

Last night’s kickoff for July 4 celebrations included a spectacular fireworks show over Mount Rushmore, which has not been done for a decade.

According to CNN, “Mount Rushmore has not seen fireworks in 10 years because the ecology of the area makes it easily susceptible to wildfires”.

“The surrounding area, Black Hills National Forest, contains large populations of Ponderosa pine trees. Ponderosas are undergoing an infestation of pine beetles, which kill trees and create forests full of fire kindling. (CNN, July 3, 2020)

“The event has already faced criticism for the risks it carries during a pandemic.”

But that didn’t stop protesters from rushing the scene, trying to cut off access to attendees.

Angry street protesters have so far proven immune to a raging pandemic mentioned daily in the fear-mongering mainstream and social media.

Nor are there any reports of wildfires burning in the Black Hills on this the morning after.

“A significant wildfire has not occurred in the area within and surrounding the Memorial in more than a century,” according to the NPS.  (CNN)

“Previous fireworks displays resulted in 21 wildfire ignitions, which were quickly suppressed for safety and structural protection purposes.”

“Like many national parks, both the Mount Rushmore Memorial and Black Hills National Park do not allow the burning of personal campfires, or the ignition of fireworks by visitors. “

The only fire at Mount Rushmore last night was the one set alight by President Trump who reignited the fire of the patriot soul in America in a passionate address.

Meanwhile, the Democrats and their roving street mobs—deliberately setting fires that burn in American cities—can no longer taunt patriots that the last time ceremonies were held at Mount Rushmore was in 2009, under then President Barack Obama.

On July 4th 2020 weekend, a renewed fervor released patriotism sky high at Mount Rushmore.

Citizens will go on to defend statues and historical monuments, standing firm against anarchy and social justice.

It happened at Mount Rushmore last night.


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