President Trump Will Deliver Keynote Speech During RNC Spring Event This Weekend

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President Donald Trump will be delivering the keynote address during the Republican National Committee spring donor event near Mar-a-lago this weekend.   This event will feature all of the main party characters from both the MAGA contingent and the traditional DeceptiCon class.

Attendees include: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem, House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, and Senators Marco Rubio, Tom Cotton, Rick Scott, Lindsey Graham and Ron Johnson.

President Trump has made several endorsements recently including Senator Ron Johnson, who has not officially announced his run for re-election, and Senator Marco Rubio; which, given the DeceptiCon nature of Rubio, has raised a few eyebrows.

Given the scale of reform needed in the professional GOP party, it is likely President Trump is navigating through the politics of the entrenched Machiavellian establishment.

(FLORIDA) – […] On Saturday, Mr. Trump will deliver a keynote speech for the event, which is expected to raise millions. Although the Republican Party has yet to cohere around a set of organizing principles after its loss of the White House and Senate in 2020, Mr. Trump remains a central figure in GOP politics. The former president also delivered an address at the Conservative Political Action Conference in February, where he was hailed as a returning hero. In that speech, Mr. Trump said his “journey” that began during his first presidential run is “far from being over.”

[…]  Meanwhile, former White House chief of staff Mark Meadows and former Senator Jim DeMint are hosting a two-day event at Mar-a-Lago this weekend for their newly formed super PAC, the Conservative Partnership Institute. The group Women for America First, which helped organize the January 6 rally that preceded the riot at the Capitol, will be holding at an event at Mr. Trump’s Doral club in Miami. (read more)


The Office of President Donald J Trump Launches a New Website

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President Donald Trump has launched a new website “45Office.Com” for people to communicate with the President:

“The Office of Donald J. Trump is committed to preserving the magnificent legacy of the Trump Administration, while at the same time advancing the America First agenda. Through civic engagement and public activism, the Office of Donald J. Trump will strive to inform, educate, and inspire Americans from all walks of life as we seek to build a truly great American Future. Through this office, President Trump will remain a tireless champion for the hardworking men and women of our great country – and for their right to live in safety, dignity, prosperity, and peace.”


Jason Miller Says President Trump Will Launch New Social Media Platform in Two to Three Months

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Jason Miller, one of President Trump’s sketchy senior advisers, told Fox News today that President Trump will be launching an exclusive new platform in the next two to three months. Miller said he couldn’t provide much in the way of specifics about the new Trump social media venture, but he said he expected it to be online in about two to three months.

Miller also said Trump’s new platform will be the “hottest ticket in social media” and that it will “completely redefine the game.”  WATCH:

President Trump Telephone Interview With Maria Bartiromo

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Earlier this evening President Donald Trump called-in to Maria Bartiromo for an interview about the border crisis created by the JoeBama administration and other current events.  WATCH:

President Trump Surprises Big Dog Ranch Rescue Charity Event With Short Speech at Mar-a-Lago

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resident Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara Trump has been a long-time activist in the dog rescue community.  During a charity event for Big Dog Ranch Rescue being held at Mar-a-Lago, President Trump walked in and made a surprise visit.  The audience cheered with a standing ovation.

“So, I didn’t exactly prepare for this,” Trump said. “[But I was] walking by, and I hear everyone screaming, and I was like, [‘What’s going on?’] and it was like, ‘We’re going to help dogs,’ and that’s OK with me.” (LINK)

According to West Palm Beach media:  “PALM BEACH, Fla. — Lauree Simmons, president and founder of Big Dog Ranch Rescue, told WPTV NewsChannel 5’s T.A. Walker this week her goal at the Wine, Women & Shoes event, a fundraiser for the rescue held at Mar-a-Lago, was to raise $500,000.

Simmons, jarred by images of the China dog meat market trade, is trying to launch a rescue mission to remove over 500 dogs from the country by cargo plane.

The event had a surprise visitor Friday.” (read more)

STARVE THE UniParty – President Trump Says “No More Money for RINOS’”

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This can be an effective strategy against the right-wing of the UniParty in DC. This can be the strategy to finally take down the professional political club within the RNC.

After the RNC refused to stop using President Trump’s name and image on their donor solicitations President Trump is now saying stop giving them money.

Save America PAC

WASHINGTON – The Republican National Committee is denying a cease-and-desist demand from Donald Trump’s attorneys, who asked the party organization to stop using the former president’s name and likeness in fundraising appeals.

In a letter sent Monday afternoon to Trump attorney Alex Cannon, RNC chief counsel Justin Riemer asserted that the committee “has every right to refer to public figures as it engages in core, First Amendment-protected political speech, and it will continue to do so in pursuit of these common goals.” (more)

Report: President Trump Positioning Resources and Strategy to Destroy DeceptiCons

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While the Politico outline is transparently positioned from the leftist narrative toward the chasm amid the establishment vs MAGA base of Trump supporters, the information -if accurate- does align with a forward looking President Trump positioning to confront the corporate wing of Republican elites.

The primary way President Trump can leverage, and ultimately defeat the DeceptiCons, will be through the financials.

President Trump has already announced the MAGA community should make political contributions through his Save America PAC. This approach will ensure his ability to fund MAGA candidates and target internal GOP adversaries for primary challenges.

The threat of targeted primary challenges was why Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy visited Trump in Mar-a-Lago, and it appears McCarthy’s pleas fell on deaf ears because a few days later President Trump announced the targets during his CPAC speech.

According to the article insiders, a second way President Trump will target the financial aspects will be to restrict the republican party from using his name in any manner except that expressly approved by him:

[…] “Trump and his new campaign team are also cracking down on the use of the president’s name for fundraising — a huge draw attracting small-dollar donors. Three sources told us that Trump, who made his fortune licensing his name, has felt burned and “abused” by the GOP bandying about his name to haul in money.” … “One Trump adviser said they’ve been sending out cease-and-desists to faux PACs using Trump’s name to fundraise, among other demands to knock it off. (link)

The control over the political funding mechanisms, in combination with control over who can use the Trump name for fundraising, is a powerful position to take over the internal party apparatus.  Combine the monetary control with a MAGA base who will not support any candidate President Trump does not endorse and there is a clear process to remove the DeceptiCons.

President Donald Trump Releases Statement on Border Crisis Biden Has Created

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Earlier today President Donald J Trump released a statement about the border crisis that JoeBama has created.

“Our border is now totally out of control thanks to the disastrous leadership of Joe Biden. Our great Border Patrol and ICE agents have been disrespected, demeaned, and mocked by the Biden Administration. A mass incursion into the country by people who should not be here is happening on an hourly basis, getting worse by the minute. Many have criminal records, and many others have and are spreading covid. Interior enforcement has been shut down—criminals that were once promptly removed by our Administration are now being released back onto the street to commit heinous and violent crimes. ICE officers are desperate to remove these convicted criminals, but Biden won’t let them.

The spiraling tsunami at the border is overwhelming local communities, depleting budgets, crowding hospitals, and taking jobs from legal American workers. When I left office, we had achieved the most secure border in our country’s history. Under Biden, it will soon be worse, more dangerous, and more out of control than ever before. He has violated his oath of office to uphold our Constitution and enforce our laws.

There has never been a time on our southern border like what is happening now but more importantly, what is about to happen. Now that Biden has implemented nationwide Catch-and-Release, illegal immigrants from every corner of the Earth will descend upon our border and never be returned. You can never have a secure border unless people who cross illegally are promptly removed.

I had a great relationship with Mexico, and its wonderful president, but all of that has been dissipated by the gross incompetence and radicalism of the people currently in charge. The Remain in Mexico Policy was incredible, but immediately abandoned by Biden, probably because it worked so well. Likewise, our Safe Third Agreements in Central America were extraordinarily successful, so Biden foolishly ditched them too. We stopped payment of the hundreds of millions of dollars paid to them and then developed an excellent relationship that made our country and their countries more secure. We put in place powerful rules and procedures to stop the smuggling and trafficking, but the Biden Administration has abandoned these proven strategies and instead given the smugglers and traffickers effective control of our border.

Despite being delayed by years of litigation and politics by the democrats, the wall is almost finished and can be quickly completed. Doing so will save thousands of lives.

The Biden Administration must act immediately to end the border nightmare that they have unleashed onto our Nation. Keep illegal immigration, crime, and the China Virus out of our country!” ~ President Donald J Trump

President Trump Continues The Big Ugly, Now Turns Toward Karl Rove

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It is refreshing to find President Trump affirming the larger context of what CTH has been presenting for well over a decade.  The Big Ugly is not an issue of destroying Democrats. The Big Ugly is an issue of identifying the Republican -vs- Democrat premise as false, and then accepting the UniParty are two wings of the same big government bird.

Once the American people accept the UniParty as two wings of the same vulture, they have a reference point for why it is necessary to destroy one wing -the republican wing- in order to stop the flight to oblivion.

President Trump has affirmed his intent to reform the Republican party and break away from the elitist worldview that is destroying our nation.  Last night he targeted elite club member, ¹Karl Rove:

President Donald Trump – “Karl Rove has been losing for years, except for himself. He’s a RINO of the highest order, who came to the Oval Office lobbying for 5G for him and a group. After a lengthy discussion with Rove and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, I said no, they’re not qualified. Our Nation can do much better!

On Election Evening, Nov. 3rd, at 10:30pm, Rove called to congratulate me on “a great win.” I said thank you Karl, only to watch the rigged election take its final form.

Karl Rove’s voice on Fox is always negative for those who know how to win. He certainly hasn’t helped Fox in the ratings department, has he?

Never had much of a feeling for Karl, in that I disagreed with so many of the things he says. He’s a pompous fool with bad advice and always has an agenda. He ran the campaign for two Senators in Georgia, and did a rotten job with bad ads and concepts. Should have been an easy win, but he and his friend Mitch blew it with their $600 vs. $2,000 proposal. Karl would be much more at home at the disastrous Lincoln Project. I heard they have numerous openings!

If the Republican Party is going to be successful, they’re going to have to stop dealing with the likes of Karl Rove and just let him float away, or retire, like Liddle’ Bob Corker, Jeff “Flakey” Flake, and others like Toomey of Pennsylvania, who will soon follow. Let’s see what happens to Liz Cheney of Wyoming.

If it weren’t for me, the House would have lost 25 seats instead of gaining 15—it was a shock to everyone, and almost cost Pelosi her Speaker position. Likewise, 8-10 Senators would have lost their position, including Karl’s friend Mitch, our wonderful leader who would rather spend his time fighting me than Pelosi, Schumer, and Sleepy Joe. In last year’s Congressional primaries, 120 of the 122 candidates I endorsed won – and the two that lost were beaten by people claiming to be more Trump than their opponent. In the Senate, I was undefeated in primary endorsements with a record of 21 and 0, and close to that in the general election.

31 million people listened to my CPAC speech online, and it had among the largest television audience of the week, even though it was on cable at 4pm on Sunday afternoon.  Karl Rove is all talk and no action! Next time Karl, save your Election night phone call and keep doing a great job for the Democrats. Fox should get rid of Karl Rove and his ridiculous “whiteboard” as soon as possible! ” (read more)

¹ Admittedly… I enjoy very much getting to use DeceptiCon graphics that are a decade old.  Karl Rover as “the dark emperor” of the GOP was always one of my favorites.


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The legitimate President, Donald J. Trump, made a triumphant return with his first public speech since the election was stolen.  The crowd was enthusiastic and chanted the now familiar “we love you” during the 90 minute speech.

Trump stated, he will not be starting a new party, he will be the face of the new Republican party with America first policies.

It is important to primary the back stabbing traitor RINOs and force them out of the GOP. New blood needs to flow into the GOP. Already many MAGA candidates have announced they will be challenging the RINOs in the coming primaries.

Trump has learned a hard lesson in his first term. The DC swamp is deep and dangerous and will turn on you in an instant. Like one of our former presidents once said, “If you want a friend in Washington, buy a dog”.

Lindsey Graham should not be trusted. Neither should back stabbing Mitch McConnell. They are like political weather vanes and will turn whichever way the political winds blow. Graham is DACA. Lindsey Graham is the Chairman of the Judiciary Committee that spent four years promising to prosecute people like Comey, Brennan, Clapper, Page, Strozk.  He never did it.  He is a swamp critter and should be treated as such.

Mitch McConnell trashed Trump recently about the false flag set up at the capital on January 6th. Mitch then said he would support Trump in 2024. The turtle is as two faced as they come and should be called out and kept on his back with his turtle legs waving in the air.

Mitt Romney came to Trump looking for a job as Secretary of State, when he was refused, Mittens became vocal in his attacks on the President. Never forget Romney voted to impeach the President.

Warmonger Liz Cheney is also reaping the sorrows of the “Trump Curse”. Cheney was censored in her state of Wyoming and people are falling all over themselves to primary her.

Last and least, Mike “Judas” Pence. Pence destroyed his political career in one back stabbing move. Pence could not get elected dog catcher now. He rolled over for the Deep State and let the rigged election stand. What does the Deep State have on Pence? Inquiring minds want to know.

President Trump is back. He looked rested and he even looked like he had lost weight. Get ready as the “best is yet to come”.

Our legitimate  President is ready to rumble!