President Trump Extensive Interview on Fox Business

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President Donald Trump called in to Fox Business yesterday [LINK] for an extensive interview about the current state of the U.S. economy, gas prices, energy policy and the Biden administration’s COVID response.

President Trump told FOX Business’s “Varney & Co.” he had hoped President Biden would do well in managing the coronavirus, but pointed out that “significantly” more Americans have died from the virus under Biden’s watch than his own “despite all of the vaccines and the therapeutics” that are now widely available. Trump emphasized his position on the vaccine, “I want people to go out and want to get [vaccinated], but I don’t want to force it into them.”  WATCH:

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President Trump New Book “Our Journey Together” Achieves Over $1 Million in Sales First 24 Hours

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President Trump is publishing a new photo coffee table book called “Our Journey Together.”  [Purchase Here]  According to the Washington Examiner, the first 24 hours of pre-orders resulted in more than $1 million in sales even without any official promotion or sales push.

The major book publishing houses previously stated they would not work with President Trump and blacklisted him.  As a result, President Trump organized his own publishing network called Winning Team Publishing.   The books will begin shipping the first week of December, just in time for Christmas.

The book is available for pre-order HERE.

President Trump Delivers a Direct Message to the Republican Party in Washington, DC – Speech

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President Trump delivered remarks to the National Republican Congressional Campaign (NRCC) audience and a portion of that speech is posted on his website [LINK HERE].

Within the speech {Direct Rumble Link Here}, President Trump outlines what should be the national priority of the Republican Party to focus on the issues that matter most to the forgotten middle-class that make up the MAGA majority. “If Republicans can stick together, we can beat them in deep blue cities and states, and we can beat them ANYWHERE—but we must stay UNIFIED. If we are united, we will end Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all.”

[Transcript 03:55] … “There are far more of us than there are of them. We need nationwide boycotts of companies who don’t believe in Republican and conservative principles. We’re not going to buy their product if they’re not going to buy our policy..if they’re not going to respect us….we’re not going to do it. Watch how quickly these companies will change if we do this, and we’re going to boycott the media that doesn’t treat us fairly.

Voters are going to flock to the Republican party in droves, and they have in the last few years…we’ve never seen anything expand like it. The party is a much bigger, stronger, and more powerful party because the truth is on our side, common sense is on our side, history is on our side, and most importantly the heart and soul of the American people are on our side.

So my message tonight is very simple, we must fight for America, we must win for America, we have no choice and we must get out there, be proud, be courageous, make the arguments, SURRENDER NOTHING, ask for every single vote to be counted, never give up, never give in, and NEVER EVER back down.” (LINK)



• I stand before you this evening to say that if we do our jobs, and if we stick together, then exactly one year from today, we are going to be watching a massive RED WAVE sweep across this country—and we are going to be celebrating the election of the largest House Republican Majority in AMERICAN HISTORY!

• What we saw last week was just the beginning—in Virginia, New Jersey, Seattle, and very importantly, Ohio with the Election of Mike Carey to Congress last week.

• Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and the entire Radical Democrat Party are headed for a political meltdown of unprecedented proportions. If Republicans can stick together, we can beat them in deep blue cities and states, and we can beat them ANYWHERE—but we must stay UNIFIED. If we are united, we will end Nancy Pelosi’s political career once and for all.


• To save our country, the Republican Party must be the party that fights fiercely for the ECONOMIC interests of American Workers—the party that speaks boldly for the SOCIAL interests of American Families—and the party that stands proudly for the CULTURAL values of God-fearing American Patriots.

• Some call this American populism, some call it National Conservatism, I call it putting AMERICA FIRST. But whatever you call it, it is here to stay—and it is not just the BEST way to win, it is the ONLY way to win.

• The old Republican Party is gone FOREVER. The days of fighting endless wars, supporting nation-building, loose immigration policies, idiotic trade deals, and surrendering our culture to left-wing arsonists are OVER—and they are not coming back!

• We are now the Working People’s party. We will be tough on crime, strong on borders, strong on trade, proud of our heritage, and proud of our American values. We will defend our citizens’ jobs and wages. We will protect our people’s homes and communities. And we will defeat the Woke Zealots trying to destroy our country.

• Here is the critical lesson for the Republican Party: In the face of this dangerously extreme, incompetent, and disdainful political opposition, we should not concede the Radical Democrats a SINGLE VOTER. Their party has declared war on police, war on energy, war on jobs, war on work, war on parents’ rights, war on women’s sports, war on borders, war on the Second Amendment, war on free speech, war on American Culture, and even war on Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Old Glory, and the National Anthem.

• So do not listen to ANYONE who tells you that the REPUBLICAN Party needs to be “less divisive”—let’s be clear, it is the Radical Left Marxists and Socialists who are DIVISIVE, and it is by DEFEATING their intolerance and aggression that we will UNITE America.

• The Democrat Party is a house of cards ready to come toppling down.


• But to win the landslide victory that is within our reach, it is not enough just to make the argument. The People don’t just want to see us WIN power, they want to see us USE power.

• At the first possible chance, the Republican Party should END Joe Biden’s border crisis. It’s very simple: until they end catch-and-release, stop asylum fraud, restore Remain in Mexico, allow ICE and Border Patrol to do their jobs, and finish the wall which could take one month, not a SINGLE Biden political appointee at the White House or the Department of Homeland Security should get paid. NO BORDER, NO PAYCHECK.

• The opportunities for a new House Republican Majority will be truly endless:

◦ You should pass a plan to make China pay trillions of dollars for unleashing the virus.

◦ You should pass new tariffs on foreign trade abusers to re-shore our supply chains.

◦ You should insist that children be taught that biological sex is determined at birth—there are Men, and there are Women.

◦ You should cut off all Justice Department grants to local DA’s who refuse to prosecute shoplifters and other criminals, but are willing to spend millions and millions of dollars to prosecute Republicans who happen to be leading monumentally in the polls.

◦ Just as I did in my executive order last year, you should ban Critical Race Theory.

◦ You should save America’s Suburbs from Biden’s CRT-inspired housing agenda.

◦ You should force the Interior Department to build the National Garden of American Heroes that I announced in my speech at Mount Rushmore—it was going to Tennessee.

◦ You should stop all federal taxpayer dollars from going to Big Tech Monopolies.

◦ I congratulate Kevin on his announcement that the House GOP will be introducing a Parents’ Bill of Rights. I hope it includes a right for any parent to OPT OUT of the indoctrination and send their child to the public, private, charter, or faith-based school of their CHOICE.

• These are the kinds of bold ideas House Republicans should RUN on and WIN on.

◦ But none of it will matter if we do not do one thing: pass a comprehensive election security overhaul that includes nationwide photo ID, chain of custody protection, signature verification, citizenship confirmation, and importantly, ensuring that every election can be fully and quickly AUDITED. And especially, if you could get it, same day voting. One day, you vote, and the election’s over. We have to make elections UN-RIGGABLE.

◦ Remember, we are not the ones trying to undermine American Democracy—we are the ones trying to SAVE American Democracy.

• We are not a fifty-fifty country. With their policies of open borders, defund the police, destroy the Second Amendment, no energy independence, no voter ID, high taxes, and rampant crime, there are FAR more of us than there are of them. They’re just great at rigging, cheating, and stealing elections.

• Our movement did not start the culture war—but we are going to WIN it.


• NEVER before has a political majority in Congress shown such contempt for the citizens they serve.

• The bill includes MASS AMNESTY for millions of illegal aliens. In addition, the bill is ECONOMIC SUICIDE for our manufacturing base, shipping all our jobs to China by massively boosting taxes on manufacturers and punishing businesses that bring jobs back to America. It includes a global minimum tax that makes it impossible for us to outcompete other counties.

• And the bill is also loaded with toxic Critical Race Theory provisions—they use a different term, “equity,” but it’s the same Marxist ideology, and they want to spend billions of dollars imposing it everywhere they can.

• This bill will make America weak, poor, divided, and unsafe. We have to get out there EVERY SINGLE DAY and fight it—and the more we fight it, the more seats we will win in 2022. So until that vote, there is only one goal: we must KILL THE BILL, which will set the stage for a political earthquake next year.

• The bill will reduce the incomes of 80 percent of Americans, cost an estimated $4.5 trillion dollars, and fuel more inflation.

• The new and ridiculously large Democrat bill gives illegals welfare and government benefits, and free child tax credits. It eliminates caps on Green Cards, allows unlimited chain migration, and grants unlimited numbers of foreign nationals the ability to PURCHASE permanent U.S. residency for just $2,500.

• It allows the Big Tech giants to replace qualified Americans with cheap foreign workers. It issues diversity visas SPECIFICALLY to the people who were rejected by our Travel Ban because they came from the most dangerous places on earth.

• It’s the most pro-China bill ever put forward. It will crush retirees and Middle-Class Americans with new taxes on their pensions and retirement accounts.

• It includes $80 billion dollars to DOUBLE the size of the IRS, with 87,000 new IRS agents to attack you and your family.

• In the midst of an energy and inflation crisis, the bill raises taxes on American Energy.

• The bill forces states to use taxpayer-funds to subsidize abortion.

• And it spends billions of dollars on illegal racial discrimination.”


Sunday Talks, President Trump Sits Down With Jeanine Pirro to Talk Politics

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President Donald Trump sat down for an extensive interview with Judge Jeanine Pirro of Fox News.  The interview was broadcast Saturday night 10/30/21 and was recorded in Mar-a-Lago earlier in the day.

President Trump was asked about Biden foreign policy, how he would lower gas prices and his opinion on the Virginia gubernatorial race.

Shares of Trump Special Media Acquisition Company, DWAC, Climb 400% in Heavy Trading Despite NASDAQ Halts of Trading

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“If you build it, they will come”…

It would appear there is a great deal of interest in the newly announced Trump Media and Technology Group as shares for the special media acquisition company, DWAC, the firm merging with Trump to lead the fundraising have skyrocketed after the announcement.

Beginning the day around $10/share, the value of DWAC jumped to a session high $51/share, as more than 412 million shares have been traded.  Buy orders outpace sell orders by 3 to 1.  [Current CNBC ticker here]  DWAC is by far the most active stock as MAGA retail investors climb on board the opportunity to challenge Big Tech with Trump social media.  They even tried numerous times to stop trading…. but the people kept coming, and coming, and coming….

(CNBC) – […] DWAC’s stock surged as much as 400% to $51 per share Thursday after trading was halted multiple times due to volatility.

Digital World Acquisition was the single most actively traded stock on the Fidelity platform Thursday, and was by far the most traded name on the consolidated tape of New York Stock Exchange and Nasdaq listings.

Buy orders for DWAC — a so-called special purpose acquisition company set up to raise capital in the public markets to purchase private firms — outnumbered sell orders by nearly 3-to-1 on Fidelity’s platform.  By afternoon trading, more than 360 million shares of DWAC had already changed hands, according to FactSet.

[…]  In a press release Wednesday night, Trump’s new company, Trump Media & Technology Group, said it and DWAC “have entered into a definitive merger agreement, providing for a business combination that will result in Trump Media & Technology Group becoming a publicly listed company, subject to regulatory and stockholder approval.”  Trump also said he would roll out a platform called “TRUTH Social,” which he claimed will “stand up to the tyranny of Big Tech.”  (read more)

Florida Ports are Open for Business

Armstrong Economics Blog/Inflation Re-Posted Oct 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis proudly announced: “Florida ports are open for business!” The Jacksonville Port Authority (“Jaxport”) is on board and has received a record number of containers at 1.4 million this fiscal year alone. Jaxport CEO Eric Green said that Florida is not experiencing the same congestion back up issues as California and New York ports. Additionally, Green said Jaxport has the space for additional freights and is welcoming ships to reroute to the Sunshine State.

While the Biden Administration begged the two largest ports in California to begin 24/7 operations, Jaxport has been running 24/7 for some time. “Not only is Florida open for more business, Florida has the critical infrastructure, essential manpower and additional capacity for more business,” AGX Freight Chief Operation Officer Ike Sherlock commented. Although some may point to logistical concerns and fuel costs, ships that are idling for nearly two weeks are losing money on both in addition to labor costs.

This could be a viable option to repair supply chain constraints. The only reason for the Biden Administration to avoid focusing on Florida’s ports capacity would be political.

President Trump Announces Trump Media and Technology Group and ‘Truth Social’ Media Platform

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President Trump announces a merger to initiate Trump Media and Technology Group as a public offering to generate startup funding for a new social media network called TruthSocial.Com {Website Registration and Download Here}.  Within the announcement {Source Here} the intent is to create a start-up media network to compete with current social media platforms which largely censor and remove users based on political opinion.

According to the press release, a beta test will take place in November and a full rollout in the first quarter of 2022.  Advanced registration is available at the site and Apple users can pre-order at the App store {LINK}.


{ Link}

Peter Thiel Helping to Fund MAGA Primary Challenges Against Republicans Who Voted to Impeach President Trump

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Progressive Democrats, Wall Street multinationals and the RNC establishment are pouring money into Republican incumbents like Liz Cheney in order to keep the UniParty structure as strong as possible in Washington DC.   The RNC, led by Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel, is upholding a club rule not to give any Republican Party funding to primary challengers.   Ronna McDaniel plays for the other team.

Up until now, it has been grassroots donations funding GOP candidates/challengers who seek to defeat the DeceptiCons in the 2022 primary races.  However, some big money is coming in on our side to help the cause.  Removing Liz Cheney is one of the top priorities.

According to the latest campaign contributions, constantly reviewed by the Politico strategy team who are aligning the Democrat defenses against a massive MAGA wave next year, PayPal co-founder Peter Thiel, a friend of the blue-collar billionaire team and a Main Street MAGA supporter, is now stepping in to assist the challengers with financing.

(Politico) Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary challenger landed former President Donald Trump’s endorsement before she even officially launched her campaign. Now, she’s cashing big checks from Trump’s biggest donors — including tech billionaire Peter Thiel.

Thiel has contributed the maximum-allowed, $5,800 check to Harriet Hageman, the Trump-endorsed attorney running against Cheney in next year’s Republican primary. The former president has made Cheney, an outspoken critic who voted for his impeachment in January, his top target in the 2022 election, and now big-money benefactors like Thiel are piling into the race.

[…] The list of major Trump donors included on Hageman’s third-quarter fundraising report, which is set to be publicly released Friday, also includes Wyoming transportation executive Timothy Mellon, who was the single biggest giver to the principal pro-Trump super PAC, America First Action, during the 2020 election. Dallas real estate executive James Mabrey, Apple associate general counsel Douglas Vetter and Florida medical company executive Peter Lamelas also gave to Hageman. Other big names include Lynette Friess, the widow of Republican mega-donor and prominent Trump backer Foster Friess.

He has also contributed to army veteran Joe Kent, a challenger to Rep. Jaime Herrera Beutler (R-Wash.), who, like Cheney, voted for Trump’s impeachment in January. Thiel, a PayPal co-founder and early Facebook investor, met with Trump for over an hour at his Bedminster golf club last month, according to two people familiar with the sit-down. (read more)

Here’s the Ten DeceptiCon House members who voted to impeach President Trump over a totally bogus accusation.  These ten House Republican members also supported Nancy Pelosi in creating the January 6th Commission to help re-elect Democrats.  [*Note Anthony Gonzalez (OH) already conceded and will not run again]


♦ Valdao is being challenged in California by Chris Mathys [ Website Here ]

♦ Kinzinger is being challenged in Illinois by Catalina Lauf [ Website Here]

♦ Meijer is being challenged in Michigan by Tom Norton [ Website Here]

♦ Upton is being challenged in Michigan by Steve Carra [ Website Here]

♦ Cheney is being challenged in Wyoming by Harriet Hageman [Website Here]

♦ John Katko (NY-24) is currently uncontested [ Need Primary Candidate]

♦ Gonzalez is being challenged in Ohio by Max Miller [ Website Here ]

♦ Tom Rice is being challenged in South Carolina by Ken Richardson [ Website Here ]

♦ Herrera-Beutler is being challenged in Washington State by Joe Kent [ Website Here ]

♦ Newhouse is being challenged in Washington State by Loren Culp [ Website Here ]


If you’ve been in the battle for a while, you know what to do:

Select a candidate or candidates that you want to support. Then send them money, no amount is too small.

Second, it’s okay if you cannot send them money. Share this link with your friends, family, community and tribe. Distributing the message is just as valuable, if not more, than sending a direct donation.

Post links to the primary challenger you support on Facebook, Twitter and all your social media platforms. Help get out the word. Make a weekly reminder to keep doing this and spread your message out on different days and different times so you catch the maximum visibility.

If you live in the area, donate your time to help the candidate. If you do not live in the area, you may still volunteer your time to do phone calls, emails and Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts. Take action.

Be very visible with your support (yard signs etc). If the candidate doesn’t have the resources for signs, stickers etc, MAKE YOUR OWN.

Even if the candidate does have signs etc, remember you can save them campaign expenses if you make your own. Think big and act. Some of the most successful challenges have nothing to do with money, and everything to do with organization and determination.

Remember also, YOU MATTER. No amount of effort is too small. If you are new to the grassroot effort, think like an insurgent. Simple post-it notes left around (gas pumps, restaurants, etc) supporting your candidate are a simple and effective way to send a message. Keep imprinting the name. Simple post-it notes can have a big impact with name imprint: Ex. “Support Catalina Lauf“, written with a sharpie on a post-it note. That’s it. That’s all it needs to say. It puts the message out.

Keep all messages positive. We are all in the same foxhole. Put your support behind those who are standing up. Do not sit silent while our candidates stand in front of the fury of entrenched opposition. Stand with them. STAND.

If you are in the area of one of these challenges, network with the community and volunteer for anything you are able. No effort is too small, even making coffee or helping run errands can be a big assist. Key point…. keep making the offer even if there is nothing currently available that fits your schedule or ability.

When you turn your thoughts into action, you will be amazed at how positive your frame-of-mind becomes. Taking action is empowering.

~ Sundance

President Trump MAGA Rally in Des Moines Iowa – State Fairgrounds 8pm ET – Livestream Ongoing

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Today President Donald J. Trump is traveling to the Iowa State Fairgrounds in Des Moines for a massive MAGA rally with patriots and supporters.  President Trump is scheduled to deliver remarks at 7:00pm CDT / 8:00pm EDT, with speakers in advance.

We are providing Rumble Livestream links below as primary feeds, with one RSBN YouTube link.

Donald J Trump Rumble Livestream – RSBN Rumble Livestream – RSBN YouTube Livestream



President Trump Holds a Massive MAGA Rally in Perry, Georgia – 7:00pm EST Livestream

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President Donald J. Trump is holding a massive MAGA rally today in Perry, Georgia.  The  venue is the Georgia National Fairgrounds.   President Trump will be joined by Senate candidate Herschel Walker and a variety of 2022 candidates.

The President is expected to deliver remarks at 7:00pm EST with multiple speakers ongoing. Livestream Links Below:

RSBN YouTube Livestream – RSBN Rumble Livestream – Donald J Trump Livestream