President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Lansing, Michigan – 2:30pm EDT Livestream…

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Today President Trump will be holding three campaign rallies in three states. Starting in Michigan, then Wisconsin, then Nebraska, before flying to Nevada for the evening. The busy schedule starts in Lansing, Michigan, with the first rally of the day. Anticipated start time 2:30pm [Livestream Links Below*Note Livestreams are less dependable

Trump Campaign Livestream – D&S (RSBN) Livestream – PBS Livestream Link

Rally #3 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – Omaha, Nebraska – 9:00pm EDT Livestreams…

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For the third campaign rally in three states today, President Trump heads to Nebraska to hold a Make America Great Again Rally at Tac Air in Omaha. The anticipated start time is approximately 9:00pm EDT. [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream

The Bloom is Off The Ruse – Ivanka Trump Draws Larger Crowd Than President Obama in Florida…

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If the support levels for campaign surrogates is any evidence of support levels for the top of the ticket candidates then President Trump is about to crush Joe Biden in Florida.

Biden’s biggest name campaign surrogate, former President Barack Obama, was campaigning today in Orlando; a massive geographic metropolis with a significant population (over 2.5 million) eligible to attend the rally.  Meanwhile Ivanka Trump was campaigning in Sarasota, a much smaller area with a population of only ¹433,000.

[The population of Sarasota, ¹the entire county, is six times smaller than Orlando.]

Despite the difference in population, a massive crowd shows up to see Ivanka Trump (in a small market), and only about 100 people showed up to see former President Obama (in a major market).  That is quite a contrastLOOK:

Compare the audience for Ivanka Trump above, with the audience for former President Barack Obama below (note: video added for fairness):

However, in fairness for the former president, Obama shouldn’t feel too badly about his bloom being off the ruse, because Joe Biden himself could only draw about two dozen supporters during his Georgia campaign stop today.

… AND… Once again more Trump supporters showed-up to overwhelm the Biden presence in Georgia.  GREAT JOB Wolverines !!

Rally #2 – President Trump Make America Great Again Rally – West Salem, Wisconsin – 5:00pm Livestream…

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President Trump is running slightly behind schedule today as he departs Michigan for the second campaign event of the day in Wisconsin.  President Trump holds the second rally at MotorSports Management Company in West Salem, WI. The anticipated start time is shortly after 5:00pm EDT (estimated). [Livestream Links Below]

Trump Campaign Livestream – RSBN Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream

President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump Impromptu Presser – Joint Base Andrews – Video and Transcript…

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President Trump and First Lady Melania will both be campaigning today.  Our first lady is traveling to Pennsylvania to continue the Keystone state surge (lucky PA), while President Trump heads to the Midwest (Michigan, Wisconsin, Nebraska) and Western states (Nevada).  Arriving at Joint Base Andrews the president and first lady take questions from the assembled press pool prior to departure. [Video and Transcript Below]

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: So, thank you very much. Melania, as you know, is going to Pennsylvania. That’s very exciting. I’d like to go with her and be with her. She’s going to make a speech in Pennsylvania, and that’s great. And she does very well. Very popular.

And I’m going — we’re starting off in Michigan, and we have a full day of rallies, and they’re very well attended. We have thousands and thousands of people at each one, and we’re doing very well.

Our poll numbers are phenomenal — our real poll numbers, not the fake numbers that — that the media gives. But the real poll numbers are very, very strong. Many states are doing very well. Florida is doing great. You probably see it, but we’re doing very well.

And we’ll be traveling with you people, I guess, today. Is that a correct statement? We’ll be traveling.

Any questions?

Q Mr. President, we’d like to ask you about Google. Would you like to see Goggle split up?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think what is going on with all of those companies — I think they’ve hurt themselves very badly because they’ve been so restrictive. And, you know, when they don’t want to show corruption, like you have with Biden — that’s totally corruption and everybody knows it — and they’re trying to protect, because he can make them wealthier, whereas they understand me. They understand where I’m coming from. It’s very unfair. Nobody has ever seen anything like it. It’s not freedom of the press; I mean, it’s the opposite. And, of course, the media is in the same bag.

But nobody has ever seen anything like we’re witnessing right now. It’s a very — I think it’s a very sad time, and it’ll go down as a very sad era for the media and certainly for big tech.

Q Do you expect any other countries to join for —


Q — Middle East peace? Is there interest?

THE PRESIDENT: We have — you mean to join the three countries?

Q Saudi Arabia for instance.

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah, I do. We have 5, but we really have probably 9 or 10 that are right in the mix. We’re going to have a lot. I think we’ll have all of them, eventually.

Q Before the election or after the election?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, it’ll be largely after. We’re doing a lot of work right now, and I’m involved in all of those deals. The beauty is it’s peace in the Middle East with no money and with no blood. There’s no blood all over the sand. And it’s happening.

No, we have five definites. And I think we’ll have another five, pretty much, definites too. And all of them — the big ones, the smaller ones. And the three that we got, really, I — I have great respect. UAE — Mohammed is a very highly respected warrior. He’s a warrior. And then Bahrain, likewise. And Sudan — that was a great — that was a great get, because, as you know, there’s been tremendous hostility with Israel.

So, yeah, we’re very excited about it, and we did it a much different way than they’ve been working over the last 30 years. But we’re very excited.

Q Are you disappointed by Armenia and Azerbaijan? Armenia and Azerbaijan. The ceasefire has collapsed.

THE PRESIDENT: Well, they’ve been at it for years. They don’t get together. But they’ve been at that for many, many years. Yeah, it’s disappointing to see that, but that’s what happens when you have countries — countries that have been going at it for a long time. It’ll get back together.

Q Are you worried about Nebraska? Why are you going to Nebraska? Are you concerned about —

THE PRESIDENT: Well, you have Omaha, and we’re right next to Iowa. And I’ve done well in Nebraska, and I’m doing well there right now. But you do have — you know, you have Nebraska too. You have Omaha. And that’s something that a lot of Republicans don’t get, and I’d like to get it.

Nebraska 1, you know, I’m way up. But Nebraska 2, I’d like to get it. And it’s something that a lot of Republicans don’t get. At the same time, I’m right by Iowa and the farmers. You know, we got the farmers $28 billion. So we’re very — we’re doing very well, as I understand, in Iowa and in Nebraska. But we’re looking at that Omaha region. That’s why we’re doing.

Q When was the last time you spoke to President Xi?

THE PRESIDENT: It’s been a while. It’s been a while.

Q Do you want to speak with him?

THE PRESIDENT: What they did — not particular. What they did was a very bad thing to the world. Not only to the U.S., but to the world, what China did.

Q To follow up on that: When you say you want to punish China, how do you expect to punish them?

THE PRESIDENT: I’m not going to tell you, Jeff. I’m not going to tell you.

Thank you, everybody.

END 1:22 P.M. EDT

He’s Got Tapes? -Tucker Carlson Interviews Hunter Biden Business Associate Tony Bobulinski – 8:00pm Tonight…

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According to multiple recent media leaks and reports Hunter Biden business associate Tony Bobulinski has audio recordings of business discussions with the Biden family as they constructed the bribery scheme with the Chinese communist government.

Tonight at 8:00pm Fox Host Tucker Carlson is scheduled to broadcast an interview with Bobulinski and there is a great deal of anticipation for the content.

Consider this an open discussion thread for the broadcast.

Video Banned by Fox

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President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House – Video and Transcript…

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Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  As President Trump departs the White House for a four state campaign push (three rallies today), our president stops to deliver remarks to the assembled press pool and take questions.

[Transcript] – THE PRESIDENT: Hello, everybody. We’ll be making three big stops — three rally stops. I understand that they’ve been camped out for a couple of days already, and we have a lot of people — thousands and thousands.

I want to just tell you how happy everybody is, including me, with Justice Barrett. She is going to be a great justice for many, many years. And I’m very proud of the way she — she went through that process. That was an incredible process. It was a tough process, but she got through it very easily, and we’re very proud of the fact that she is now a justice of the Supreme Court.

Q Do you want to react to what President Obama said in his speech?

THE PRESIDENT: I only saw he was on Fox. And Fox puts him on all the time, and they put Sleepy Joe on all the time. And what they should do is they should show the picture of Sleepy Joe yesterday, when he rushed to Pennsylvania because he saw that I had 25,000 people at each event. When he rushed to Pennsylvania and he did a statement and he got lost in a fog, they should show that. Okay?

Or they should show the picture where he called me “George.” He thought I was George. I guess, he’s talking about George Bush. But he thought I was George, and they should show that.

No, Fox — Fox is very disappointing. That Fox puts on this — this would not have happened with Roger Ailes, I can tell you that.

Go ahead.

Q (Inaudible) are you willing to still talk about stimulus (inaudible)?

THE PRESIDENT: I’ll always talk about it because our people should get it.

Q After the election, though?

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. Our people should get it — the stimulus. But Nancy Pelosi is only interested in bailing out badly run, crime-ridden Democrat cities and states. That’s all she’s interested in. She’s not interested in helping the people.

We’ll — after the election, we’ll get the best stimulus package you’ve ever seen, because I think we’re going to take back the House because of her. I think you have a lot of congressmen and women — Republican — that are going to get elected. We’ll take back the House. We’ll hold the Senate. We’ll hold the White House.

If you look at the polls that came out today and yesterday — and I guess a lot had to do with the debate or a lot had to do with the rallies. I don’t know. But you take a look at the polls. Look at how we’re doing in Wisconsin. Look how we’re doing in Iowa. Look how we’re doing in Ohio. Look how we’re doing in Florida. Look how we’re doing everywhere, practically.

So I think we’re doing very well. We’re going to have an exciting night. It would be very, very proper and very nice if a winner were declared on November 3rd, instead of counting ballots for two weeks, which is totally inappropriate, and I don’t believe that that’s by our laws. I don’t believe that. So we’ll see what happens.

Q Mr. President, shouldn’t the voters judge you on COVID? And did you blow it?

THE PRESIDENT: Voters are judging me on a lot of things, and one of the things we’ve done a really good job on is COVID. We would have millions of people — millions, right now — we would have millions of people —

Q That’s if you did nothing.

THE PRESIDENT: — dead. Two million people. They were projecting 2.2 [million] if we didn’t do what we did. We did the ventilators and now we’re doing all of the equipment. But now we’re doing vaccines, we’re doing —

Q But isn’t that if you did nothing?

THE PRESIDENT: — therapeutics, and we’ve done a great job. And people are starting to see.

Now Biden had the swine flu. He did the worst job that anybody has ever seen. Had no idea what he was doing. And his Chief of Staff said he had no idea what he was doing.

I’ll see you in Michigan. We’re going to have some fun. Thank you.

END 12:57 P.M. EDT

Trump’s Battle to Stop Ridiculous Endless Wars

Armstrong Economic Blog/Politics Re-Posted Oct 27, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: “Thank God Trump has won multiple peace accords, see link below ”



REPLY: President Trump campaigned in 2016 on ending “ridiculous endless wars.” When I was invited to listen to Trump privately at his Palm Beach, Florida, property Mar-a-Lago, he said the same thing. We were in the middle east fighting over borders that have been disputed for 1,000 years. ONLY John F. Kennedy was against the war. I believe the CIA et al took him out so they could enter Vietnam. Even Johnson remarked in 1965: “For all I know, our Navy was shooting at whales out there.” They fired 249 5-inch shells, 123 3-inch shells, and four or five depth charges, according to Navy records. They never hit anything. Over 50,000 Americans die for a war we could not win and was never necessary.

They have lied to start every war from weapons of mass destruction to the fact that Germans sank the Lusitania because the US was secretly using passenger ships to move weapons to Britain. I have stated on personal knowledge that the terrorists from the first World Trade Center attack drew pictures of planes crashing into the towers on the wall of their cells in New York’s Metropolitan Correctional Center in advance of 9/11. They knew what they were doing and let it happen.

Then there is Operation Northwoodswhich was a proposal of the Department of Defense. The Joint Chiefs of Staff would involve CIA operatives to commit acts of terrorism against American civilians. They would then blame the Cuban government to justify a war against Cuba. The proposals were rejected by the Kennedy administration and have long been part of the reason people support the theory that the CIA is responsible for the killing of Kennedy.

obama-nobel-Peace Prize

Obama, who has made a mockery out of the Nobel Peace Prize, attempted the standard lie to invade Syria, but the American people rejected it because they became tired of what Trump called “ridiculous endless wars.” There were no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, and Iraq had nothing to do with the 9/11 attack even in fake allegations. The failure of Obama to “sell” the Syrian war to the American people noted the shift in confidence from Public (trust everything) to Private (trust nothing).

I warned that Obama was advocating an invasion of Syria, not to protect people, but to push (1) the Pipe Line from Qatar being one major issue that was to compete with Russia in selling gas to Europe, and (2) Genie Oil which tests showed that there might be more oil in the Golan Heights in Syria than all the other regions. Just look at the board of Genie Oil and you will see a very interesting group of people.

There are people who just hate Trump personally and could care nothing about what he has been trying to stop. On this issue, I agree with him despite the fact that I do not agree with all of his positions.

There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Oct 27, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: For months now you have been saying that these elections will be the most corrupt ever (‘Our Model still shows a Trump Victory if it is a legitimate election’). Trump is repeating this message as well and obviously his voters have been indoctrinated as well. So far, no evidence whatsoever, just heating up emotions. Votes by post vulnerable to fraude? Could be, but so far in history no evidence whatsoever. Statistically totally in-significant. Are the Democrats saints? Sure not. But is Trump and/or the Republicans any better. Definitely not. How sad I never hear you talk about gerry-mandering, closing voting offices, requiring absurd conditons to let people just vote (e.g. let voters travel miles and miles to vote, require a driving licence to vote, etc. etc.). The number of dirty tricks the Republicans have invented to frustrate the process, to queston of beforehand the legality of the process, how sad you never mention these. You claim you are neutral, but I only hear you constantly blaming the Democrats. You seem to support Trump because he is an outsider, a business man. Hahaha, Trump divides, not unifies, and gives a damn about the country and its inhabitants. He truly believes the state should serve him, not vice versa (immunity!). He is not even a business man, let alone a succesful one. Loaded with debts, leveraged up until his ears. Without daddy’s money and the tricks of his friends he would have been a frustrated, middle of the road man. Again, is Biden a saint? Certainly not. But your blogs are incredibly biased.



REPLY: All of the things you have mentioned are indicative of the corruption in this election, with the exception of gerrymandering which has been an old trick going on for decades by both sides depending on who is in power. In some states it is pro-Democrats and in others it is pro-Republican. When John Boehner (Republican) was Speak of the House, I wrote that he was the “most-evil-dictator-of-congress-in-history.” Pelosi has followed that path. The corruption is massive and it is being carried out by deliberately crashing the economy, the American oligarchs like Gates & Soros, riots that are being encouraged, and the corruption in mainstream media deliberating suppressing the Biden corruption (which would be a crime of obstruction of justice by anyone else). The National Post just ran a story:

Suppressing the Biden stories is a journalistic crime of historic proportions

I have had a front-row seat for decades. Some say that is why they have tried to do at least a political assassination of me when their attempt to kill me failed. I have told the dark secrets behind the Cheney usurpation of our government using Bush Jr. as a place-holder, and now they are doing again with Biden. It was the Republican Rumsfeld who hid the missing trillions from the Defense budget. I can tell you from inside sources that when the Tea Party had about 80 people who were first elected, John Boehner held the traditional orientation meeting for newly elected people. He told them they were to vote according to the Republic Party position. They rebelled and Boehner could not deliver the Republican vote.

This is how “Party Politics” really works. You can vote for someone who says what they stand for and when they get to Washington, they are not allowed to do anything they promised if it contradicts their party. Perhaps you should go back on the site and see what I wrote about the Republicans when they had control of the House. I am against party politics for it is hypocritical and denies you the right to vote based on issues.

I have shown how McCain was in bed with Hillary and he handed the Steele Dossier to Comey to give it Republican cover when it was funded by Hillary. It was Senator Chuck Schumer who introduced on 07/19/2018 the resolution to deny Putin to question any Americans including Bill Browder in exchange to allow Mueller to question Russians. John McCain, the sponsor of the Magnitsky Act, led the charge among Republicans to support Schumer’s resolution to deny any investigation into the Magnitsky affair. One of my lawyers was even in the infamous Trump Tower Meeting where they sought to inform Trump of the truth behind the Magnitsky Act or which that Documentary film was also banned. I have come out against Lindsey Graham when he said terrorists should be denied lawyers — that is against international law.

You fail to understand the issue. Even the Republicans were against Trump NOT because he was a businessman, but because he was an outsider. They said the same thing about Ronald Reagan, but it was more behind the curtain back then than today. There is no hope of eliminating this level of corruption until we eliminate career politicians and party politics for that matter.

There are TWO MAJOR types of People who Want to be President

Indeed, there are TWO MAJOR types of people who want to be president — (1) for money, and (2) for esteem. Hillary and Biden as well as McCain are just three examples of type #1. Obama, who was not worth much when he entered politics, left the White House and bought a house for almost $12 million on the water, despite saying that climate change would result in the oceans rising. Trump is #2 for he wanted to be president to show he has done something on his own, for there will always be that image of “daddy’s money” hanging over his head which will diminish his stature in life. It is that insecurity that is why he ran for president. I have studied all types of governments and our Founding Fathers were influence by the Fake News of Cicero and that was filtered into Edward Gibbon’s “Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire” published in 1776. In fact, Ben Franklin knew Gibbon and even reviewed his work before it was published.

All Republics collapse into oligarchies as ours is doing right now. They control both sides of the aisle and they will do whatever they need to do to win. I do not write out of theory. I have actually been in meeting on the Hill many times for decades. I have seen how government works from the inside out.

I have investigated all sorts of governments from ancient Rome and Athens to the middle ages and modern times. The European Union was deliberately set up to eliminate the right of the people to vote for the head of state or the European Commission. They gave them a parliament that had no power to overrule the commission. When Greece was in trouble back in 2010 and the head wanted the people to vote on any bailout, the EU threatened to give no money if the Greek people were allowed to vote.

The BEST government I have ever found was that of Genoa. The Doge (president) rotated annually among the rich families. Because a family might not come back to power for decades, they would NEVER pass a law that they themselves would have to comply with if it was unfair. Genoa was run like a corporation competing against Florence and Venice. It was not this nonsense of turning one class against another. EVERYONE benefited.

This is where Trump falls into line. You miss the entire point. Trump will return to a private life so he will NOT impose a law that he himself would find Draconian. Career politicians return to NOTHING. They are taken care of for the rest of their lives and get millions in speaking fees. Obama is in the top-10 highest paid speakers getting $400,000 for a few minutes.

So I am sorry if you cannot see beyond Republican & Democrat. This is the MOST corrupt election in history. The entire mainstream press is out to remove Trump and will not report the truth about the corruption in the Biden family, which is the standard operating procedure if you investigated the Republicans and Democrats and look at how their families reap in benefits.

You are obviously against Trump and you think I only bash the Democrats. The Democrats are following an agenda that is international. Open your eyes. It is NOT just here in the USA, this is global! I believe in direct democracy which oversees the bureaucracy and the terms should revolve annually. Nobody should be there for more than one year. The Athenian Democracy worked that way.

Without political reform, the nation will dive into civil war. It is not just that one side wins even with 50.7% claiming they have a mandate to then oppress the opposition. Economic policy and taxes should not be a yo-yo. It should take a two-thirds vote to change the nation.

If the country became 50.7% shite Muslim and ordered all women to stay home and wear burkas, would that be fair? Or perhaps all A students should be reduced to C students and their excess grades should be redistributed so the F students will also get C grades. Sell that one on college campuses.

Van Morrison Song – No More Lockdown

Armstong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Oct 23, 2020 by Martin Armstrong