More of This Approach – Devin Nunes Goes Hard After Mueller Team…

Congressman Devin Nunes is hitting the target here. To any and all truth-seekers, take up the call from Nunes… go hard after the Mueller Probe, it is much worse than you can imagine. They are going to come after Nunes. Support him!

I will stake everything on the value of this approach. Team Mueller, which included the 17 primary resistance lawyers, took over Main Justice from May 2017 to April 2019. The scale of their corrupt activity is almost unimaginable. We have the goods. We will share more later. Mueller’s team is at the epicenter of the abuse. WATCH:


Stop giving the opposition power by positioning your outlook that Durham/Barr will do nothing… just stop. Demand action. You are worth it. Do not give any an inch of room for obfuscation. Do not worry about being perceived as being an a**hole about it.

Do not worry yourself with dark imaginings. Turn your fear into resolve; turn that resolve into action. Do not get discouraged. I am a professional cynic, yet I am far more confident than ever. We’ve got this. Watch for details (some coming overnight).

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