Rebel Alliance Ground Reports – What’s Your Current COVID Status…

Red States, Blue States, Red Regions and Blue Regions present an incredible disparity within our republic; I’m curious what is the current status of the COVID lifestyle near you. What is going on in/around your town, city, region or hamlet?

This isn’t just a typical request for ground reports, it’s also a little selfish. You are helping with advanced recon for an ongoing travel itinerary. East Coast, mid-west, then west. Trying to travel during this COVID crisis is a hot mess of frustrated puddle jumping, changes and cancellations. It is quite amazing the scale of difference between cities and states. The media has been reporting in large generic terms, but the stuff that matters is how it impacts your life; your daily function. That’s what we are all interested in.

It is remarkable how different life amid COVID is within each state, even when two states are right next to each other. So how is it your area?

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