Trump’s Joe Biden Is ‘Against God’ Is Legitimate

Leftist Secular Religion is Humanity’s Greatest Enemy, But True Faith its Antidote

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Trump's Joe Biden Is 'Against God' Is Legitimate

A deafening howl arose from aggrieved Democrats when Donald Trump called Joe Biden’s ideas an “attack against God.” Apoplectic liberals seethed knowing the disadvantage in defending their grim beliefs. Most progressives eschew any divinity. But given how many Americans self-identify Christian, they scrambled to fight back against “godless liberalism.” Biden’s outraged partisans touted his Catholic fidelity. But, Question: If Biden were alive during Christ’s rise, would he have counseled Mary – an unwed pregnant teen—to abort the Messiah?


AG Barr Opposes Faux Religions

In fact, leftism is not only godless, but suffers angst propelled by unresolved theological issues. This explains why leftism developed into a cult-like ‘political religion.’ In fact, AG William Barr described the postmodern development of BLM and Antifa as a power mad ‘secular religion.’

Barr explained to Mark Levin:

The left has “pulled away from the umbrella of classical liberal values that have undergirded” America and made a “secular religion” out of seeking “complete political victory,” Attorney General William Barr tells “Life, Liberty & Levin” this week. “They’re not interested in compromise,” Barr told host Mark Levin. “They’re not interested in a dialectic exchange of views. They’re interested in total victory…It’s a substitute for religion.

“They view their political opponents as evil because we stand in the way of their progressive utopia that they’re trying to reach, and that’s what gives the intensity to the partisan feelings that people feel today, because for them, this pilgrimage we’re all on is a political pilgrimage. Everything is reduced to politics for people who don’t have that perspective.”

AG Barr calls ANTIFA a ‘new form of urban guerrilla warfare’

Liberal History

Briefly, early leftism grew mushroom-like in the shadow of the 17th century scientific Enlightenment. Then socialism derived from Parisian writers after the French Revolution. Important French author, founder of Sociology, and godless religion – Auguste Comte, went clinically insane. Yet after 3 years of treatment, never fully recovered. But, in the 1840s Comte founded ‘Positivism,’ or society based on “science”, then outlined his Religion of Humanity. This secular religion was dedicated to Comte’s crush, Madame Clotilde de Vaux, as she was high-priestess and Comte its pope.


Source of Liberalism v. Christianity Conflict

Why did European politics and Christian theology part ways? Recall Europe itself was a biblical experiment birthing the modern world. As Carl Schmitt wrote,

All significant concepts of the modern theory of the state are secularized theological concepts not only because of their historical development — in which they were transferred from theology to the theory of the state, whereby, for example, the omnipotent God became the omnipotent lawgiver — but also because of their systematic structure, the recognition of which is necessary for a sociological consideration of these concepts.

So the West was built from Christian theories secularized, but as the Reformation faded in influence, politics reversed history and cannibalized religion.


Battle Over God’s Goodness: Theodicy

Theodicy is belief in a good God in a universe abounding in evil. In The Theology of Liberalism, Political Philosophy and the Justice of God, Eric Nelson states historic debates over whether the biblical God is good and just, waged for centuries. Summarizing, Calvinists believe God alone chooses his followers, whereas Pelagians claim God allows freedom to choose. It’s Predestination versus Free Will.

Good Free Men Prove God Just

Originally, the debate was theological, then invaded philosophy, and is now waged in social and political realms. Nelson explains the Pelagian/ free-will crowd, including eminent men like Milton, Locke, Rousseau and Kant, believed doing good works by choice defended God’s reputation. This allowed mankind to gain divine approval by serving humanity, bringing peace on earth, and founding utopia. So by doing free-will good on earth through liberalism, we establish the justness of God in heaven.

Political Adoption of Church’s Mandate 

Charity developed from Jewish and Christian theology, so support of the underclass emanated from these, later augmented by government. Modern liberalism attempts to commandeer the Church’s role in serving humanity, both on ideological and practical rationale. Nelson explains it’s a fallacy to separate religion from politics in European history. But socialists, like Karl Marx accused capitalists of robbing the poor. They responded with a planned, communal, property-free state. Progressives rejected the church and God, and so by the impetus of transference, government fills the vacuum where God and religion once stood. Liberals only accept humanism.

Post-Modern Woke Snowflake Politics

Arriving in 2020, Democrats ride an unstable wave of progressive anger, hoping the tiger doesn’t turn and devour them. Between the economic and social shock of COVID-19 shutdowns, and the fury of Marxist-derived products Antifa and Black Lives Matter, they seek a sea-change. In typical revolutionary style, opportunist liberals use urban unrest to stifle opposition. This drives a wholly unethical and antinomian structure of Nihilism, claiming any activity is justified if driven by injustice to historically oppressed minorities. If this continues, the Rule of Law will collapse, replaced by the ad-hoc rule of despots, as seen in the USSR.


We’re told America is in the midst of a culture war. The problem with politics supplanting religion is it destroys both, amalgamating power. So Marxism, by demanding religion outlawed, and in its fake-messianic predictions, is a pseudo-faith. The threat to American liberty and safety is Marxism. Between Lenin, Stalin and Mao, more than 100,000,000 innocent souls were murdered in the name of the deified state. And no churches were allowed since Marxism will not accept competition. Therefore, we must all bone-up on Marxist theories and then commit ourselves to self defense. No better resistance training against tyranny has ever excelled the Bible. For, from the very beginning, church and state were separated to protect God’s people from usurpation of our Natural Rights & biblical Freedoms by fiery-eyed heathens.

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