The Justice Fish is dying from the head

If the Justice Fish dies, so will the Constitutional Republic of America – until the Second American Revolution brings freedom again

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The Justice Fish is dying from the head

Credit the Turkish poet Rumi (1207-1273) as the origin for an expression in one of his poems: “Fish begin to stink at the head, not the tail.”

The pinnacle of American jurisprudence is the United States Department of Justice. The Supreme Court of the United States adjudicates when, where and how justice should, and has been, exercised.

The Department of Justice in America is dying from the head.  Essentially, it may already be dead. It appears so on the streets of Portland and Seattle, and in the political halls of Washington, D.C. and the Big Blue State governments.

Today, a handful of noteworthy voices is delivering this message in necessarily even-tempered tones. Here are three.

The President

Here is a summary of a FOX Business News reporter’s recent interview with President Trump, whose comments concerned both US Attorney Durham and Attorney General Barr. Maria Bartiromo asked about the Durham probe which Barr claimed could [the operative word] yield some results by next month. Quoting from her interview with the President, Trump said:

“‘I hope he’s doing a great job, and I hope they’re not going to be politically correct,’ Trump said. ‘Obama knew everything. Vice President Biden, as dumb as he may be, knew everything, and everybody else knew. And [former FBI Director James] Comey, and [former CIA Director John] Brennan, and [former Director of National Intelligence James] Clapper, they were all terrible, they lied to Congress,’ the president added.

‘They spied on my campaign, which is treason,’ he continued. ‘They spied, both before and after I won, using the intelligence apparatus of the United States to take down a president, a legally elected president, a duly elected president of the United States. It is the single biggest political crime in the history of our country.’”

Continuing, Trump added that he “hopes Durham is ‘doing a job,” and that his team “is not going to be politically correct and just get a couple of the lower guys. Bill Barr can go down as the greatest attorney general in the history of our country, or he can go down as an average guy. We’ll see what happens.”

Sidney Powell, General Flynn’s Lead Defense Attorney

In an interview posted on YouTube, Sidney Powell, who took over the defense of General Flynn after his deep state lawyers bled him dry of funds with bad results, said this, beginning at 53:05:

“It’s absolutely imperative that the Department of Justice return to the time when it would self-correct. It’s huge. When I was an assistant U.S. attorney, I was raised to tell the judge the truth, whatever it was. The good, the bad, the ugly. Somewhere in the last twenty years we came to this time when these people think the end justifies the means. They’re using the law as a weapon to destroy people, innocent people, to destroy peoples’ lives and that’s not what the system is about. So, the Department of Justice has got to start standing up for the right thing. The only politics in this prosecution [of Flynn] was from the very beginning. On the side of prosecuting General Flynn at all… It[righting the ship that’s the Department of Justice] has to be done if we’re to survive as a constitutional republic built on the rule of law.”

Sidney Powell: Inside the Michael Flynn Case and DOJ Reform

Tom Fitton, President of Judicial Watch

Beginning with the Russiagate Hoax, through the Kavanaugh Hearing, into the Impeachment ordeal, and continuing today, Judicial Watch (JD) has been led by Tom Fitton in its intrepid search for the truth.  Throughout that process, JD has been blocked, to the point of being stonewalled, by the Department of Justice (DoJ), its Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and the Department of State (DoS).

On August 14, Fitton was interviewed by the host of FOX’s Lou Dobbs Tonight show after a three-judge panel of the D.C. Court of Appeals ruled against JD and overturned a lower court order requiring Hillary Clinton to sit for a deposition concerning her use of a personal server while at the Department of State, and events surrounding Benghazi. Two of the judges were appointed by Obama, the third by Bush, Jr.

Into the interview (2:58), Fitton explains how resistance to JW continues to come both from the DoJ, FBI and the DoS:

Tom Fitton reacts to appeals court overturning Hillary Clinton deposition order

Tom Fitton

It’s still happening. The attorneys at the State Department are colluding with the Clinton attorneys. They’re fighting us together. It’s incredible, and it’s a betrayal of everyone who expected law and order from this new Justice Department. [Dobbs asks] ‘What is William Barr doing?’ [Fitton silently holds up both arms, then says…] Nothin’.”

Late last week the DoJ announced that FBI Attorney Kevin Clinesmith – hardly a household name in the Russiagate Hoax – pled guilty to illegally altering a FISA document. While it may evolve into an important development, he could become merely one of a very few low-level persons held accountable for a multi-year lie.

Tom Fitton reacts to appeals court overturning Hillary Clinton deposition order

Kevin Clinesmith

Sacrificial lambs.

One thing is certain.  If Biden becomes the next POTUS, any and all efforts to surface the truth of a litany of corruption from the highest level of the Federal Government, through the Big Blue State Governors’ mansions, down to the Mayors and City Councils of the Big Blue Cities that aim to defund their Police Departments, will vanish.

Should that happen, many Americans will have been as Estragon and Vladimir who waited for Godot to come on a country road. Pozzo and his slave “Lucky” come by, and Lucky delivers a speech about God and hell.

Then comes a goatherder who delivers the message that Godot has promised to come soon. Later, the goatherder comes again to say that Godot will come the next day. Then, on a different day, the goatherder brings a message of Godot’s imminent arrival. After multiple false starts, Estragon and Vladimir decide they’ll hang themselves if Godot doesn’t come.

There the play, “Waiting for Godot,” ends.

If the Justice Fish dies, so will the Constitutional Republic of America – until the Second American Revolution brings freedom again.

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