Did Biden Use Brain Super-Pill During Convention Speech?

Westworld: Will Joe’s DNC Use Trans-Tech to Make Superman Out of An Invalid?

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Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesAugust 30, 2020

Did Biden Use Brain Super-Pill During Convention Speech?

Donald Trump asked Joe Biden be tested for illicit substances before their first debate. Yet many already wonder if he took ‘pep pills’ before his recent speech. While Joe wasn’t sharp, he didn’t make his typical inane mistakes, confusing dates, people, or subjects. Instead, he was steady but out of sync, like an old Ma Bell ringer, dated 40 years, barely functional.

Biden’s Future
Much like a Category 5 Storm Surge, Joe Biden’s 2020 Presidential Race is an Un-Survivable event. Even if elected, he will end up reciting: “If I’m Chosen, I will not run; If Elected, I will not serve.” Meanwhile, Democrats try to finesse a way where Biden avoids the 3 debates by declaring outrage for some new Trump sin, and therefore sits out in protest.

DNC Convention Speech
During his DNC Convention speech, Joe was strangely zeroed in and didn’t seem to suffer any gaffes. And while Joe did slightly slur most of the speech, they feared he would have difficulty enunciating – causing panicked Dems to add a lovable stutterer who couldn’t recite the letter “A” without skipping over it 5 times. But somehow Joe avoided that fate. But How?

Performance Drugs
Did Joe have help? Are there drugs which cause higher brain function? Dr. Giurgea coined “nootropic” – Greek for mind (nous) + bend (trepein), or “mind bender.” He outlined several specific qualities for nootropic drugs. It should Enhance memory; Improve behavior under stress; Shield brain from injury by physical or chemical means; Improve tonic cortical/subcortical control mechanisms; Demonstrate a low toxicity and side-effect profile. These drugs include: L-theanine, Racetams, Creatine, Donepezil, Axura, Ritalin and Adderall.

Tech for Better Performance?
Is there a cutting edge, highly secret super-pill allowing demented persons to suddenly shine? Scientists sought such a potion for years. But a perhaps more promising direction is “Transhumanism” – building high-tech replacements for aging human organs. In addition, new regrown human organs are in production. Most promising are electronic upgrades implanted for such needs as memory, hearing, sight and other cognitive improvements.

Forbes magazine describes such tech implants: “Both wearable and implantable brain-machine interfaces (BMIs) are in development from organizations that include Elon Musk’s Neuralink, Facebook, and DARPA. These devices will dramatically alter how we communicate with each other, as well as digital devices.” Is it possible Joe Biden, an almost moribund political candidate, is being revived as you read this by high tech implants?

Let’s review. A. Joe Biden is mentally incapable of normal interraction. B. Biden can’t win if he fails at a successful live debate with Prez Trump. C. Drugs exist to improve performance under stress, which Biden probably used during his Convention Speech. D. Undetectable high tech implants are available to radically improve human performance. E. If Dems falsified a 3 year Trump “investigation” – would they use drugs & high tech to win a presidential election? The question answers itself.

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