How the Democrats Will Cancel Your Vote & Steal The Election

Meanwhile, the name of Michelle Obama’s ‘When We All Vote’ initiative should be changed to ‘When We All Steal The Vote’

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How the Democrats Will Cancel Your Vote & Steal The Election

In the most vengeful “Get-Even” political move of all time, the Democrats are ready to cancel out what is destined to be the landslide reelection of President Donald Trump—within days of the November 3rd 2020 Election.

This is not a theory or guesstimate, it’s a tragic fact waiting to descend upon America.

Democrats, who with the media, big tech, Hollywood and the Entertainment Industry,  worked for four years running, trying to hamstring President Donald Trump’s every move,  are no longer trying to get even with just the president—but everyone who voted for him in 2016 and will again in November.

The Democrats and media will do anything possible to avoid the joy of election night

“An analytics firm bankrolled by billionaire Michael Bloomberg is predicting that while President Trump will appear to win on November 3, Democrat Joe Biden will actually win the election days later due to mail-in voting.” (Breitbart, Sept. 1, 2020)

“Josh Mendelsohn, the CEO of Hawkfish — funded by Bloomberg and currently working for various pro-Biden super PACs — told Axios that his firm predicts a “red mirage” where Trump wins on election day but Biden wins the election days later when mail-in votes are counted:

“The reason we talk about a red mirage is in fact because we believe that on election night, we are going to see Donald Trump in a stronger position than the reality actually is. We are sounding the alarm and saying that this is a very real possibility, that the data is going to show on election night an incredible victory for Donald Trump. That is likely to be what we see.”

The Democrats and media will do anything possible to avoid the joy of election night—something both failed to do in 2016.

“Mendelsohn claims it could take weeks before Trump’s election night victory is chipped away at by mail-in votes that will show Biden as the winner. (Breitbart)

Democrats no longer hide the fact that they intend to “chip away” at Trump’s win with mail-in votes showing Biden as the winner.

“This scenario by Bloomberg’s Hawkfish predicts Trump will win in a landslide on election night. Days later though, the firm says Biden will win the election thanks to mail-in voting. (Breitbart)

“Specifically, Hawkfish’s models predict that 4-in-10 voters this year will vote by mail. Electorally, Hawkfish’s models predict Trump could win 408 electoral votes on election night to Biden’s 130 if 15 percent of total mail-in votes are counted.

Your vote will be discounted as “a mirage”

“After 75 percent of mail-in votes are counted, days and potentially weeks later, Hawkfish’s models predict the race may flip to put Biden in the lead. This particular model has Biden with a blowout victory of 334 electoral votes to Trump’s 204.

“Mendelsohn said:

“When every legitimate vote is tallied and we get to that final day, which will be Sunday after election day, it will in fact show that what happened on election night was exactly that, a mirage. It looked like Donald Trump was in the lead and he fundamentally was not when every ballot gets counted..

In other words, your vote will be discounted as “a mirage” the Sunday after Election!

“Hawkfish’s claims come as a Democrat operative detailed large-scale mail-in voting fraud conducted for years by him and staff in states like New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and New York. Part of the operation includes rigging elections for Democrats through paying homeless voters off, taking advantage of the elderly, posing as registered voters, and printing up fake ballots. (Breitbart)

“Democrats have fought to implement universal mail-in voting, where every registered voter on state voter rolls is mailed a ballot unsolicited, though many efforts are being challenged in court.

“Last month, the Trump campaign filed suit against Nevada for their universal mail-in voting plans that would allow votes submitted after election day to count for the election. More than 223,000 mail-in ballots sent to registered voters in Las Vegas, Nevada, for their June primary bounced as “undeliverable” — 17 percent of the total 1,325,934 mail-in ballots that were sent out in the county.

“Currently, Democrats are fighting in Pennsylvania to ensure mail-in votes received after election day are counted.

“Primary elections held in crucial swing states like Wisconsin have revealed major issues with mail-in voting. Data from 11 cities in Wisconsin, published in May, shows that at least 30,000 mail-in votes were counted after election day.”

The Fix is In

The universal Mail-in-Vote for Election 2020 is the creation of the embittered Barack and Michelle Obama, via Michelle Obama’s so-called “NON-PARTISAN, non-profit ‘When We All Vote’ Initiative.

The Fix is In, with Joe Biden VP running mate Kamala Harris now in on the act.

“Sen. Kamala Harris (D-Calif.), running mate for Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden, made a brief appearance during the long-awaited “Verzuz” battle between singers Brandy and Monica this week.(MSN, Sept. 1, 2020)

“ © Twitter Kamala Harris pops in on Brandy and Monica’s ‘Verzuz’ battle: ‘You queens, you stars’

“I just wanted to thank you ladies, you queens, you stars. Thank you for doing this for When We All Vote. It’s so important for everyone. You both used your voice in such a powerful way, and an extension of our voices is our vote,” Harris said, referring to former first lady Michelle Obama’s voting initiative.”

The Democrats are pushing the Mail-In Vote under the cover of it being too dangerous to vote in person because of Covid-19.

“Recent data has not shown a compelling public health justification for mail-in voting. In Wisconsin’s April election, only 52 of more than 400,000 voters and poll workers were confirmed to have contracted the Chinese coronavirus. None of those cases were fatal. This equals an infection rate below two-hundredths of one percent.” (Breitbart)

Meanwhile, the name of Michelle Obama’s ‘When We All Vote’ initiative should be changed to ‘When We All Steal The Vote’.

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