Trump’s Growing Support Bridges The Left-Right Divide

A Trump loss is no big deal, just the end of Liberty in the free world. Masks up and lockdowns for everybody!

Mark Gray imageRe-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 8, 2020


Trump’s Growing Support Bridges The Left-Right Divide

“The unifying force behind Trump’s burgeoning support amid chaos and terror is an unshakeable commitment to the United States’ foundational principle: Freedom.”

The ongoing Marxist inspired Antifa/BLM riots have opened a lot of sleepy eyes to the looming and rapidly growing threat of unbridled government tyranny. Regular people, completely abandoned by Democrat leadership and painted as racist bigots by a malignant mainstream media, are abandoning the movement in droves in favour of President Trump’s Law and Order agenda.

Rioters are truly torching is the principle of Freedom

Burning businesses and buildings make for great media theatre but what the rioters are truly torching is the principle of Freedom, which becomes obvious when watching video of BLM and Antifa—elite supremacy movements—yell in diner’s faces or surround and threaten elderly people shuffling down the street. The aggressive onslaught has turned normal, freedom loving people off in a huge way.

The silver lining in the giant riot clouds is that the violence has finally exposed the true nature of governance in the western world, and it isn’t to be found in the standard Left-Right political paradigm.

Although President Trump frames his Democrat opponents as the “Left”, he has proven he sees the problem with politics from a different perspective. This quote from his 2017 inauguration speech serves to highlight this belief, “What truly matters is not which party controls our government, but whether our government is controlled by the people.”

When President Trump attacks the DC “Swamp”, he is referring to a system whereby the ruling class of both sides work to protect and promote their self proclaimed right to rule at the expense of all citizens.

The Left-Right Model Protects The Swamp

The Left-Right paradigm props up the notion that citizens are in control of their own destiny, that their desires will be honored by those in positions of power because the new rulers are on their “team”. This position ignores the fact that all living entities, including government, have a vested interest in self preservation. So, when each “new” government assumes power they not only gain the simple right to rule, they automatically inherit the accumulated trappings and power of all previous governments. “New” governments don’t start small, they begin their corpulent reign Govzilla sized.

Over time, this unrestrained growth of power and control consolidates the political class into a single-minded ruling class, commonly referred to as the “Swamp”, whose direct enemies are those who would restrict, reduce, or eliminate that near omnipotent power. Freedom, then, and the people who love and cherish it, are the dangerous problem needing extermination.

In effect, the Left-Right paradigm protects a horrifically corrupt political power distribution system from scrutiny and oversight by causing people to focus on “left-right” political differences rather than increasingly totalitarian governing realities.

Does this perspective make better sense of the incredible media and Democrat leadership support for the ongoing violent and deadly “race” riots?

Some see the growing number of ex-Democrats who plan to vote for President Trump as a sign that Trump’s Law and Order agenda has strong “bi-partisan” support. While it is true the support is there, its bi-partisan structure exists only in the Left-Right paradigm, and it deliberately hides a dangerous systemic issue.

The Left-Right Model “Divides And Conquers”

The issue of freedom isn’t so much bi-partisan as it is central to the founding of the United States of America as written in it’s glorious (and much ignored) Constitution. The freedom supporting First and Second Amendments grant speech and gun rights to the people so they can protect themselves from a corrupt and tyrannical ruling class, an unrelenting enemy the Founders knew would eventually make a play for absolute power.

The Left-Right model’s greatest success in its support for totalitarian control is the fact that it splits freedom loving patriots into opposing camps that despise each other. This leaves the principle of Freedom without a true home and whose support system is at war with itself.

How can a country defend freedom and liberty from totalitarian tyranny when its most vocal proponents are attacking each other? Well, considering the insane riots and delusional lockdown measures, it can’t, and Trump clearly understands this swampy reality.

Fortunately, millions of previously oblivious Americans are finally coming to terms with that truth as well and are shifting their support to Trump in a last-ditch effort to halt the unrelenting erosion of their rights and freedoms.

Trump will win the election, but might lose the Presidency

November 2020 will prove to be an existential election in that it will determine the direction of the United States for decades should Trump win, and longer should he lose.

The Democrats know Trump has not only retained and grown his unwavering Republican base but has expanded it to include freedom loving Democrats of every demographic. They know the President is poised to win a record number of Black and Latino votes. They know Trump is going to win the election in a landslide and that their only hope lay in an ugly campaign of delegitimization and voter fraud.

Joe and Kamala continue to hide from the American people and avoid the media as much as possible. They understand their woeful predicament and are content to mail in their campaign, a strategy which does fit nicely with their demand for an unsecure mail-in voting system.

The Democrats will push a continuous stream of electoral chaos and confusion with the goal of stealing the presidency through an unprecedented legal assault on the election results, as this is their only path to success.


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