Sunday Talks – Secretary Mike Pompeo Discusses Expanded Israeli Peace Agreements in Mideast…

U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo appears with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the expanding peace agreements in the middle-east between Israel and Arab nations.

The administration approach toward the assembly of a peace alliance has been an incredible result of the Trump Doctrine.  By changing the originating dynamic away from discussions of conflict; and focusing attention on the economic opportunities to improve the life of everyone in the region based on a prosperity model; the Trump administration has found a synergy, a common alignment, between all regional interests.

The assembly of the alliance, and the specific expectations from the original 2017 strategy toward confronting extremism, has yielded a result that can now be duplicated in the 2020 Abraham Accords.  The same regional peer pressure from the Gulf Cooperation Council, that resulted in the cessation of promoted extremism, is now being applied toward gathering ‘prosperity partnerships’.  President Trump changed the paradigm completely.


As the Palestinian Authority recognizes their Arab support base is now partnering with Israel for stability, peace and prosperity, the PA will eventually have to drop their hostile posture and return to the negotiating table with far less support.  This result is part of the bigger background picture; and once again President Trump is achieving this objective by working around the conflict itself.


♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought North and South Korea together away from the table of conflict. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy approach brought Serbia and Kosovo together away from the table of conflict. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy rallied the Gulf Cooperation Council to stop Qatar’s support for Islamic extremists via the Muslim Brotherhood. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Turkey and the Kurdish forces together away from war and conflict. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy created a ceasefire to stop the bloodshed in Syria. President Trump mediated a cessation of hostilities between India & Pakistan in the Kashmir region. ♦President Trump’s foreign policy brought Israel and the UAE together… and there will be more.

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