Why Trump is Justified & Right in Choosing a New Supreme Court Judge NOW

Sentimental Statements on “Honoring” Ginsberg are Misplaced

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 20, 2020


Why Trump is Justified & Right in Choosing a New Supreme Court Judge NOW

The battle to replace iconic 87-year-old Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg went white-hot as soon as she passed. Angry arguments against Trump’s immediate replacement now fill the airwaves. But Trump has a legal right to replace Ginsburg now. Since Democrats have gone native with proxies burning down half our cities, this is no time to lapse into sentimental blather about “honoring Ginsberg,” etc.

10 Reasons Why Trump MUST Replace Ginsberg Immediately

  1. Rules Allow Replacement

    Make no mistake, current rules regarding appointment of a supreme court justice ALLOW REPLACEMENT—even within months of a re-election. So it is LEGAL. See Section 2 of US Constitution.

  2. Stolen Years 

    Obscene Democrat lies falsifying charges against President Trump must now be punished. What better way than swift replacement of their leftist icon? Falsified “treason” before inauguration with the Russia “investigation” hasn’t been punished. Further, Dems still won’t cooperate, but doubled down with Ukraine “impeachment” while Biden’s son perversely profits from Ukrainian graft. Unpunished evil destroys a nation. Having stolen Trump’s reputation and subsequent opportunities, this alone justifies this legal act.  Replace Ginsburg NOW!!

  3. Ginsburg ‘Dying Wish’

    As Urban Folklore, claims Ginsburg made a dying wish days before death to wait for replacement is a crown jewel confabulation. Ginsburg supposedly whispered, “my most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed,” to granddaughter Clara Spera, a fellow at the American Civil Liberties Union. Anybody smell a rat?

  4. 2016 “Precedent”

    Despite apparent precedent, the Senate blocking Judge Merrick Garland’s vote is different. The Republicans then controlled the Senate under Obama, didn’t want Garland, so the vote would have been a waste of time since Supreme Court Justices are chosen by simple majority.

  1. What Dems Would Do

    Does anyone doubt if Dems had a chance to replace Kavenaugh they would not do so immediately?

  2. Ginsburg Hated Trump 

    Even wildly liberal WA Post termed Ginsburg’s intemperate Trump criticisms “Inappropriate.” Terming Trump a “faker.”  Ginsburg didn’t bother to hide her animus against POTUS, one reason she became the judicial superstar of the so-called “Resistance.” Ginsberg should have recused herself from any cases involving Trump. She finally appologized, but the damage was done. For reasons of her absurd public bias, Ginsburg should be replaced NOW.

  3. To Winner Goes Spoils

    Trump ran on a promise of replacing judges with true conservatives.

  4. Avoidable Conundrum

    As a frequent cancer victim, aged almost 90, Ginsburg could have retired during Obama’s tenure, but chose not to. Whose fault is that? Ginsburg caused this dilemma, tainting her legacy.

  5. Dems Already Destroying US

    Democrats have supported the protesters/rioters and still resist condemning them, despite $1 billion in insurance claims, arson, assaults and murders. Another liberal SCOTUS member is an existential danger when America is fighting off liberal anarchy.

  6. Fighting for Survival

    America is fighting for survival, while one party pushes for radical change—like allowing mob violence without punishment, to stop enforcing “quality of life” laws, pushing racial division, defunding police and using riots to scare the middle class into standing down.


As America’s future hangs in the balance, while the Democrat party has given up all semblance of honor or honesty, Trump has an absolute duty to replace Ginsburg now to save the Republic. 

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