The People President Versus The Paper President

It’s only a Paper World without the truthful eye of the television camera

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesSeptember 23, 2020


The People President Versus The Paper President

If you didn’t happen to watch President Donald Trump’s MAGA Rally in Ohio on Right Side Broadcasting (RSB) on Monday night, then you wouldn’t have seen the massive crowds who turned out to see and roundly cheer him on.

There were thousands upon thousands of people as far as the eye could see, but the media cameras couldn’t—or wouldn’t—turn around and pan the crowd.

That’s because the RSB is the only media outlet covering Trump rallies that turn its cameras on the enthusiastic crowds for viewers to see.

As Trump points out all other media, “including Fox”  never show their viewers the massive crowds.

On Monday he called the media out for turning their cameras off.

“Are you turning around?” Trump asked the media in attendance at Monday’s rally.

“These guys are bad people, I swear.

“They never turn the cameras around, ever.

“Turn them around!

“Turn them around!

“Look at them. (meaning the media).  They are like a bunch of stiffs.

“Real Stiffs.

“Why don’t you turn the cameras around for once?”

“You know, you look back there, you can’t see it.”

“It’s always tough.

“We go through this all the time.

“I go home. I say to the First lady, did you see that crowd we had tonight in Ohio?

“And she goes No.  No,  they just keep it on your face.

“That includes Fox.”

The bottom line: Trump is surrounded by real people, Biden by paper

The mainstream media don’t want viewers to see the love of the people for Donald Trump on display at any of his massive, “We-love-you!” rallies.  Instead they choose to spin the same propaganda and poison presented by the Democrats—that ‘EVERYONE hates Donald Trump!’

Yet it is the the size of the crowds of both Trump and Democrat Joe Biden that distinguishes them in the 2020 Election Campaign.

Even the leftist, Biden-for-President-Washington Post has commented on the differences between the styles of the Trump and Biden campaigns:

“As Biden has relied on a virtual campaign, Trump’s organization has knocked on 845,000 doors in North Carolina, some of the 6.1 million voter contacts the operation has made in the state.” (Washington Post, Sept. 22, 2020)

“The Trump team knocks on doors. Biden’s supporters dial phones.  Democrats have tried to replicate in-person contacts virtually, while Republicans have conducted a traditional campaign.”

The bottom line: Trump is surrounded by real people, Biden by paper—symbolically the mountain of paper that comes from paper mail-in votes and by people behind paper signs out on pillage, rioting, ransacking and burning down businesses and homes in Democrat-controlled cities.

Unfortunately, the propaganda of the media goes beyond the night of the rally events

You’ve been seeing the street mobs on the evening news every night for months, via the cameras of news site operatives who maintain a safe distance from the raging rioters. But the same cameras who turn up to cover presidential rallies are deliberately turned off—and never turned around to show the enthusiastic crowds.

Only Right Side Broadcasting turns their cameras to show the cheering throngs.

Unfortunately, the propaganda of the media goes beyond the night of the rally events.

Google Monday’s Trump rally in Ohio and you will find only media reports dating all the way back to 2015 with Trump being accused of lying about the news not showing the rally crowds.

Meanwhile, should the Mail-in Vote win the election for the Democrats, America will have elected a Paper President in Joe Biden, a Paper President, whose presidency is destined over time to be replaced by DNC-appointed President Kamala Harris because of his cognitive challenged abilities.

It’s only a Paper World without the truthful eye of the television camera

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