Trump Returns to the White House

How Dare He Recover 

Trump returned to the White House yesterday and I happened to be listening to CNN. I was not surprised to hear an anchor railing against the president. We all know that the Fake News will sharply criticize Trump no matter what he does, but when he caught the virus, I was dismayed to see so many on the left wishing for his death. Many ’news’ outlets had him in grave condition. Wishful thinking on their part.

The CNN anchor didn’t wish Trump’s demise, but he was very angry. I was busy drawing and thought I was listening to Jake Tapper, the failed cartoonist who now caricatures the news in an unctuous and sanctimonious tone. When I heard him say ‘bullshit’ live on the air followed by taking the Lord’s name in vain I was surprised. I didn’t think Jake would stoop so low as to start cussing. I looked up and discovered it wasn’t Tapper, but rather Chris Cuomo. “Oh, that explains it,” I thought. 

Trump handled the virus with aplomb. He rose above the negativity of the lowlife Deep State Marxist Swamp and walked back into the White House. 

—Ben Garrison

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