A Blue Wave Will Swamp The Nation. A Red Wave Will Right The Ship. A Trump Tsunami Will Cleanse The World

Perpetually apathetic non-voters are one untapped group that can turn a Red Wave into a Trump Tsunami

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Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By Mark Gray —— Bio and ArchivesOctober 8, 2020

A Trump Tsunami Will Cleanse The World

The final weeks of the US Presidential campaign are certain to be an emotional roller coaster because if Fake News exists, and it does, it will burst into even greater panic as it’s persuasive capability plummets. Its increasingly shrill, illogical, and totalitarian messaging will thankfully find fewer and fewer friendly ears. Sure, they’ve managed to make a huge mess of 2020, but payback for the intellectually corrupt media will begin November 4, and it will be brutal.

Forget about polls showing Biden well out in front. Numerous polls prior to the 2016 Presidential election had the chance of Hillary winning at over 90%. It is amazing that the pollsters who proved themselves Fake, or at minimum, grossly incompetent still exist today and worse, are still treated as respectable sources of “information”.  It’s another testament to the power that Fake News wields.

The polls are as irrelevant today as they were then, and you can safely ignore them as another baseless emotional tactic. Instead, if you want to get a feel for which direction the political winds are blowing, find away around the media to see what people themselves are doing because the Trump’s support is bursting at the seams.

The #WalkAway Movement

Former liberal Brandon Straka’s #WalkAway movement serves as a case in point. Social media is rife with videos of long time Democrats walking away from the ideologically driven divisiveness and hatred embodied by the progressive Fake News media/political establishment. The Red Wave is real and growing.

The corrupt establishment has been dividing people into victim groups for decades, and once there, they have successfully converted their victimization into votes. However, those votes have NOT translated into better lives, instead delivering decades of poverty and misery, which itself becomes proof of further victimization. This cycle has repeated for decades.

However, more and more women, blacks, Latinos, LGBT and others are tired of waiting for promises to be fulfilled and are waking to the fact that each group’s victim status is more important to those in power than the people in the group are. They’re awake, they’re done, and they are never going back.

Voting Blocks

The press loves to talk voting blocks and have a habit of treating everyone in those blocks as if they share the same brain cell. It allows them to feed the news cycle with analytical opinions that just happen to support their ideological desires.

The impact of education, colour, orientation, and the like can all be tossed this election. Those subgroups are not monolithic in nature and are only treated as such by those who need to feed a narrative. So, we’ll skip subgroups for now to focus on the three biggest voting blocks; partisans, independents, and the largest of them all, the apathetic who typically do not vote.https://lockerdome.com/lad/11136804967644006?pubid=ld-11136804967644006-671&pubo=https%3A%2F%2Fcanadafreepress.com&rid=canadafreepress.com&width=336

The impact of draconian government COVID-19 responses and the manufactured “race” riots will be felt at the ballot box

Partisans are people who can be counted to vote along ideological or party lines, regardless of pretty much every other consideration. They’ve chosen a team and are sticking with it come hell or high water.

Independents are those who prefer to vote for policy and people and will switch sides depending on whose plans they feel best serve their interests. All truly undecided voters fall into this category.

The Apathetic have, for whatever reason, chosen to withdraw from the electoral process completely. This group is massive, historically coming in around 40 to 50 percent of the voting population.
Of course, it makes zero sense for political parties to woo people who have no desire to vote, so this group is entirely ignored.

The impact of draconian government COVID-19 responses and the manufactured “race” riots will be felt at the ballot box, and what follows is the logical supposition that spells doom for Fake News and the corrupt cabal they serve.

For the most part, it makes sense that Libertarians fall into the Independent voting block, ready to help elect those who will respect their commitment to the principles they value most, freedom and liberty.

Its safe to assume that a large number of Libertarians can’t in good conscience vote for a party continually threatening to lock them down or allow their businesses and neighbourhoods to be destroyed by rioters. It is doubtful they will accept the vile subjugation of their most cherished beliefs, so this group is likely to swing hard towards President Trump. https://e35a34d1bee93a4492423c93235e3958.safeframe.googlesyndication.com/safeframe/1-0-37/html/container.html

The Apathetic Stir?

I surmise there exists among the large group of Apathetic a significant proportion of “Independents” who don’t vote because they’ve decided it makes little difference in which party is running the show. They prefer to focus on improving their lives within whatever political framework is presented to them, simply doing their best to insulate themselves from overarching governance.

However, 2020 is not your normal election year because of the COVID response that destroyed jobs, businesses, and the economy plus the continuing riots that looted business, razed neighbourhoods, and killed Americans. The Apathetic’s somewhat detached, withdrawn lifestyle is now at great risk so many will re-evaluate their voting habits.

They will look for a meaningful difference in electoral choices and they will find it in President Trump, the outsider who has thankfully broken all the political rules. They will see the totalitarian future that the lockdown and riot supporting Democrat’s are determined to deliver and they will compare it to message of hope and freedom that Trump espouses, and some will be motivated to vote.

Over 130 million Americans voted in the 2016 Presidential election, meaning nearly 100 million eligible voters didn’t.

If only 5% of the Apathetic are disturbed enough by what they’ve witnessed this year to vote, it will likely add another 4 to 5 million to Trump’s vote totals. Considering the large numbers of #WalkAway and independent voters already prepared to vote for Trump, adding another 5 million votes to the Red Wave will turn it into a Trump Tsunami.

More COVID-19 is Fake News Evidence

The reaction to Trump’s Walter Reed trip and subsequent “don’t fear the COVID” message has been beautiful to watch, and for those who know how Fake News works, completely expected.

Those most appalled with Trump’s post COVID cure are those who’ve swallowed and believe Fake News’ “we’re all gonna die” narrative. As their beliefs defy reality, reality and those like President Trump who stick to it, become an existential enemy to their worldview. Hence, the panicked, vituperative hatred launched in defense of their beliefs.

For the media who’ve promoted the “we’re all gonna die” narrative, news of Trump’s alleged quick cure is an existential problem. The entire COVID response is predicated on a single pillar of deceit, the scientific models that projected terrifying death totals. Everything that followed in response also rests on this single deceit.

Trump’s post COVID actions directly threaten that pillar, which means he threatens the entire COVID narrative and the media/political establishment that promoted it. Fake News is staring at their own destruction, and they know it, which is why they’re so frantically trying to discredit him.

It won’t work, and when the Trump Tsunami recedes, among the detritus washed away will be the Fake News propagandists. Even better, it will expose the staggering scale of the global Deep State and then maybe, just maybe, we can cleanse the world of its tyrannical evil and allow a new, free world to emerge from the COVID chrysalis.

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