Massive Crowds Line California Streets Cheering for President Trump…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on October 19, 2020 by sundance

Momentum is building… all across social media platforms the MAGA movement is pushing back against censorship… Massive boat parades; incredible vehicle parades; both replete with flags and banners supporting our President.   Yard signs are now going out in force and the MAGA gear is visible everywhere.  In the past week the latest viral platform videos are of Trump dancing, Trumpy dance and Tik Tok duets.  Good stuff.

The biggest single attribute connecting all of these visible events is joy, fellowship and the visible spirit of a patriotic movement happy to stand with President Trump.   Tens-of-thousands for rallies and events; and even surrogates for President Trump are drawing exponentially larger crowds than the democrat candidate.   The monster vote is HERE:

We have the best candidate. We have the best message. Our movement color-blind is optimistic and filled with patriotic joy. Massive numbers of Latinos; massive numbers of blacks; massive numbers of young voters; we got this. Our opposition is shallow, reliant upon astroturf and media manipulation. Ignore the narrative engineers and join in fellowship. Live your best life.


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