Elections Are Won by Those Who Count Votes – not by those who Vote

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 2, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

QUESTION: You have said this will be the most corrupt election in history. Do you care to elaborate on that?


ANSWER: We may not know for some time. But the real threat will be not that China or Russia hack into the election, for both understand what is at stake. They would want Trump to win for that would secure peace. A Biden victory will hand the power of the United States over to a room full of plotters who are behind the lockdowns and the deliberate destruction of the world economy to force people to accept, as in London, a Guaranteed Basic Income of 80-% of your former salary. Once you are on public assistance, then you need only look to Australia. They will then require vaccines and the refusal will be you are cut off from all income.

That all said, the greatest threat we have is that the CIA and NSA will actually hack the election to ensure a Biden victory. If he wins, you can bet that is what took place. They will hack the electronic voting on November 3rd for that is when most Republicans will vote. Let’s see. They would only need to hack the swing states – not every state.

Make no mistake about it. We could have had voted by computer app which would have so easily been verified instantly and only those with active income tax filings would have been allowed to vote. It was Joseph Stalin who said it best – the outcome is not determined by the people voting, but by those who count the votes.

I pray they do not go that far. They have already been very active with Big Tech and the media all on board. It is like Trump is surrounded and outnumbered 10:1. Nevertheless, our computer, which has never been wrong, projects Trump to be the winner. If that does not pan out, then eventually this election will be looked back upon as stolen. Even in Australia, there are more bets on the US election than on all other sports combined.

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