President Trump Urges Protestors to Remain Peaceful, No Violence

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 6, 2021 by Sundance

Frustrations have boiled over into direct confrontation with DC authorities. As people have stormed the capitol building, President Trump is urging all the DC protestors to remain calm and non violent:

Obviously, the contrast between how media covered the BLM and “resistance” riots in Washington DC for the past 4 years, as compared to today, is quite remarkable.  Today the hundreds of thousands of protestors in DC are being outlined as domestic terrorists; and the DC mayor has initiated a curfew.

As people have become increasingly frustrated with how politicians and bureaucrats have disconnected themselves from the voices of the American electorate there was likely to be a confrontation.  That overwhelming anger has surfaced in these events today.

It is also widely reported that agents provocateur associated with Antifa and BlackBloc infiltrated the crowd to stir up trouble and create the impression of violent Trump supporters.  A false flag operation with intent to cloud/marginalize protestors.

The American people are suffering through more than just brutal evidence of election fraud and the manipulation of mail-in ballots; we are also dealing with local and state officials who have used COVID-19 mitigation as a weapon to eliminate the livelihoods of the middle-class.

The combination of these events creates a “nothing to lose” mindset, and no-one is addressing the underlying issue.  What we are witnessing is the result of years of pent-up frustration carried by massive numbers of Americans toward the disconnected elitist class in Washington DC.   None of this should come as a surprise; yet DC will stand jaw agape.

A Dangerous Situation…

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