Ohio Focus Group, 77 Percent Like Trump More, 23 Percent Same Opinion, Zero Percent Like Less

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on January 14, 2021 by Sundance

Interesting information from a Cincinnati focus group discussing the post-riot and post-impeachment fallout following the January 6th Capitol Hill riot.

OHIO – […] “Hicks opened the night by asking the audience a few questions. Is their support for Trump increasing, decreasing or staying the same?

The mostly maskless audience used clickers to record their vote. On the big screen, a bar graphed flashed showing 77% of the 40 people there liked the president more in the past week; 23% had the same opinion. Not one had a lower opinion of the president.” (link)

The MAGA coalition is the most diverse, widest and deepest part of the entire American electorate. President Trump’s army consists of every creed, color, race, gender, ethnicity and orientation. It is a truly color-blind coalition of middle America patriots and middle-class voters that cuts through the political special interest groups.

Beyond the politics… this 74+ million vote assembly are consumers of products, goods and services generated by the same elites that hold them in contempt. If President Trump transfers and directs that energy, entities and even entire industries can be wiped out.

There is no precedent here. Seventy-four million angry Americans resolved to a common objective is not something to be trifled with.  The extreme actions taken by all of the social media tech oligarchs to control their platforms is a result of the need to control a large assembly of voices who can see the illegitimacy of JoeBama’s presidency.

We do not yet know where this current political crisis is going to end; but we do know that 74,000,000+ Americans will not accept the outcome of a political process transparently filled with fraud and manipulation. That makes President Trump a very dangerous entity to the DC system; thus, the intense efforts to ridicule, isolate and marginalize.

There is no reference point for 74+ million Americans being disenfranchised by Wall Street, bribery, corporations, media and big tech. That 74+ million person army is fuel for a stunning and cataclysmic shift in the American landscape.

The Republican wing of the UniParty vulture has destroyed itself…  Things will never go back to the place they were before.

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