More Fake Hate – Black Leftist College Student Admits to Drawing Racist Graffiti to Stir up Racial Strife and Enhance Racial Animosity

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 8, 2021 | Sundance | 160 Comments

Fake hate crimes are seemingly more prevalent than actual hate crimes now as victimhood is a currency for glorification.  A BLACK student at Albion College in Michigan now admits to writing racist graffiti.   The school previously launched an investigation and contacted the FBI for assistance.

With the Fake Hate exposed, now the school is downplaying the events in a misguided, politically correct effort to heal the student body. “College officials are encouraging members of the community to care for one another and lean on faculty, staff and community members who are supporting them.”  In other words, stand in your safe space because the need for your safe space is important, even though the need for your safe space was false.

ALBION, MI — Albion College and the Albion Department of Public Safety say a student is responsible for racist graffiti found in a dorm last weekend.

Albion police brought the 21-year-old Black male in for questioning on April 6, according to Chief Scott Kipp. The student admitted to creating most of the graffiti, and video evidence from Albion’s Campus Safety Department confirms the statements made by the student, Kipp said.  (read more)

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