Are Politics Doomed?


Dear Mr. Armstrong,

You are writing: “Donald Trump is the symptom, not the cause”

He is a unique personality. I am a structural engineer and work with micro Trumps. Maybe such people choose the profession as building contractors. The similarities are stunning.

To get Donald Trump, you must have one.

We here in Germany don´t have such a personality. It is really interesting, what follows after Angela Merkel.



ANSWER: You are very correct. Those in the construction field do have a different culture than most others. Dealing with contractors and just trying to get them to show up when they promised is an impossible challenge. It might be easier to balance the national debt.

I wonder myself what we are going to face. I used to sit down and have intelligent conversations with heads of state. Today, I am not sure that is even possible. The quality of politics has declined like a bear market. CNN has totally forgotten that the President of the United States is an “institution” and not a person. They have reduced politics to a mud wrestling contest. I do not know anyone who would be qualified to be President who would dare to enter the ring after what CNN has done to Trump. The rumors is that his wife does not want to appear with him because she is torn apart for whatever she wears, says, or fails to do.


What comes after Angela Merkel will most likely be more authoritarian. America, we are burdened by the Puritan culture. The incident at the Superbowl when Justin Timberlake appears to deliberately expose the breast of Janet Jackson sparked hearings on Capitol Hill. We have had people like the Vice President and former Attorney General Ashcroft cover up bronze statues of Justice because her breasts are bear. Just about every fountain in Rome has some image of bare breasts. If the Trivia Fountain were in Washington, they would cover it up with a tarp and hold hearings for months.

I had a friend who is a policeman and he applied for an elite squad. They wanted a list of every girlfriend he had back into high school. Who can remember every name that far back?

The future of politics looks to be very grim. The press in America has destroyed the office of the President. What comes after Trump can ONLY now be a hand-picked bureaucrat who the press will support. Nobody else need apply.

Trump was elected because the faith in government is collapsing. It will NEVER go back to what it was — respectful. What comes after Trump looks to be an attempt by the press and political class to take the country back from the people. This will most likely result in a wave of a rising civil unrest and ultimately the breakup of the United States. We will see similar trends in Canada and Europe

Clinton Says He Would Not Be Elected Today


Bill Clinton came out with a shot against Trump saying he would not be elected today BECAUSE he does not like insulting people as Trump does. It seems to me that the press is all over Trump for having sex with a porn star years ago, which was obviously consensual. The press seems to have no problem with Clinton having an affair with staff while he was married no less. Sure, women marry their boss or they meet someone at work. That is fairly common. But having an affair with an intern rather than a real romantic relationship is something altogether different. Not sure why he walks on water. That would be an issue in today’s environment that would prevent election

A Piece Of Cake

Published on Jun 6, 2018

The Supreme Court has ruled on the wedding cake issue… but it’s not the ruling that anybody expected. What does this mean? Want even more Right Angle each week? Become a member at! Right Angle is brought to you by the paying members of and by donations from viewers like you! Show your support by making a donation at:


Does Religion Also Decline with the Confidence in Government?


As we head into the end of this Economic Confidence Model Wave in 2032.95, there are many trends in motions. One of those trends is the decline in religious beliefs and the preparation for a change that historically comes with such monumental economic shifts. A signal of this is how the Irish voters overwhelmingly backed repealing a decades-old constitutional ban on abortion. This is shocking in a country that was historically religious, but also how the monasteries of Ireland survived the barbarian invasions and they effectively helped to save the world of knowledge and rekindled the Age of Enlightenment from the Dark Ages. In other words, the monasteries preserved books that were destroyed by the barbarians and thus saved civilization.

This is a sweeping cultural change and a move away from the nation’s conservative Catholic roots. We are seeing this trend worldwide in the Christain World. Attendance at churches of various denominations has been steadily declining for decades. Other studies disagree with polls taken asking people if they attend church. When asked, 40% of Americans say of course they attend church. But other studies put the real attendance at only 20%.

Even looking at the evangelical church, attendance from 1972 had grown from 18% of the population to its all-time high at 30% in 1993. The Evangelicals have declined less and are hovering around the 25% are generally. Even in Poland, which is also a traditionally religious country, Church attendance has declined slightly. Church attendance, according to Roman Catholic Church Statistics Institute, stands around 37% in Poland regularly go to Sunday Mass, but even here this has dropped from 40% just in 2015.

Catholics account for 17.7% of the world population and it has been increasing, but only in the third world namely Africa, South America, and ins Asia. There is a difference between the developed world where religion is declining and the third world where it has been rising. Some say that the third world prays for a better life and the developed world forgets religion when they attain it.

It seems as though there is a correlation between the decline in confidence in government as well as religion. Historically, you may have to hit rock-bottom for the cycle to turn back upward again. Of course, the real Christian persecutions took place during the 3rd century when Rome was collapsing. People were praying to their gods and nothing was happening. They blamed the Christians for disrespecting their gods which made them angry. Eventually, as people lost faith in government, they also sought a new religion. I have no idea if there is something to actually replace the current religious mix of Christianity, Judaism, Buddhism, or Islamic. Perhaps it is a shift between these belief systems. Further study will be necessary to answer that question.

The World According to Kendrick Lamar

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Santa Fe High School Shooting – Nine Dead – Student Suspect Arrested…

•At least 9 people killed Friday morning in gunfire at Santa Fe High School. •30 miles south of Houston, Texas. •Area hospitals reported at least a dozen others were injured. •Police arrested a student suspect and detained a second person. •Victims include students and staff. •The attacker was armed with an AR-15-style rifle, a pistol, a shotgun and pipe bombs. •Police:Evidently this guy threw pipe bombs all in there. We don’t know if any of them went off.” •First reports of the shooting came in around 7:45 a.m (local). •School police officer engaged attacker, wounded, shot in shoulder.

•Shooter identified as: 17-year-old Dimitrios (Dimitri) Pagourtzis. •High School junior class. •Member of Greek orthodox church. •Social media profile deleted. •Pictures HerePictures Here

KHOU – Local Media LinkCRHON: Houston Chronicle Media Link

Dinesh D’Souza: The Most Cunning Sleight of Hand Ever Performed in American History

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