Easter Bunny Comforts POTUS

Armstrong Economics Blog/North America Re-Posted Apr 20, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

The President of the United States needed the Easter Bunny to prevent him from putting his foot in his mouth. You read that correctly. Biden began rambling about Pakistan and Afghanistan when the EASTER BUNNY strategically whisked him away. “Ooh, Mr. President — the Easter Bunny!” a bystander shouted at one of the most powerful men in the world.

This video is not humorous. You can see in the second half of the video that the large rabbit had to physically wave its hands in front of the president to redirect his attention. That rabbit would be better at running the nation than Biden, whose declining mental state is a threat to US national security.

Perhaps Psaki or another handler should wear the Easter Bunny outfit to all of Biden’s public engagements. This man almost started a war between the US and Russia weeks ago when he said Putin needed to be removed from office. His handlers can only control him for so long before his last lingering supporters finally understand that he is not capable of representing the American people and his own party turns on him.

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