Comey’s black Eyes

“Comey Doesn’t Realize What Just Hit Him”

James Comey now claims he is vindicated by the newly released Inspector General’s Report.

I wasn’t surprised, because Michael Horowitz is part of the Deep State. He did deliver a few punches that landed on Comey, but then he recommend against prosecution.

Nothing was political according to the Inspector General.

Nothing is political yet everything is political with the left.

Comey simply made a bunch of mistakes such as leaking classified material, but pay no mind to that…he’s only human. We all make mistakes.

Roger Stone made a human mistake. It’s called a slip of memory. He was surrounded early in the morning by an FBI swat team. Now the Deep State wants to send him to jail for life. Even though it was for a case that proved no Russia Collusion whatsoever. Yet Hillary and the Deep State want Stone in prison. Does that sound like equal justice?

The left-leaning fake news mass media were all claiming victory after the release of the IG Report. They think they won the fight even though it did deliver a few black eyes to the FBI.

Taxpayers had to pay nearly $50 million for Mueller’s investigation, which proved a colossal waste of time and money. Many in the FBI lied to the FISA court judges in order to give legs to the Russia collusion farce. Hillary paid for the Steele Dossier; a pack of lies made up by Russian ‘sources.’

Hillary colluded with Russia to thwart a lawfully elected president. They also lied to make sure the Trump campaign was spied upon. All roads lead to Obama on that one.

William Barr and John Durham both disagree with Horowitz’s conclusions and that’s encouraging.

Contrary to what the Inspector General determined, the Russia Investigation was NOT justified. It’s time for Barr and Durham to go after the criminals behind the attempted coup. Let’s start draining that swamp!

—Ben Garrison

Guyana & the Future

QUESTION: Hi Martin, thanks for including little Guyana in your blog today. I was born in Canada, but my parents emigrated from Guyana decades ago. I haven’t been back yet. Nevertheless, I am eager to see great things become of the country, have been tracking the oil industry developments there, and am invested in it as well. I want to see this country elevate out of poverty as a result of all of this but I am concerned about lack of strong and moral leadership and corruption. If you don’t mind me asking, what makes you so confident that democracy will rule out? Growth is growth, but all we have to do is look across the pond to Africa to see the mix of growth and corruption!
Thanks as always sir – your teachings and insights have reshaped me many times over.
Regards, D

ANSWER: I am not certain that Guyana will be the perfect democracy. South America has historically had a problem with corruption in government. The US sanctions against Venezuela are really stupid. The economy was turning down dramatically and the government has done everything possible against the people. The US sanctions merely give people an excuse to point to the US as the cause of the economic decline despite the fact that the sanctions were put on in response to the events and not before them. I am opposed to sanctions anyhow because they never seem to work. They boosted the support for Putin instead of causing the people to blame Putin. This is really brain dead.

Nevertheless, simply because you can invest in Guyana is a major difference in comparison to Venezuela. There will be corruption. That seems to be systemic in South/Latin America, but it is also a rising problem globally. Hopefully, they will still keep the free market as long as they get their fair share under the table unlike Venezuela. We have added the currency to Socrates.

Manipulating the World Economy – COMING SOON

“Manipulating the World Economy” has been printed and shipped to Amazon. We are hoping to have the links up for Christmas. I have tried to make this an interesting textbook on the world economy and how it functions. Every page of this hardcover book is printed in full color. I have illustrated everything I could get my hands on, including old newspaper articles from contemporary events, so you can read what I read. This illustrates the problems we have with governments and how they have lost control of events going forward.


I have tried to cover all the important subjects such as economic theories, Philips’ curve, supply & demand, random walks, defining what is really money, banks and their role in the creation of money, capital flows that overpower domestic policy objectives, taxation, a history of contagions, Modern Monetary Theory, and class warfare – among many more subjects.

These hardbound, full color books will make great Christmas gifts. They will be priced under $100.

(Click on any image above to enlarge)

We will let everyone know the moment they go on sale in Amazon.

USMCA Gains Bipartisan Support in House – Senate Leader Mitch Jinping Says Not-so-Fast, Impeachment First…

It’s funny to watch this transparently predictable stuff play out in real time.

After Pelosi gives the nod for USMCA ratification in the House, Senate Leader Mitch McConnell declares he will not allow Senate support until he extracts his impeachment indulgency fees.

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday the U.S. Senate would not take up the USMCA trade deal next week before congressional recess.

The Republican leader said that trade deal likely will come up in the Senate after the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. McConnell said the Senate does hope to tackle the defense and spending bills next week. (link)

Too funny…. and way too predictable.

Now, if you are wondering what the heck is going on, it might be worthwhile to remember the question CTH presented about this dynamic last week:

“So what will the White House need to give McConnell… or what will McConnell’s ask be, in order to protect the office of the president?  Here’s where you have to remember Tom Donohue and the Wall St priorities.

McConnell (subtext Donohue) would prefer the confrontation with China be eliminated and the tariffs dropped.  Is that too big an “ask”?  Would the White House sell/trade McConnell a China deal for better impeachment terms?

All of these are questions worth pondering now, because there’s no doubt they are being discussed amid those in DC sitting on the comfy Corinthian wing-backs and gleefully rubbing their hands around a well polished mahogany table” (read more)

Majority Leader McConnell is not about to lose the opportunity to gain his traditional indulgence fees for his legislative work.  Passing the USMCA before the Senate trail of President Trump would be giving up leverage.  It would be akin to working for free.

Both China and Wall Street have been pouring money into K-Street lobbyists.  There’s a boatload of extraction available before any Senator should be forced to take a final position. Slow down there cowboy, the check-writers are lined up at the doors.

First, delaying USMCA benefits China.  Beijing has invested heavily in Mitch McConnell and that level of alignment needs to be carefully navigated.

Second, passage of the USMCA hurts the Wall Street multinationals.  Those multinational corporations have paid the legislative brokers, K-Street lobbyists, to defend their interests. The multinationals who were ignoring President Trump’s multiple warnings, likely need more time to reposition their assets.

Third, the Wall Street hedgefunds have also paid K-Street.  If USMCA assists the decoupling from China (it does), those hedgefunds need time to extract their financial position from the Stock Market.   **nudge/nudge, wink/wink** We’re talking “folding money” here. Trillions at stake.  If you’re in the market… position yourself accordingly.

All of these trade opportunities are tied together.  The impeachment effort is the Alamo for a global financial network.   Imagine how much money McConnell can make from each of these issues?  (1) Impeachment is worth billions. (2) USMCA is worth billions.  (3)U.S-China is worth billions.  McConnell cannot move quickly without giving up some major financial opportunities. Slowing it all down makes it easier to indulge.

Each of the three issues above is worth some major cash; each must be taken individually.

….You give me the impeachment rules, and you can take the budget and trade checks, deal?….

James Wallner@jiwallner

“If McConnell and Schumer can’t secure a deal, that leaves two backup options: passing GOP-only rules, which some Republicans say they are willing to do, or a free-for-all on the Senate floor where whatever can get 51 votes is adopted.” 

Senate braces for brawl on Trump impeachment rules

Senators are bracing for a partisan brawl over the rules of President Trump’s looming impeachment trial.

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Leader McConnell


It was my pleasure to meet today with @NathanLawKC, a Hong Kong activist and member of a new generation of aspirational leaders continuing Hong Kong’s fight for freedom and autonomy. The United States is proud to stand with them.

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Full Interview – AG Bill Barr Discusses IG Report and FBI Institutional Issues With Political Corruption…

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr has sent the totality of the U.S. media into spasmodic fits of apoplexy today as he discusses the findings of the DOJ inspector general review of a highly corrupted FISA process.

The Attorney General talks about how the FBI weaponized their official duty in an effort to carry out what seems to be a political agenda.  Mr. Barr goes into detail with his thoughts on the current criminal review assigned to U.S. Attorney John Durham; and the unfortunate issues with a group at the top of the organization who politicized the FBI as an investigative agency and used an alliance of media assets to achieve political goals.


Many people are writing and asking for my personal opinion of AG Bill Barr. I shall provide that below.


Thoughts: Leading up to the trial of George Zimmerman he had two attorneys: Mark O’Mara and Don West. Don West was the deliberate and angered attorney who was rightly furious over how a completely false case was assembled against his client. The entire CTH community agreed on the value of Don West.

(Left to Right) Mark O’Mara, Don West, Mark Geragos.

However, Don West wasn’t the lead attorney… there was another, Mark O’Mara.

Mr. O’Mara gave the intentional impression of being above it all, elevated above the politics, and affable to the groups who wanted to hang Zimmerman in the town square and also understandable toward the defenders of Zimmerman who recognized the rail-roading.

O’Mara became a Rosetta stone. Some Zimmerman supporters saw O’Mara as self-serving, duplicitous, cunning (not in a good way) and essentially deceiving his client by not trying to be assertive in defense. Others saw O’Mara as smart, prudent and staying above the fray to be more influential toward the benefit of his client amid circles of media opposition.

The strong differences of opinion over O’Mara were fought on the pages of CTH for over a year. Pro-O’Mara and Anti-O’Mara we both good groups of people; excellent and passionate people; but each saw Mark O’Mara in a different way.

Personally I did not see Mark O’Mara in a good light. I predicted his positioning was to gain a lucrative media gig at the conclusion of a fraudulent trial. [He took a CNN contract within three weeks of trial ending]  But more important than that recognition of selfish sensibility was the evidence.

The evidence was overwhelming (at least to CTH in 2012) that Witness #8, Rachel Jeantel, was an imposter.

The anonymous Witness #8 was the only reason the State of Florida could get an arrest. Witness #8 was also manufactured by the corrupt Scheme Team of Trayvon’s family.

Completely made up.

Incredibly the corrupt State of FL prosecution team consisting of SAO Angela Corey and Bernie De La Rionda went along with a criminally corrupt prosecution using evidence they knew was manufactured.

If we knew the manufacturing of evidence to be true… demonstrably and provably true.. well, Don West and Mark O’Mara certainly knew it to be true.

Yet Mark O’Mara did nothing about it… EVER. O’Mara knew the state had manufactured evidence. O’Mara Explicitly knew his client was being railroaded by a criminal enterprise carried out by the State of Florida and Trayvon Martin Family. And Mark O’Mara never brought it up before, during, or even after the trial… Not once.

Attorney Mark O’Mara won the case because the case itself was a fraud. However, the “case” never should have gone to trial. In my passionately frustrated opinion O’Mara should have called out the fraud and defended his client by avoiding the ridiculous trial.

[NOTE: Seven years later, with Witness #8 admitting to the fraud, George Zimmerman is rightly suing all of those who participated.]

Why do I bring up this example?

Because in my opinion, having watched nine months of his professional effort, right now the metaphor is: Bill Barr is Mark O’Mara, the U.S. Constitution is George Zimmerman, and we’re about to go to trial again.