Tucker Carlson Discusses the Elizabeth Warren Factor Inside the Biden Economy, Ultimately This was the Price of Her Endorsement in 2020

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Tucker Carlson accurately puts the spotlight on former presidential candidate, Senator Elizabeth Warren, as he outlines the destructive nature of the Joe Biden economic and energy policies.  Warren is an academic. Everything Warren has created and advocated comes from theory and academics.  Senator Warren has never built anything, created anything, or worked on a system to contribute anything.  Elizabeth Warren is 100% an academic and activist wonk, just like Barack Obama.

Tucker is right to focus on Warren because as we have outlined previously, control over energy policy and economic influence was the price candidate Warren demanded in 2020 for going along with the plan to install Joe Biden.  Her endorsement came with the demand that she be allowed to take her energy and economic theories and put them into actual economic policy for the Biden administration.  Tucker’s the first person I have seen to connect the two.  WATCH:


In order to keep control over the literal application of her theory, Warren had demands for the businesses and companies that operate within the economy.  That’s why she is desperate to build mechanisms inside government policy where approvals and/or disapprovals take place.   Tucker got this monologue correct.

President Trump Delivers Remarks During NRA Convention

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 27, 2022 | Sundance 

President Trump speaks today at the NRA Institute for Legislative Action Leadership Forum. Other speakers include Gov. Greg Abbott, State Sens. Ted Cruz and John Cornyn.  Against the backdrop of the Uvalde school shooting, those who seek to eliminate the second amendment are targeting the NRA convention in Texas.   President Trump remarks ongoing at 6:00pm ET.

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Texas DPS Admit it was Wrong Decision Not to Confront Active School Shooter

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Earlier today, during a press conference the Director of Texas DPS, Steven McCraw, admitted the obvious. It was the “wrong decision” for responding police officers not to go into the Uvalde school classroom where the active shooting suspect was located.   The decision to wait was made by the local police chief.   WATCH:


Full Press Conference Below.


Jury Deliberating in Michael Sussmann Trial, Judge Cooper Proactively Announces Will Not Read the Verdict Until Tuesday

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Closing arguments have wrapped up in the trial of former Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann. The jury is now deliberating.  In an unusual twist, trial Judge Christopher Cooper said if a verdict arrives today, he will withhold reading the outcome until Tuesday due to prior commitments.

Despite the evidence that Michael Sussmann lied to FBI officials about the reason for him bringing the Clinton campaign manufactured false information about a Trump-Russia connection via Alfa-Bank in Trump Tower, it is highly unlikely Sussmann will be found guilty.  The reason is simply that regardless of whether he told FBI officials the material came from Hillary Clinton’s campaign; the FBI knew Sussmann was an operative of Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  It’s an issue of materiality.

Top leadership at the FBI concealed Sussmann as the Alfa-Bank source from the FBI investigators who were given the information.  Whether Sussmann lied about bringing the false evidence on behalf of the Clinton campaign was immaterial to how the evidence was handled.  Again, as CTH has said for the past two years, the background of Durham investigating the ‘outsiders’ is filled with pretending.  Even Andrew McCarthy, a defender of the institutions, outlined the FBI playing pretend as a “bad look.”

The New York Post has a solid article outlining all the pretending – “What we learned at the trial this week is that, notwithstanding Baker’s insistence that he believed Sussmann’s cover story, FBI headquarters officials fully realized they were acting on highly political information and took steps to conceal that fact.

First, a decision was made to treat Sussmann, the source, as a confidential informant. This was not done to protect Sussmann’s security. It was done to protect the FBI’s reputation. The informant pretext enabled headquarters to conceal Sussmann’s identity from the line agents in Chicago who were tasked to assess the Alfa-Bank information. 

As good investigators, the agents wanted to know the source of the information so they could assess the purveyor’s motive and thus the data’s likely reliability. They were frustrated and annoyed that headquarters would not identify the source and allow him to be interviewed. 

If they had been told Sussmann was behind the data, they would instantly have known that the information was political. As it was, they quickly concluded that the information was nonsense, that it did not come close to establishing a Trump-Kremlin communications channel, and that it probably came from someone with an anti-Trump agenda. 

Second, the headquarters effort to cover up Sussmann’s identity reached such absurd heights that the FBI itself made false statements in documenting the investigation. In the “electronic communication” by which the bureau opens cases, agents claimed that the information had come not from Sussmann, not even from a confidential source, but from … wait for it … the US Department of Justice. This was so ridiculous that, embarrassingly, none of the agents involved could explain how that happened. 

Third, the FBI’s brass was so hot to nail Trump for supposedly being a clandestine agent of Russia that the line agents’ rejection of the evidence made no difference. “People on the 7th floor to include the Director are fired up about this server,” said headquarters agent Joe Pientka in a message to one of the Chicago agents. 

The 7th floor houses the suite of top executive offices at FBI headquarters, including that of Director Comey. When the Chicago cyber investigators found no basis for criminal charges, they were told to keep the case open as a counterintelligence matter. “Priestap says it’s not an option — we must do it,” admonished Pientka, referring to the bureau’s top counterintelligence official.   (read more)

The NY Post reaches the same conclusion CTH highlighted years ago.  “In fact, if Sussmann is acquitted, that will have a lot more to do with the bureau’s machinations than Sussmann’s innocence,” they write.

The DOJ, FBI and everyone associated with the information knew they were receiving opposition research from the Clinton campaign.  However, the FBI had to pretend they didn’t know in order to use the false information to start another Trump investigation.

The media were then told by the Clinton campaign that the FBI had the Alfa-Bank material under investigation, that FBI involvement gave the illusion of credibility. The media then asked the FBI if they did have an investigation of the material and wrote their articles accordingly.

The media articles carried additional weight because the suspicions existing connected to actual material within an FBI investigation gave the suspicions more credibility.

This is the exact same reason why several months later, March 2017, the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI), Vice-Chairman Mark Warner, told the SSCI security director James Wolfe to leak Carter Page FISA application to journalist Ali Watkins.  Same approach as Sussmann.

In 2016 Michael Sussmann wanted media articles verifying Donald Trump as an investigative target of the FBI to help Hillary Clinton.

In 2017 Mark Warner wanted media articles verifying Donald Trump’s campaign officials as investigative targets of the FBI to get a special counsel appointed.

In both examples the primary motive was to use the media to get an outcome.

Michael Sussmann was the delivery agent to the FBI so that the Perkins Coie law firm to lean on their media allies to spread the Trump-Russia collusion conspiracy.   Sussmann had a pre-existing relationship with FBI Counsel Jim Baker that would be useful for that purpose.  Hence, the origin of the contact that was argued in court.

It was the media angle that was more important to the Clinton campaign; the FBI angle was only to bolster the credibility of the Trump-Russia accusation, and the FBI were more than willing to use the material and try to help Hillary Clinton.

The entire media system knew along with everyone else inside and outside of government, that their efforts to create the Trump-Russia conspiracy and collusion narrative were based on fraudulent pretext manufactured by the Clinton campaign.

They all knew it.

They all acted collaboratively, and they all engaged purposefully.

The same can be said for the Mueller/Weissmann investigation that followed.  There was not a single person in Washington DC who did not know the Mueller special counsel was appointed entirely to hide all of the preceding government corruption.  However, as typical within the last decade of DC corruption, everyone keeps pretending.

From the claim of men having babies, to denying the entire apparatus of the U.S. government weaponized to target a political opponent, we are a nation pretending.

Authorities Investigating Retired Federal Agent Having Contact with Buffalo Shooter Before Attack

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 27, 2022 | Sundance

In a disturbing twist to the Buffalo supermarket shooting that left ten people dead and three more wounded, a report is now surfacing that at least one retired federal agent was in contact with the shooter during his planning and was sent a message of intent 30 minutes before the attack began.

New York – Law enforcement officers are investigating whether a retired federal agent had about 30 minutes advance notice of a white supremacist’s plans to murder Black people at a Buffalo supermarket, two law enforcement officials told The Buffalo News.

Authorities believe the former agent – believed to be from Texas – was one of at least six individuals who regularly communicated with accused gunman Payton Gendron in an online chat room where racist hatred was discussed, the two officials said.

The two law enforcement sources with direct knowledge of the investigation stated these individuals were invited by Gendron to read about his mass shooting plans and the target location about 30 minutes before Gendron killed 10 people at Tops Markets on Jefferson Avenue on May 14. (read more)

Having already announced that the shooting is considered a ‘racist attack‘ by a defined ‘white supremacist’, if this story is accurate, it appears the FBI [*ahem*] is looking at the group the shooter was in contact with to see if they could be charged as accomplices in the killing.

Texas DPS Lt. Chris Olivarez Explains Law Enforcement Waited One Hour to Enter Uvalde School Because They Were Afraid of Being Shot

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 26, 2022 | Sundance

Texas Dept of Public Safety (DPS) Official Lt. Chris Olivarez was asked why law enforcement retreated and waited an hour before reengaging the Uvalde elementary school shooter.  In his response to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer, after an initial few minutes of obfuscation, eventually Lt. Olivarez explains the responding officers could have been shot, if they immediately rushed the gunman.

{Direct Rumble Link} – WATCH:

I mistakenly thought the main lesson from the investigation of the Broward County, Florida, Parkland school shooting was never to wait.  Unfortunately, it looks like Parkland and Uvalde will have a lot in common.

DOJ Re-Review of FBI Conduct in Olympic Gymnast Rapes by Larry Nassar Ends, Yet Again, With DOJ Declining to Prosecute

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 26, 2022 | Sundance

The FBI conduct in the events of the Olympic gymnasts being repeatedly raped by Larry Nassar is one of the most blood-boiling examples of FBI corruption and criminal conduct in modern times.  No one has ever been held accountable.

Even after another DOJ re-review of the admitted lies told by the FBI agents in the case, the result today is nothing… Whoopsie, mistakes were made.  Move along folks, move along.  Nothing to see here…. Just, move along.   Infuriating.

WASHINGTON – Two former FBI agents accused of mishandling sex-abuse allegations against former USA Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar will not be charged with a crime, the Justice Department announced Thursday.

In a statement, officials said that after a “careful re-review of evidence,” the department “is adhering to its prior decision not to bring federal criminal charges,” adding: “This does not in any way reflect a view that the investigation of Nassar was handled as it should have been, nor in any way reflects approval or disregard of the conduct of the former agents.”

John Manly, a lawyer for many of Nassar’s alleged victims, called the decision “incomprehensible” and said the FBI agents “violated their oaths of office and colluded in the cover up of the worst sexual assault scandal in the history of sports.” (more)

In July 2021 the DOJ OIG produced an absolutely damning Inspector General investigation of FBI conduct in the rape and sexual assault of U.S. Gymnasts, revealing how FBI agents facilitated Nassar’s sex crimes by taking no action despite numerous witness statements to them.

Worse yet, the FBI never reported the sexual assaults to local law enforcement… and to top it off, the rank and vile FBI agents lied during the investigation of their conduct, and the DOJ under AG Bill Barr, and now under AG Merrick Garland, refused to prosecute the FBI liars.

The entire IG report [Must Read pdf Here] reveals layer-upon-layer of FBI wrongdoing, misconduct and false statements in an effort to cover-up their activity when the internal investigation of their conduct began.  This report is a total condemnation of the FBI rank and file.  It really is quite stunning.

IG Report Excerpt – […] “The OIG found that, despite the extraordinarily serious nature of the allegations and the possibility that Nassar’s conduct could be continuing, senior officials in the FBI Indianapolis Field Office failed to respond to the Nassar allegations with the utmost seriousness and urgency that they deserved and required, made numerous and fundamental errors when they did respond to them, and violated multiple FBI policies.

The Indianapolis Field Office did not undertake any investigative activity until September 2nd, five weeks after the meeting with USA Gymnastics—when they telephonically interviewed one of the three athletes. Further, FBI Indianapolis never interviewed the other two gymnasts who they were told were available to meet with FBI investigators.

This absence of any serious investigative activity was compounded when the Indianapolis Field Office did not transfer the matter to the FBI office (the Lansing Resident Agency), where venue most likely would have existed had evidence been developed to support the potential federal crimes being considered, even though the Indianapolis office had been advised to do so by the USAO and had told USA Gymnastics that the transfer had occurred.

Additionally, the Indianapolis office did not notify state or local authorities of the sexual assault allegations even though it questioned whether there was federal jurisdiction to pursue them. As a result, the Lansing Resident Agency did not learn of the Nassar allegations until over a year after they were first reported to the FBI and then learned of them only from the MSUPD. 

Moreover, the FBI conducted no investigative activity in the matter for more than 8 months following the September 2015 interview. During that period of time, as alleged and detailed in numerous civil complaints, Nassar’s sexual assaults continued. (read full report)

Do not overlook this part:

The FBI responded to the IG report with this statement:

FBI Response to IG  – “As the Inspector General made clear in [the] report, this should not have happened. The FBI will never lose sight of the harm that Nassar’s abuse caused. The actions and inactions of certain FBI employees described in the report are inexcusable and a discredit to this organization. The FBI has taken affirmative steps to ensure and has confirmed that those responsible for the misconduct and breach of trust no longer work FBI matters.

Prior to today, the FBI initiated improvements to make sure that serious allegations, such as these, are promptly shared with our law enforcement partners and within the FBI. As a continuation of these efforts, the FBI is fully committed to implementing all of the recommendations made by the Inspector General.

We will take all necessary steps to ensure that the failures of the employees outlined in the report do not happen again.” (link)

BACKGROUND on FBI –  As we discovered in January of this year, the FBI was fully aware of the terrorist who was planning to shoot the synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, and yet they did nothing.

The FBI knowledge of the shooter, Malik Faisal Akram, who was known as Faisal Akram was confirmed by The Daily Mail. Akram ranted, prior to his travel to the U.S, that he wished he had died in the 9/11 terror attacks. He was a regular visitor to Pakistan, and reportedly a member of the Tablighi Jamaat group set up to ‘purify’ Islam. To say the U.S. intelligence system knew Faisal Akram would be an understatement.

The FBI was also fully aware of the Boston Marathon bombers, the Tsarnaev brothers, before they executed their plot.  The FBI took no action.

The FBI knew about the San Bernardino terrorists, specifically Tashfeen Malik, and were monitoring her phone calls and communications before her and Syed Farook executed their attack killing 14 people and leaving 22 others seriously injured.  The FBI took no action.

The FBI knew Colorado grocery store shooter Ahmad Alissa before he executed his attack.  The FBI took no action.

The FBI knew in advance of the Pulse Nightclub shooter (Omar Mateen) and were tipped off by the local sheriff. The FBI knew in advance of the San Bernardino Terrorists (Tashfeen Malik). The FBI knew in advance of the Boston Marathon Bombers (the Tsarnaev brothers) tipped off by Russians.  The FBI knew in advance of the Parkland High School shooter (Nikolas Cruz). The FBI knew in advance of the Fort Hood shooter (Nidal Hasan), and the FBI knew in advance of Colorado grocery store shooter Ahmad al-Aliwi Alissa.  The FBI took no action.

The case of the first recorded ISIS attack on U.S. soil was in Garland, Texas in 2015.

The FBI not only knew the shooters (Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi) in advance, BUT the FBI ALSO took the shooters to the venue and were standing only a few yards away when Simpson and Soofi opened fire.  Yes, you read that correctly – the FBI took the terrorists to the event and then watched it unfold.  “An FBI trainer suggested in an interview with “60 Minutes” that, had the attack been bigger, the agency’s numerous ties to the shooter would have led to a congressional investigation.”

Remember, shortly before the 2018 mid-term election, when Ceasar Syoc – a man living in his van – was caught sending “energetic material that can become combustible when subjected to heat or friction”, or what FBI Director Christopher Wray called “not hoax devices”?

Remember how sketchy everything about that was, including the child-like perpetrator telling a judge later that he was trying to walk back his guilty plea, because he was tricked into signing a confession for a crime he did not create.

Or more recently, the goofball plot to kidnap Gretchen Whitmer that involved 18 suspects, twelve of them actually working for the FBI as the plot was hatched?  And we cannot forget the January 6th. DC protest turned insurrection effort, which is clearly looking like an FBI inspired and coordinated effort; and unlike Syoc, despite the numerous CCTV cameras and resources in the area, they cannot find who placed the pipe-bombs?

Have we forgotten the Atlanta “Olympic Park Bombing”, and the FBI intentionally setting up transparently innocent, Richard Jewel?

Then, there’s the entirety of the FBI conduct in “Spygate”, the demonstrably evident FBI operation to conduct political surveillance against Donald Trump using their investigative authorities; and the downstream consequences of a massive institutional effort to cover up one of the biggest justice department scandals in the history of our nation.   The original effort against Donald Trump used massive resources from the DOJ and FBI.  Heck, the coverup operation using the Mueller/Weissmann special counsel used more than 50 investigative FBI agents alone.

And of course, the FBI still had 13 extra agents available to rush to a NASCAR racetrack to investigate a garage door pull-down rope that might have been perceived as a noose; but the serial rape of hundreds of teenage girls, eh, not-so-much effort – even when they are standing in front of the FBI begging for help.

[At this point, I am increasingly convinced by evidence there are elements within the FBI that are enablers involved in sex trafficking, human smuggling, abduction, counterfeiting and money laundering as part of their operational mission.]

The FBI didn’t make a mistake, or drop the proverbial ball in the Olympic gymnast case, they intentionally and specifically maintained the sexual exploitation of teenage girls by doing absolutely nothing with the complaints they received.   This is not misconduct, this is purposeful.

Then, as if to apply salt to the open wound of severe FBI politicization….what did the FBI do with the Hunter Biden laptop?

[Notice I’ve set the issue of the disappearing Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop –in the known custody of the FBI– over there in the corner, next to missing investigation of the Awan brothers.]

More recently the FBI executed a search warrant on the home and office of Project Veritas and the founder James O’Keefe.  While the raid was taking place a New York Times reporter called O’Keefe to ask him about his thoughts on getting raided. The same New York Times journalist, a few days later, then begins writing about the confidential, attorney-client privileged information illegally retrieved then leaked by the FBI during their raid.

My point is this…

What the Federal Security Service (FSB) is to the internal security of the Russian state; so too is the FBI in performing the same function for the U.S. federal government.

The FBI is a U.S. version of the Russian “State Police”; and the FBI is deployed -almost exclusively- to attack domestic enemies of those who control government, while they protect the interests of the U.S. Fourth Branch of Government.  That is the clear and accurate domestic prism to contextualize their perceived mission: “domestic violent extremists pose the greatest threat” to their objective.

Put another way, “We The People”, who fight against government abuse and usurpation, are the FBI’s actual and literal enemy.

Let me be very clear with another brutally obvious example.  Antifa could not exist as an organization, capable to organize and carry out violent attacks against their targets, without the full support of the FBI.   If the FBI wanted to arrest members of Antifa, who are actually conducting violence, they could do it easily – with little effort.

It is the absence of any action by the FBI toward Antifa, that tells us the FBI is enabling that violent extremist behavior to continue.  Once you accept that transparent point of truth, then, you realize the FBI definition of domestic violent extremism is something else entirely.

The FBI is not a law enforcement or investigative division of the U.S. Department of Justice.  The FBI is a political weapon of a larger institution that is now focused almost entirely toward supporting a radical communist agenda to destroy civil society in the United States.

The current mission of the FBI is to facilitate, preserve and protect the administration of Joe Biden.  Anyone who continues to push the fraudulent “honorable FBI rank and file talking point”, is, at this point in history, willfully and purposefully operating to deceive the American people on behalf of government interests who are intent on destroying us.

It is not a difference of opinion any longer.  Personally, I have lost the ability to sit comfortably or intellectually with anyone who pushes or accepts the ‘mistakes are made‘ nonsense.  The FBI is not making mistakes, they are doing well what is important to them.

To me, it comes down to a simple matter of accepting what is continually staring us in the face.

As you read the media summaries of the Michael Sussmann trial, never lose sight of the fact that 40 FBI agents were involved in the Mueller-Weissmann probe to investigate the fraudulent construct of Hillary Clinton and crew.  40 agents.

Very Disturbing Updates From Texas School Shooting, Gunman Fired Outside School for Twelve Minutes, Federal Marshals Blocked Frantic Parents From School Before Shooting Started

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 26, 2022 | Sundance

A very alarming set of updates from the Uvalde, Texas, school shooting has everyone starting to question what was previously said by authorities about the events.

The Wall Street Journal has some updated information that is extremely disturbing.

TEXAS – […] “Victor Escalon, a regional director for the Texas Department of Public Safety, said in a briefing that the now-deceased gunman, 18-year-old Salvador Ramos, lingered outside Robb Elementary for 12 minutes firing shots before walking into the school and barricading himself in a classroom where he killed 19 children and two teachers.

Mr. Escalon said he couldn’t say why no one stopped Ramos from entering the school during that time Tuesday. Most of the shots Ramos fired came during the first several minutes after he entered the school, Mr. Escalon said.  People who arrived at the school while Ramos locked himself in a classroom, or saw videos of police waiting outside, were furious.

“The police were doing nothing,” said Angeli Rose Gomez, who after learning about the shooting drove 40 miles to Robb Elementary, where her children are in second and third grade. “They were just standing outside the fence. They weren’t going in there or running anywhere.”

DPS officials previously said an armed school officer confronted Ramos as he arrived at the school. Mr. Escalon said Thursday that information was incorrect and no one encountered Ramos as he arrived at the school. “There was not an officer readily available and armed,” Mr. Escalon said.

A Border Patrol tactical team went into the school an hour later, around 12:40 p.m., was able to get into the classroom and kill Ramos, Mr. Escalon said.

Ms. Gomez, a farm supervisor, said that she was one of numerous parents waiting outside the school who began encouraging—first politely, and then with more urgency—police and other law enforcement to enter the school sooner. After a few minutes, she said, U.S. Marshals put her in handcuffs, telling her she was being arrested for actively intervening in an active investigation.

Ms. Gomez convinced local Uvalde police officers whom she knew to persuade the marshals to set her free. Around her, the scene was frantic. She said she saw a father tackled and thrown to the ground by police and a third pepper-sprayed. Once freed from her cuffs, Ms. Gomez made her distance from the crowd, jumped the school fence, and ran inside to grab her two children. She sprinted out of the school with them.

Videos circulated on social media Wednesday and Thursday of frantic family members trying to get access to Robb Elementary as the attack was unfolding, some of them yelling at police who blocked them from entering.

“Shoot him or something!” a woman’s voice can be heard yelling on a video, before a man is heard saying about the officers, “They’re all just [expletive] parked outside, dude. They need to go in there.”

Parents can be heard yelling to each other that their kids were inside the school and that they needed to get in. A woman can be heard yelling at a police officer, “He’s one person! Take him out!”

The Uvalde Police Department couldn’t be reached for comment. A representative for the U.S. Marshals Service didn’t respond to a request for comment.

Asked at the press conference why law enforcement weren’t able to respond in the initial 12 minutes Ramos was outside the school, Mr. Escalon said that was part of the investigation. “Our job is to report the facts and have answers. We’re not there yet,” he said. (read more)

RIP Ray Liotta, 1954 – 2022

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 26, 2022 | Sundance

Ray Liotta was a remarkably compelling actor for this era.  According to multiple media reports, he died in his sleep last night at the age of 67.  Liotta was filming a movie in the Dominican Republican at the time of his death.

Ray Liotta was best known for his performances in the movies Goodfellas, Cop Land and Field of Dreams.  He was a very strong actor, a deliberate persona on camera, and kept a generally low profile in his private life.  [Fox News Story Here]

Trump: Where Do I Get My Reputation Back?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted May 26, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

Former President Donald Trump has called Hillary’s Russian collusion lies one of “the greatest political scandals in history.” Hillary Clinton deliberately smeared Donald Trump’s name to distract the public from her email scandal. “For three years, I had to fight her off, and fight those crooked people off, and you’ll never get your reputation fully back,” Trump stated.

The American people voted Trump into office. Clinton insisted that Trump was only appointed due to his ties with Russia. This goes beyond defamation, as she was clearly trying to persuade voters and pretend that she was the only reputable candidate. Where is the outrage from the GOP? Trump recently said “if we had real leadership, instead of people like Mitch McConnell, they would do something about it. And guys like Bill Barr. They would have done something about it.” He’s right. All of the men he mentioned are career politicians and they did not want an independent man hellbent on draining the swamp to interfere in their own suspicious activities. The media in general has been failing to cover the ongoing trial and continues to downplay Hillary’s treason.

“Where do I get my reputation back?” the former president asked. Once your name is dragged through the dirt, it becomes extremely hard to explain to the truth the public who has already built a distorted image of you in their mind. Could the following election have played out differently if not for Clinton’s lies? Again, this goes far beyond defamation and is a treasonous act on the part of Hillary Clinton and every Democratic who knew the truth but promoted a lie.