Durham Prosecution and Sussmann Defense Outline Trial Witnesses

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 9, 2022 | sundance

With mostly wins and a few losses in the pre-trial evidentiary hearings for Special Counsel John Durham, the case against Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann is scheduled for trial next week.  Now the witness lists are coming forth.

WASHINGTON – […] Robby Mook, who managed Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign, Clinton campaign attorney Marc Elias and FBI counterintelligence leader Bill Priestap and former top FBI lawyer James Baker are among those called as government witnesses, said prosecutor Andrew DeFilipiis. (link)

Additionally, Laura Seago, a top tech official at research firm Fusion GPS (she has immunity in exchange for testimony); Deborah Fine, a Clinton campaign lawyer; and a CIA official identified as Kevin B are also on the prosecution list.

[…] Defense attorneys unveiled their own high-powered witness list. It includes Justice Department Inspector General Michael Horowitz, former acting Assistant Attorney General Mary McCord and Pulitzer Prize-winning New York Times reporter Eric Lichtblau. (read more)

Depending on preset Perkins Coie leverage and risk exposure, other officials from deep inside the DOJ/FBI small group operation may also be forced to stand as defense witnesses by Sussmann’s team.  The lawfare combat teams look interesting.

The prosecution calling Marc Elias as a witness looks like a great opportunity for: (1) evidence against him for later use; and/or (2) a perjury trap.

The defense planning to call Inspector General Michael Horowitz puts the office of the IG into a suspicious position.  Horowitz is a baddie.

Mary McCord is a conniving manipulator for the worst elements of the deep state, so it makes sense she would give testimony to defend Sussmann.  McCord was a central figure in how the DOJ National Security Division sought to frame the appearance of the Trump-Russia collusion nonsense, and it was Mary McCord who later coordinated the National Security Council leaks between Alexander Vindman and anonymous CIA whistleblower, Eric Ciaramella.

Before becoming the Intelligence Community Inspector General, Michael Atkinson was Mary McCord’s chief legal advisor at the DOJ-NSD for the fraudulent submission of the Carter Page FISA application.

In his ICIG position, Atkinson changed the rules for McCord to allow an anonymous whistleblower complaint… at the time Mary McCord was working as legal research operative for the impeachment team in the House.

The Sussmann defense group has enough dirt on Mary McCord and Michael Horowitz to pressure both of them into favorable testimony.  We will likely see other corrupt DOJ and FBI officials also pushed to defend Clinton’s legal crew.

On the prosecution side, Laura Seago (with immunity) has details of the motives inside Fusion GPS by owner/operators Glenn Simpson and Peter Fritsch.  Her testimony should be interesting and will likely overlap into other prosecutions if there are any.

Bill Priestap was Peter Strzok’s boss and James Baker was FBI legal counsel.  If there was anyone who seemed less willing (slightly) to frame Trump you could make an argument that Priestap and Baker were the least corrupt on the scale of internal corruption.  From the perspective of criminal conduct they would be the two FBI insiders less willing to take a fall.

Keep in mind the media has a strong vested interest in the Sussmann prosecution.  If Sussmann is found guilty it makes the media culpability look even worse.  The media was pushing the same false information to the public that Michael Sussmann was pushing into the FBI.

As previously stated, don’t look for Durham to go inside government with his investigation; he appears focused exclusively on the outside players from the Clinton team.

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