When is it Warming?–The Real Reason for the Pause

There is no doubt there is a pause but there could be other reason like the AMO.

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June 21 E.M. Smith made an intriguing comment on the occasion of Summer Solstice (NH) and Winter Solstice (SH):

“This is the time when the sun stops the apparent drift in the sky toward one pole, reverses, and heads toward the other. For about 2 more months, temperatures lag this change of trend. That is the total heat storage capacity of the planet. Heat is not stored beyond that point and there can not be any persistent warming as long as winter brings a return to cold.

I’d actually assert that there are only two measurements needed to show the existence or absence of global warming. Highs in the hottest month must get hotter and lows in the coldest month must get warmer. BOTH must happen, and no other months matter as they are just transitional.

I’m also pretty sure that the comparison of dates of peaks between locations could…

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2 comments on “When is it Warming?–The Real Reason for the Pause

  1. The way I see it, urbanization during the last half of the 20th century added a monotonic warming signal into the land station record, on top of the natural variability that is driven by the oceans. People confused that signal with the monotonic rise in CO2 concentrations. Of course, as you are pointing out with the AMO, the oceans are continuing to change the climates in various regions on multi-decadal scales, while the urbanization process of warming is depleted.


    • Anthony Watts — I’ve hear his material. In looking at the recent past going back 3000 years there are clear warm cold war cold of around 500 year cycles bottom to top if that is extrapolated from the little ice age we will be warming until 2150 more or less add in the El Nino La Nina and the AMO and you get what we are now seeing now. I’ve written about this and posted it here check MY Climate tab.


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