Sunday Talks: Jake Tapper Interview With Very Political Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel…

CNN, Jake Tapper and Democrat Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel are all in the spotlight for their abject politicization of the Parkland school shootings.  After a very scripted town hall event by CNN, with a goal of advancing gun control policy, CNN and Tapper now attempt to gain distance from growing controversies.

Most of the current county leaders throughout Broward County civic leadership are transplanted far-left NE liberals; many from New York.  Democrat Sheriff Israel is thoroughly political in his approach to law enforcement.  In this interview watch the professional obfuscation; the priorities of Sheriff Israel are very clear.  Jake Tapper understands the risk to their larger ideological goals.

22 minutes into the interview Jake Tapper asks about “The Promise Program“; the Broward County policy to never arrest high school students – so the local officials can elevate their education statistics and gain federal and state grant money.


There are many signals in this media interview (and presentation) indicating CNN executives understand the damage to their already severely damaged brand image.

A Broward County School Police Officer must: carry a political hat and be able to intercept anti-social behavior (ie. filter through “The Promise Program“); modify his/her action based on the specific policy need (no arrests); falsify documents (as needed), hide evidence (as needed), manipulate records (as needed); and engage inside the system with an understanding of the unwritten goals and school board/LEO objectives (improve stats).

As such, Broward County school law enforcement are given political instructions, and carrying out political objectives. The 30 minute CCTV tape-delay is one unofficial consequence of that objective. School police are not given law-enforcement instructions.

The Broward county school officers are the primary foot soldiers carrying out county political policy (must keep statistics protected). Actual physical security of school students is not their primary role, they don’t have time for that. The Broward County school officer is in place to protect the school system “policy” and ensure students are not arrested for criminal conduct.

If you begin reviewing the downstream consequences with a correct understanding of the originating policy objectives then everything begins to make sense. You can see from the program outline the scale of the agreement and which parties contributed to the policy. Here’s the program in pdf form:





Learn About The Full Downstream Consequences HERE

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