Sunday Talks: Maria Bartiromo and Rep. John Ratcliffe Discuss DOJ and FBI Abuse of FISA Court…

Maria Bartiromo discusses the democrat memo, and the attempt to defend the DOJ and FBI’s abuse of the FISA court, with Congressman John Ratcliffe.  Representative Ratcliffe is one of the few House Intelligence Committee and House Judiciary Committee members who have actually seen the underlying FISA documents as ¹presented by the DOJ.

Mrs. Bartiromo clearly understands the prior DOJ/FBI scheme and engages with Ratcliffe to bring out the factual aspects behind the political corruption.


¹CTH reminder – A ‘better-than-reasonable’ possibility exists the DOJ FISA application documents presented to the highly restricted congressional reviewers might not be the same application documents provided to the FISA court.  Only Trey Gowdy, John Ratcliffe, Adam Schiff and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte have viewed the presented DOJ version of the FISA application.  Chairman Goodlatte has requested the FISA court version be provided to his committee so he can compare.

FISA Court Presiding Judge Collyer has indicated she is aware of Goodlatte’s concern, and understanding of the reason therein.  Judge Collyer provided Chairman Goodlatte with an option of her review if Goodlatte could convince the executive branch (DOJ) to declassify their version and copy her on their response to him.  This multi-branch investigative angle is ground-breaking, ongoing and nuclear in consequence if suspicion becomes fact.

Almost two weeks ago FISA Court Presiding Judge Rosemary Collyer responded to the requests from the House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes and House Judiciary Chairman Bob Goodlatte. (full pdf’s below – #1 and #2)

There are nuances in each response specific to the statutory roles of each Chairman and the specific requests made by each committee. Reflected in Judge Collyer’s responses is a need for careful consideration of each unique request.

♦House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes holds primary oversight authority over the aggregate Intelligence Community (IC). Chairman Nunes has requested the transcripts from the FISA Court during the DOJ/FBI Title-1 surveillance application over their target, U.S. person Carter Page.

♦House Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte holds primary oversight authority over the Department of Justice -including the FISA court- and has requested the actual FISA Title-1 application as submitted by the DOJ/FBI for surveillance of Carter Page.

Judge Collyer responds to both legislative branch chairmen from the position of “never previously receiving such requests.” There are separation of power challenges, but also an understanding inherent in the response to Chairman Goodlatte of the unique statutory oversight his committee holds.

The Legislative Branch created the FISA Court system; however, the secret court resides in the Judicial Branch. Judge Collyer is taking both requests under consideration and asks both Chairmen to consider seeking relief from the Executive Branch with requests directly to the DOJ for the majority of the information they seek.

However, there is an underlying issue not being discussed within the communication – yet visible in the corner amid their engagement. That issue is the possibility the DOJ may have modified the FISA documents within its possession in an effort to hide from congress the trail of a conspiracy against a presidential candidate and an incoming administration.

In essence, the FISA documents held by the court *may not be* identical to the FISA documents released by the Department of Justice. Chairman Goodlatte is seeking to rule out that possibility.

Here are the responses.

To Chairman Nunes (seeking transcript):


To Chairman Goodlatte (seeking documents):


As a reminder (for context and discussion). The only people who have actually seen the FISA Title-1 Application are:

♦The officials in the DOJ and/or FBI who assembled it. Those people are unknown but presumed to be from the DOJ – National Security Division. (Possibly: John P Carlin, Mary McCord or similar).

♦The presiding FISC judge who approved the application. (Possibly: Judge Rudolph Contreras – though no concrete evidence therein).

♦The three congressional representatives who have viewed the application as presented by the DOJ for the construction of the various memos:

•HPSCI member Trey Gowdy;
•HPSCI member John Ratcliffe
•HPSCI ranking member Adam Schiff;
•and House Judiciary Chairman ¹Bob Goodlatte.

¹Chairman Goodlatte has viewed the FISA application as presented by the DOJ and is requesting to see the same application as presented by the FISA court.

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