These groups: ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC are now the Propaganda Arm of the DNC

ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NPR – take your pick, they’re all corrupt and their common mission is the take down of President Donald Trump. Just when we thought these gutless cowards had gone as low as they could CNN found a way to get even deeper into the swamp scum.

Fresh off the Parkland, FL massacre CNN organized an event they advertised as a “Town Hall Meeting.” They invited grieving students, their parents and teachers with only a couple of requirements: stick to our script and shout down the opposition as often as possible. This is the same tactic being employed on college campuses across the nation to shut down conservative voices.

The left’s shameful exploitation of our youth, and the complete politicization of this horrific assault was predictable and expected. Democrats, and the media, have no interest in pursuing ideas that could limit these mass shootings unless the blame is put squarely on guns, Donald Trump and the NRA.

The agenda of the left is to abolish the Second Amendment and begin gun confiscation – nothing less will be acceptable. If new legislation doesn’t move the narrative in that direction they have no interest in pursuing it. This political strategy will prevent any meaningful legislation from ever becoming enacted and the slaughter will continue.
The left understands this and will continue to use it as a political wedge issue for reelection.

Jeff Longo

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