The Glorious Stories of “Sketchy Sam” – Sam Nunberg Talks ‘Muh Russia Conspiracy’ Mueller Investigation With Media…

BACKSTORY – Sketchy Sam Nunberg was a former aide/adviser to the Donald Trump campaign and very close friend of Roger Stone. Sketchy Sam was fired by Corey Lewandowski in 2015 for leaking salacious inflammatory information to the media and being a generally unstable fellow. Nunberg told media in 2015 that Ms. Hope Hicks (Trump Communication Lead) and Mr. Corey Lewandowski (former Trump Campaign Head) were having an affair.

Upon firing a jaded Sketchy Sam went to join the Ted Cruz campaign, and became a Cruz advocate. {Go figure} Later it was revealed that Sketchy Sam had written weird, divisive and racist material to his social media.  Everyone distanced themselves from him. The guy was/is just plain goofy, aka ‘sketchy’.

Enter Robert Mueller’s team, who interviewed Sketchy Sam for over five hours.  Then Mueller sent a subpoena to Sketchy.   Sam tells media today he thinks Mueller is on a witch hunt and other sketchy stuff as only Sketchy Sam can.


This entire Nunberg/media enterprise is a clown show of historic proportions; and even the moonbat interviewers recognize the goofy narrative that becomes obvious to anyone watching. If an elephant walked through your front yard, how many pancakes would it take to fill a canoe?  The vast Russian-Trump planetary conspiracy theory is epically ridiculous.  Sketchy Sam is the representative image of that nuttery.


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