Triggerin’ Toadies – A Sleepy, Sanctimonious Twit Interviews Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin…

Hmmm… let’s see.  Amid the most consequential trade and economic reset in the history of the United States, you’re given the opportunity to interview the most powerful financial figure behind the team doing the resetting.  Now, what type of questions would you come up with?

The tax reform result and impact on budgets or revenue?  The view of future investment opportunity within the U.S. economy? The outcome of the prior treasury department financial sanctions against the backdrop of a new shift by North Korea? How the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is being repositioned? Trade tariffs and how any future trade approaches might influence the dollar?  The economic benefits of an expanded GDP projection and debt offsets?… or..

…Oh, wait, I know…. let’s talk about “Trump rallies.”


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