If Computers Replaced Politicians – Could it Get Any Worse?

COMMENT: I really do not know what it’s gonna take for you to get the Noble Price for something. Your computer is amazing. The market crashes the week of the 19th. Here in NYC we have been buried in snow and even CNN has reported we have never seen this much snow in 130 years. Your computer should be put in charge of the government. It certainly couldn’t do a worse job. They Oprah could be President and everyone would be happy provided she cannot overrule your computer.

That’s my 2 cents from a snowed-in New Yorker


REPLY: Deep Learning machines can indeed do a far better job than any human. They cannot be bribed and there is no bias. Even the voice programs learn that the word “live” is pronounced completely different based on the context: “Hell0; live from New York …” and “I live in Florida…” I bet if you put it on a teleprompter and a politician has to read it without practicing first, they will pronounce it like they “live” in Washington.

That is no0t a bad idea. I would actually consider working on such a project if it prevented politicians from economic tinkering and barred people like Larry Summers, the father of Negative Interest Rates, who will one day be known as the father of the Pension Crisis.

Perhaps you are correct – it can’t be any worse.

PS: Sorry, but I have been warning that the energy output of the Sun has turned down dramatically. Cheer-up! At least they are starting to sell long-underwear again. That too is cyclical. Don’t worry, we are not headed for the White Earth Effect. It’s just going to get colder into 2032. It has been 60s here in the Tampa area. So I didn’t move far enough South

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