Inspector General Michael Horowitz Announces IG Investigation into FBI/DOJ FISA Court Abuse…

DOJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has released a public statement stating the OIG intention to investigate the fraudulent FBI FISA Title-1 surveillance application submitted to the court against U.S. person Carter Page; and the surrounding issues of the FBI using Christopher Steele to underwrite their evidence therein:

(OIG link)

There are likely to be voices wondering why this OIG investigative avenue is only just now being announced and/or explored.  However, a careful review and reminder of the process explains what is happening.

Inspector General Horowitz initial investigation focused on the politicization of the FBI and DOJ surrounding the Clinton investigation.  However, that original announcement also included the disclaimer that he would follow “other issues that may arise”.   To say there were “other issues”, that indeed did “arise”, would be the understatement of the decade.

After looking at the myriad of issues and releases since MSM attention began noticing the IG investigation on December 2nd, 2017, there’s been a very specific pathway evident.  Hence yesterday, in anticipation of the first part of the IG report being released next month, we shared the following:

Horowitz has assembled all of the information for his report but the scope of the report is so exhaustive it will most likely be released in segments according to the subject material and the myriad of issues involved.

The first section of the IG report, encompassing the DOJ/FBI political activity -specifically surrounding leaks to the media and fired Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe- will likely come out first in April.

The McCabe release should be followed by a release of the IG findings on the topic of FBI and DOJ conduct, and the politicization therein, within the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

The issues with the DOJ/FBI representations to the FISA Court, the October 21st DOJ/FBI application therein and other issues, will flow thereafter; there may be sub-chapter reports released supplemental to the FISA investigation surrounding Christopher Steele, Fusion-GPS and/or the private contractors and abuse of FBI and DOJ databases.  (more)

Most of the critical principals attached to the FISA Title-1 application, and the downstream issues, are still within the DOJ.  This is a key point to reference.

The same cannot be said for the principal members of the “small group” surrounding the FBI/DOJ politicization of the Clinton investigation.   Look at the “small group” officials who quit the DOJ and FBI.  Those officials are closely connected to the Clinton operation, but not necessarily the Trump-Spying-Operation: Sally Yates (DOJ), Mary McCord (DOJ), David Laufner (DOJ), along with James Comey (FBI), Andrew McCabe (FBI), Jim Rybicki (FBI), Michael Kortan (FBI).  These are the principals involved in the Clinton operation.

Yes, there is some aggregate overlap amid the top tier (Lynch, Yates, Comey, McCabe) but that’s to be expected.  Remember the BIG PICTURE of corruption was actually three phases:

  • First, exonerate candidate Hillary Clinton. [email investigation]
  • Second, conduct surveillance on candidate Trump. [fisa application]
  • Third, the insurance policy. [fabricated Russia Collusion investigation]

The second phase of the FBI/DOJ small group plan was the “Trump Operation”, and the third phase was the “Insurance Policy”.  For phase two and three there was increased specialty.  Also, phase #3 involved the larger IC (CIA, ODNI, etc.)

FBI Agent Peter Strzok was involved in all three phases along with his co-hort Lisa Page.  However, James Baker, Bruce Ohr and Bill Priestap were more involved in phase-2 (counterintelligence operation, surveillance etc.), and phase-3 (muh Russia Conspiracy) the insurance policy.  Those officials are still employed within the FBI; and as we have shared, likely cooperating.

Horowitz is releasing an investigative report on his review of “phase #1” very soon.  This is the Clinton email investigation, the pre-planned exoneration, the media leaks, and the political corruption to attain the objectives therein.  Again refer to the original January 2017 (pre-inauguration) public information release:

It is in the course of this original investigation, and the surrounding interviews, where the evidence of Phase-2 (spy on Trump) and Phase-3 (Russia Collusion) was discovered.  Hence the outcome of the IG report will predictably follow the same sequence.

Here’s the important part to remember – The evidence already exists.  The documentation, interviews and gathering of evidence of what happened in Phase-2 and Phase-3 already exists.  However, the IG has never announced the opening of that investigation avenue. (Because 2, and 3, were an outcropping of original intent)

Horowitz is not announcing this investigative avenue from a position of only now starting to gather evidence; he already has the evidence.  He is now announcing the context for him to drop a report summarizing findings of content from the investigation; a report that has nothing to do with the original launch of the OIG investigation.

In essence he’s announcing the need to write a report based on investigative material he has already gathered.   Horowitz already has the material.

We can just as likely anticipate another DOJ OIG notice of review for an investigation into how the DOJ and FBI collaborated to manufacture the “vast Russian Conspiracy/Collusion” narrative.  However, that phase-3 “insurance policy” also involves the CIA (Brennan), ODNI (Clapper), and additional elements of the U.S. Intelligence Apparatus.  As a consequence Phase-3 accountability is better handled by congress.

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