Federal Appeals Court: Trump Supporters Lawsuit Against San Jose California Will Proceed…

In June of 2016 the Mayor and Police Chief of San Jose California made an intentional decision to allow candidate Trump supporters to be violently attacked by a coordinated mob of radical leftists. {See Here}  In the days and weeks that followed it was discovered that an actual plan was put into place by city officials to assist the mob {See Here}

Undercover police officers admitted they were given stand-down orders and watched as hundreds of Trump supporters were beaten and brutalized {See Here} A lawsuit was filed against the city of San Jose {See Here} and the officials who coordinated the planned response.   City lawyers have been trying to get the lawsuit dismissed:

CALIFORNIA – Supporters of Donald Trump attacked during a presidential campaign rally in 2016 won a ruling allowing them to proceed with a lawsuit against the city of San Jose, California, over claims that police failed to protect them from violence.

Protests in June 2016 in downtown San Jose quickly devolved into a bloody scene when demonstrators outside the rally venue attacked the president’s supporters, pelting them with eggs and water balloons before punching them and snatching their “Make America Great Again” caps and setting them ablaze.

A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Friday upheld a lower-court ruling rejecting the city’s claim of immunity to allegations that officers blocked Trump supporters from escaping an area where anti-Trump protesters became violent.

The Trump supporters are represented by Harmeet Dhillon, a committeewoman on California’s Republican National Committee who was considered by Trump to lead the U.S Justice Department’s civil rights division.  (link)

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