Bill Gates has A Plan for You! 

The corona virus is real, but we’ve had many waves of flu viruses throughout the years. Many thousands die each year from the flu. Our elderly and infirm are the hardest hit. This time the deaths are being magnified by the Fear Porn Channels. Statistics are controlled and manipulated to produce panic and hysteria.

The Democrats failed with their Russia collusion lie. They failed with impeachment. They are all for this hysteria because they can blame it all on Trump.

Trish Regan was just fired from Fox Business Network because she called out concerns that the Chinese coronavirus was just another attempt to impeach President Donald Trump.

That was too close to the truth for Fox. They fired her.

We now have social distancing to further divide the human race—as if we were all some sort of disease in need of eradication. The corrupt WHO and CDC have us controlled like puppets on strings. We obey without question. Citizens are not allowed to question medical ‘authorities’ without fearing censorship or ridicule. When the time comes for a mandatory vaccine, people will already have become conditioned to obey the medical ‘authorities,’ and it’s all going according to plan.

But plans have a way of not working out sometimes.

Never take your eyes off government in a crisis.

—Ben Garrison

All America’s Enemies are not Created Equal

If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, most of the “news” is “toxic media coverage” American public should determine they have no use for the MSM. They are just one more enemy of the American people and the Republic

Re-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMarch 30, 2020

All America's Enemies are not Created EqualAs the COVID-19 pandemic consumes the health and takes the lives of thousands upon thousands of our fellow human beings, the “news” of this global tragedy also takes a toll upon innocent people. In this time, people who operate media outlets are either of two fundamental mindsets: they can be either people of faith or people without any serious faith. The people of genuine faith seem to promote hope and sincerely seek ways to be of help to solve problems—even to solve the spread of the disease—even to find a real cure for the disease. The people without any serious faith promote fear and fan the fear into flames of panic within the minds and hearts of those who have the audacity to hope for a victorious outcome.

Hope is hard enough to come by in a toxic environment today

It is obviously clear that so much is happening within the media world that people have a great deal of difficulty separating accurate information from fiction (or misleading and deceptive information). Certainly, along with accurate information that is being disseminated, a great deal of misinformation and disinformation is dumped into the various information outlets for public consumption. One point of variance, or serious lack of certainty will involve the true number of deaths brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic. One can hear different figures, and like President Trump said, even one death is unacceptable. However, a different perspective exists within the minds of those who seek to spread or amplify fear.

Such a dichotomy has existed throughout the course of human history.  I imagine the understanding of hope vs. despair or panic, or more plainly, of faith vs. fear could be traced all the way back to the different points of view between Cain and his brother, whom he killed. These two views of reality as we know it are present within humanity today. And, the inevitable dilemma is that these two viewpoints are diametrically and fundamentally opposite from one another. And tragically, one view also includes no genuine, let alone sacred, value towards human life. Those who harbor such a lack of respect for human life fall into many levels of human society.

Hope is hard enough to come by in a toxic environment today. And, if there are those who are attempting to undermine hope, it may simply be because they cannot stand to have anyone hopeful when they are wallowing in despair. Much of the recent behavior of political elitists – regardless of Democrat or Republican can be viewed in this light. But, the basic notion of political parties in America being different from one another is a naive assumption. So, Americans must get beyond previously conceived attachments to a particular political party. Dr. Ben Carson was spot on when  during his campaign for the POTUS,  said that we are not each others’ enemy. He was explaining that people in the United States of America—“We the People” were being divided and manipulated by a ruling political class. And we need to awaken to this fact.

Trump took on the entrenched political class

Candidate Donald Trump was in alignment with this, but was even more prepared to take on this ruling elite within American politics.Trump took on the entrenched political class and did it without any personal needs of his own. He did it for the Republic as he could see the enemies to our nation. He spoke of hope – to make America great again!

And he was in the midst of fulfilling that promise. Yet, the entrenched establishment and designated leaders of the “other America” definitely saw Trump and his supporters as an existential threat. They initially tried to portray Trump’s candidacy as a joke, but it did not work. They attempted to undermine his campaign, to overturn the results of a legal election. They attempted to separate Trump’s supporters from him through character assassination and a political coup, and ultimately attempted to impeach him.

The escalation from the Swamp Wars, to the Deep State coup d’état, to the efforts to impeach Donald Trump are now well documented—a timeline exists. It is a history that is documented, not by the mainstream media, but by true patriots who love America for those original ideals and principles in the early founding documents, and patriots who love America for the blood that their forebears shed that they might inherit the freedoms they were willing to die for. That record of the battles for the Soul of America will one day help future generations know truly who America’s real enemies were in this time. The records in the battles for the Soul of America will also reveal a myriad remnant of patriots, and generally these patriots are people of faith, people of hope, who basically did what they could to reclaim the ideals embedded in the founding documents.


The Swamp Wars and the firing of Deep State operatives

The Swamp Wars and the firing of Deep State operatives, like the first casualty, James Comey, were simply the opening salvo of President Trump. Donald Trump has inspired a “civil” revolution against the “owners” of the political arena. The initial battles brought swift and premeditated actions of the ruling political class, and the “resistance” was mounted, and the reality of that resistance manifested when the Deep State operatives were activated. The subsequent shifts, or escalations, took place because a genuine domestic enemy exists in the halls of Congress and in the halls of the various bureaucratic offices. Trump may have had no idea how entrenched and just how extensive the Deep State is as it stands at the core of our national government.

It is highly doubtful that the ruling political class, and the Deep State band of willing and well-paid mercenaries, are people of faith. Their actions in this “civil” Civil War speak so loudly that even children can understand how mean and destructive they are. Yet, they still strut around as owners of America. It is now even more apparent who the domestic enemy is in America with the advent of the COVID-19 pandemic. Those voices of the  ruling political class, whether they come from the elected political elites, or the MSM minions, or the clueless useful idiots of the Hollywood “hollow minds” crowd, the true enemies of America are able to be seen for who they really are. Their “true colors” are being exposed right before the eyes of the American public. Unfortunately, those in the American public who cannot break their addiction to “toxic media” will suffer the serious side-effects.

One of those premeditated efforts are to separate the American people from Donald Trump in a way that could not be done before—a deliberate decision to cease coverage of the daily presidential press briefings and public announcements regarding how the COVID-19 pandemic is being confronted by the concerted effort of federal authorities with all different levels of the American society. This is quite hard to believe, but this has also been documented by those who care about the lives of their fellow citizens. One of the more detailed justifications of this is in The Atlantic, which used lies to perpetrate the logical rationale to separate Trump’s announcements to the American people. For those who do not pay attention to those briefings a lie would be acceptable as a rationale for the cessation of television coverage of the POTUS.

James Fallows, the writer for the Atlantic lied in his article on March 20, 2020, that “Much of what Trump said was false: Most dramatically, his claim that the FDA had just approved use of an anti-malaria drug for treatment of COVID-19, and that it would be a “game-changer.” (FDA officials immediately clarified that they had done no such thing.)” In point of fact, Trump did make an announcement of that sort, but the main announcement came from the Director of the FDA, Dr. Stephen Hahn. Apparently, it is likely that Fallows had already started his personal boycott of President Trump’s press briefings—maybe as early as 2017. However, this is an example of either ignorance in a professional capacity, outright bias, or deliberate deception. And it is a basis of MSM “logic” of blocking coverage of the president. The article also noted Trump’s approval ratings soared after he came in front of a broader segment of the American public.

Fallows, of course wants to garner a broad-based effort to defend the rationale to cut Trump’s coronavirus pandemic briefings. The fundamental premise is that only MSM truth, or versions of reality, should be fed to the American people. Fallows multiplies this fallacious premise by citing other “media professionals” who came to the same conclusion. Jay Rosen, in his “Press Think blog”, has come to the same conclusion about live event coverage. His item covers many other steps in what he calls “emergency mode” handling of Trump, but on live events he says: “Switching to emergency mode means our coverage will look different and work in a different way,  as we try to prevent the President from misinforming you through us…”

By eliminating live coverage they are more easily able to edit what the POTUS is telling the American people

Haven’t all the MSM always been trying to tell you what Trump said by misquoting him and lying about what he did say? By eliminating live coverage they are more easily able to edit what the POTUS is telling the American people. This is indicative of a true enemy to the American people. However, when Wolf Blitzer made the statement back in 2018 that “We are not the enemy of the American people. We love the American people,” he was not lying. The MSM does love the American people—because without the American public, Blitzer and Fallows and Rosen would not have jobs. There is little doubt that media minions like this are paid by the huge corporate media moguls who have captured the minds of the American public.

So, another battle for the Soul of America is being waged by the corporate media elites who know better than the American public what they should and should not receive via the airwaves. Few Americans know that most of the major media outlets are owned by only six large media conglomerates. And, for those who are willing to receive it, these corporate MSM moguls have more in common with the Chinese Communist tyranny that is responsible for the pandemic than they do with a duly elected president of the people. If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, it is just one more way they are assisting in separating the American people from their duly elected leader. If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, what value do they actually have? So, If the MSM is boycotting coverage of the POTUS, and most of the “news” is “toxic media coverage” the American public should determine they have no use for the MSM. They are just one more enemy of the American people and the Republic. Americans need to awaken and act accordingly.


“Truth will ultimately prevail where there are pains to bring it to light.”George Washington

People dying equals coronavirus? An engineered virus?

People sick, people dying. How many people? Unknown. Massive lockdowns of Chinese cities. Citizens trying to escape. For the global audience, this equals coronavirus

Jon Rappoport imageRe-Posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMarch 31, 2020

This article is intended for close study.  I urge you not to jump to an early conclusion about what I’m proposing here.  For example, I’m not ruling out the engineering of a virus.  But an unusual twist is involved.

This article is also part of a larger position.  That position can be defined as:


(To read about Jon’s mega-collection, The Matrix Revealedclick here.)

Among other subjects, this article comments on the hypothesis that the COVID-19 virus is a modified weaponized germ from a lab, either deliberately or accidentally released.

A general comment: weaponizing a virus as an instrument for causing widespread destruction faces a significant barrier.  From the get-go, viruses mutate very quickly as they replicate.  Therefore, the criminals wouldn’t maintain the viral structure they started with.  Ensuring continued lethality would therefore appear to be impossible.

Then there is this: I fully understand that researchers in certain labs are always fiddling and diddling with viruses.  That’s their job.  The question, in a given situation, is: are they successful at weaponization, even ignoring the rapid mutation factor I just mentioned?


Anything is possible, but so far, what I see is this: when I add up all the reasons people are sick and dying, I don’t see a new germ as the basis.

I’ve detailed, in past articles, all the Chinese cases who have been diagnosed for no other reason than they have pneumonia, a traditional disease of major proportions in China.  Studies estimate that roughly 300,000 citizens die of it every year.  Which means there are millions of Chinese people who have develop pneumonia each year.  Furthermore, the Chinese government quickly abandoned the idea of testing for the purported coronavirus—-favoring instead, CT scans of the lungs.  A finding of pneumonia was sufficient for a diagnosis of an “epidemic case.”  That is absurd on its face. Pneumonia has many causes, none of which requires a new virus.

In recent years, there have been huge numbers of such people with these flu-like illnesses, and many have died—-before the emergence of the so-called COVID virus

Then we have the cases in Italy, the second largest reservoir of the so-called epidemic.  Here, the deaths occur massively on the side of the elderly, who already have serious prior medical conditions, long term.  In the reports issued by the Italian government so far, the people dying are said to “have the virus,” but the conclusion is they’re dying because of their prior medical conditions.

The conventional wisdom, often spouted, is: “the coronavirus strikes the elderly, who are less able than the young to ward it off.”  This is a misnomer, deployed to cover up the reality that the elderly are passing away, as they usually do, from the illnesses they already have—-no need for a new virus.

I’ve also discussed deaths in Australia and the state of Washington.  Again, it’s elderly people.  As in Italy, add up their long-term diseases; the treatment of those diseases with toxic medical drugs; the fear engendered by the diagnosis of “COVID”; sudden isolation from family and friends; the use of breathing ventilators, which have their own set of adverse effects, including bacterial pneumonia; and new treatment with toxic antiviral drugs, to “fight the virus”; and you have a terribly potent array of factors which account for the elderly dying.  No need for a new virus.

As I’ve detailed in past articles, flu-like diseases (quite often, with no evidence of a flu virus) are traditional in Europe and the US.  Their symptoms overlap the symptoms listed for so-called COVID.  In recent years, there have been huge numbers of such people with these flu-like illnesses, and many have died—-before the emergence of the so-called COVID virus.  Again, no need for a unique new virus.

And as far as overall global case numbers of COVID are concerned, a large percentage of these people have been diagnosed purely on the basis of their symptoms, with no test, or via the accepted diagnostic test, called PCR.  I’ll cover that test in a moment.  Suffice to say, it fails to prove illness is stemming from COVID virus or any virus—-but it does create a picture of supposedly swelling case numbers.  In a recent article, I’ve quoted the literature of official public health authorities, who themselves admit the test has fatal flaws.


China and Northern Italy:  Highly toxic air quality has been far more than “a serious problem” for some years

Then we have unexplained relatively small clusters of people who appear to be suddenly falling ill.  A closer examination of these people is necessary, to see whether they, in fact, ARE “sudden and unexplained.”  If they are, I would suggest investigating whether the rollout of new 5G wireless technology at 60GHz is occurring in those locales.  It is possible 5G is causing oxygen deprivation, among other serious effects.  And rather than an engineered virus—-which has unpredictable effects owing to its rapid mutation—-if we’re looking for sinister operations, I suggest that, to cause sensational alarm and bafflement and “proof” that a mysterious event is underway, the intentional seeding of locales with little-known toxic chemicals would be the action undertaken.  The effects of chemicals are far more predictable in terms of intensity and duration, and if no one is specifically looking for them, they are undetectable.

Finally, in major cities of China (e.g., Wuhan) and Italy (particularly in the north), highly toxic air quality has been far more than “a serious problem” for some years.  This alone would account for huge numbers of people suffering from all sorts of lung conditions, including pneumonia.  Pneumonia is one of the cardinal listed symptoms of the “epidemic.”  In China, the mix of toxic pollutants in the air is unprecedented in human history, spanning both early and modern eras of industrialization.

Conclusion: All in all, I would say that, if a weaponized coronavirus has been achieved, and then released or accidentally leaked, it is not a success.  Far too much of what is being called COVID is explained by the causative factors I’ve just presented.

In fact, if we want to talk about engineered viruses—-including what would probably be an easier technical job in the lab—-the most successful operation would involve slightly altering a common coronavirus to cause nothing more than a common cold.  Then, with a “self-fulfilling prophecy” diagnostic test in hand, people all over the world would test positive; many case numbers would thus be created; and with the non-virus illness-causes I’ve just described, the illusion of a global pandemic would be stitched together—-all leading to the real goal: LOCKDOWNS, economic destruction, and the further pacification of the population.  A bereft population more dependent than ever on governments and official authorities.  A dazed population guided into a heavily technocratic future—-wall to wall surveillance, smart cities, Internet of Things, universal guaranteed income tied to social credit score.  Most importantly: Assigned energy quotas for every citizen.  CONTROL.


The widespread diagnostic test for the COVID virus now in use, called the PCR, falls far short of proving that ANY person is sick or will get sick

Moving on from biowar labs to ordinary labs, has the COVID virus ever actually been DISCOVERED and isolated there by proper procedures?  As I’ve written in another article, COVID-19 lacks correct proof in that regard.  What I believe is the best method for that job—-traditional electron microscope studies on HUNDREDS OF PATIENTS, in a side-by-side controlled test—-was never done at the outset.  This is convenient, to say the least, if in fact a common coronavirus has been engineered to cause nothing more than a cold.  The absence of true isolation and discovery permits such a virus to slip in under the radar.

The widespread diagnostic test for the COVID virus now in use, called the PCR, falls far short of proving that ANY person is sick or will get sick.  In other articles, I have proposed a vetting process for the PCR—-which should have been done decades ago—-in order to show it works or doesn’t work in the real world.  This vetting procedure would be suggested by any college science student as obvious and necessary.  It has never been carried out.  It involves proving the test can determine that a huge quantity of virus, actively replicating in the human body, is present—-and therefore, the patient would, in the real world, be sick.  Carrying out such a test, on hundreds of patients, in a controlled and blinded setting, AND THEN SEEING WHETHER THE TEST DOES POINT TO ACTUALLY SICK PEOPLE, has never been done.  Therefore, claiming the test confirms that COVID virus is causing great damage is unsupported.  This, too, is quite convenient, if a common coronavirus that causes nothing more than a common cold has been engineered.  In that situation, you would want a diagnostic test that can’t predict or detect serious illness, because the virus doesn’t cause serious illness.  The virus is only there as a prop, to create the illusion of case numbers stemming from one source: a harmless COVID-19 VIRUS.

Now, let’s move on to the effects of propaganda.

People say: patients are sick and dying all over the world—-so IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.  WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?  Aristotle worked out the fact that the effect does not prove the cause.  The effect (people sick and dying) does not prove the cause (COVID virus).

And history matters.  It offers clues and precedents.  We’ve seen dud epidemics in the past blamed on a virus, and yet, embarrassingly, the virus couldn’t be found.  BUT WHO CARES, PEOPLE SAY, moved by propaganda.  IT MUST BE THE VIRUS. (See my articles on SARS and Swine Flu 2009.)

—-People sick, people dying.  How many people?  Unknown.  Massive lockdowns of Chinese cities.  Citizens trying to escape.  For the global audience, this equals coronavirus, not because they know the virus is the cause—-proof is beside the point.  The virus is the cause because IT MUST BE.  WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?



When brutal air pollution in Wuhan obviously brings on lung disease; and when the primary symptom of the coronavirus is supposed to be lung disease; and when citizens of the city have been falling ill and dying from lung disease long before the virus appeared—-does this matter?


When governments and corporations have been using THE VIRUS as a cover story to obscure and explain away their crimes against populations, for decades and decades—-does this matter?

When previous so-called epidemics—-for example, West Nile, SARS, Zika, and Swine Flu—-turned out to be complete unproven duds—-does this history matter?


A face on a television screen watched by millions of people says CORONAVIRUS.  Therefore, case closed.

In 2009, in La Gloria, Mexico, on a giant commercial pig farm, pig feces and urine are allowed to bake and steam and bubble in the sun.  These deposits are called lagoons.  They’re so large, you can see them from outer space.  Toxic chemicals are routinely sprayed and laid out like whipped cream on the lagoons.  Workers are falling ill.  New workers are brought in to spray even more toxic chemicals.  Workers die.  Then the Centers for Disease Control sends in their tuned-up virus hunters to look for the germ causing the “mysterious” illness.  They claim to find a Swine Flu virus.  IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.  WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?  THE DECAYING PIG # AND URINE?  The layers of poisonous chemicals?  Don’t be ridiculous.

Later, in the summer of 2009, CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson discovers that the overwhelming percentage of tissue samples from US Swine Flu patients are coming back from labs with no sign of ANY KIND OF FLU.  The virus isn’t there.

And yet, of course, we have this, written in the summer of 2009: From healthwyze[dot]org: “The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has a patent for, Genetically Engineered Swine Influenza Virus and Uses Thereof (patent #8124101). It was filed in 2005 for approval. The makers of the human variant of the swine flu virus waited until the patent was finally approved in January of 2009, before unleashing the virus into the wild. The makers of the swine flu vaccine had begun the lengthy patenting process long before the swine flu supposedly existed, which means that the outbreak was no accident, and the virus is clearly not natural. Patents only apply to man-made items, and natural things cannot be patented. The virus conveniently went public only after its vaccine patent was approved, after patiently waiting 3 years for that to happen. The pandemic was declared just five months after the patent was approved, in June of 2009. The tremendous hysteria following the outbreak was promoted by the same groups who had invented this genetically engineered virus. The word ‘invented’ was actually used to describe the virus in the patent application.”

What do you know about that?  Back then, there were reports that the Swine Flu Virus—-which couldn’t even be found in the overwhelmingly number of US patients—-was actually a biowarfare germ.  Sound familiar?  Swine Flu was a DUD.

Another epidemic that was going to infect the world?  West Nile Virus.  Another dud.  But here from an old whale[dot]to article: “None of these theories [about West Nile] has deterred Vermont Senator Patrick Leahy from urging federal officials to determine if the introduction of WN virus is a terrorist attack. On September 12, 2002, Leahy declared: ‘I think we have to ask ourselves: Is it a coincidence that we’re seeing such an increase in WN virus – or is that something that’s being tested as a biological weapon against us’.”  Sound familiar?

And here, from an old article at rediff[dot]com, a piece about another epidemic dud, SARS 2003 (800 people died out of 7 billion, and WHO researcher, Frank Plummer, told the press they couldn’t even find the virus in all but a few Canadian patients): “The virus of atypical pneumonia, better known as SARS, or Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, was created artificially, possibly as a bacteriological weapon, Sergei Kolesnikov, academician of the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences, told a press conference in the Siberian town of Irkutsk on Thursday, the Russian RIA Novosti news agency reported.”

“According to Kolesnikov, the virus of atypical pneumonia is a synthesis of the viruses of measles and infectious parotiditis or mumps, the natural compound of which is impossible. This can be done only in a laboratory, he said.”

“Kolesnikov added that in creating bacteriological weapons, a protective anti-viral vaccine is, as a rule, worked out at the same time, so a medicine for atypical pneumonia may soon appear.”

“He did not, however, rule out the possibility that the virus could have spread accidentally as a result of “an unsanctioned leakage” from a biological weapons laboratory.”

Sound familiar?  And yet the “epidemic” was a dud.

I would take these duds, and the concomitant warnings of engineered pandemic viruses, as further evidence that, if any engineering was going on, it was the “lite” version I’ve described in reference to COVID-19: the duds were previous attempts to stitch together the illusion of a pandemic—-attempts that fell short of success, or were designed as smaller test runs leading up to what we have now.

The ceaseless propaganda promoting “deadly viruses” is essential to creating the pandemic illusion…and sometimes you can see through the illusion in graphic terms.  Quite, quite clearly.  In 1987, a doctor calls me, while I’m writing my first book, AIDS INC.  He tells me he’s built a small AIDS clinic where a group of poverty-stricken patients can rest in clean surroundings, eat nutritious food, and grow beans and sell them for a small amount of money.  This doctor is mainstream.  He’s given his patients no medical treatment.  He knows that THE VIRUS, HIV, is said to be a remorseless killer.  But, he tells me, all his patients have recovered; they no longer have symptoms.  They’re healthy.  He’s puzzled, confused, and distraught.  He asks me, “What should I do next?”  He knows the AIDS drugs are highly toxic.  He senses that giving them to his now-healthy patients would bring on a disaster.  Oh but you see, according to the propaganda masquerading as science, IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.  WHAT ELSE COULD BE CAUSING THESE PEOPLE TO BECOME SICK IN THE FIRST PLACE?  Drinking the water in their villages—-water mixed directly with sewage?  Hunger?  Starvation?  Toxic vaccines pushing their depleted immune systems over the edge of the cliff?  Don’t be ridiculous.  IT MUST BE HIV.

In an interview, a famous New York doctor tells me all scientists agree that HIV is the cause of AIDS because, well, the scientists who don’t agree can’t get their findings published.  He’s telling me all VISIBLE scientists agree.

Several years ago, during the Zika virus hysteria (another dud epidemic, of microcephaly, that surely would “decimate populations”), researchers in the epicenter, in Brazil, report that only between 10 and 15 percent of Zika patients have any trace of the virus—-they can’t find it in the other patients.  This amounts to a bald confession that Zika is eliminated as the cause of disease in pregnant women.  But no one listens.  IT MUST BE THE VIRUS.  WHAT ELSE COULD IT BE?

Well, it turns out it could be ANY INJURY OF ANY KIND TO A PREGNANT MOTHER—-causing her baby to be born with a smaller head and brain damage, called microcephaly.

But here, in a 2016 article from thesleuthjournal[dot]com, we have this: “It’s [Zika virus] being spread by genetically engineered mosquitos. Is it the latest example of US biowarfare? America’s sordid history suggests it.”

If it was being spread in that fashion, it wasn’t working to cause disease.  It was a failure.  But as propaganda, it was a success.

And of course, the World Health organization hit the hysteria button at the time with their own brand of propaganda.  From marketwatch[dot]com, January 28, 2016: “The World Health Organization will convene an emergency committee in Geneva on Monday to discuss the mosquito-borne Zika virus, which the organization’s head said is spreading ‘explosively’ and which many doctors and health officials believe is linked to an unprecedented outbreak of babies born with small heads in Brazil…‘The level of alarm is extremely high,’ WHO Director-General Margaret Chan said in remarks to the public-health agency’s executive board…WHO’s announcement underscores the speed with which a virus that began as an obscure tropical malady afflicting Africa and then several remote Western Pacific islands has transformed into a major international health concern, particularly in the Americas.”

Dud.  If WHO could squeeze out more fear, NOW, in 2020, about an ever-expanding Zika crisis, don’t you think they would?  Even THEY’VE given up the ghost on that campaign.  Meaning: they achieved their goal of creating alarm and public acceptance of THE VIRUS one more time.  No need to go further for the moment.

The key event in the current COVID operation was the sudden Chinese government lockdown of 50 million citizens overnight in three major cities.  That was the signal the CDC and the World Health Organization received with open arms.

“Well, they broke the ice.  This is what we’ve been waiting for.  This is now a model we can sell.  Lockdowns on a massive scale.”

And they did sell it.

As I discovered in 1987, when I was researching AIDS, the basic epidemic con involves grouping all sorts of people and groups who are suffering from different traditional diseases, environmental toxicities, and certain new NON-VIRUS conditions UNDER ONE UMBRELLA LABEL.  And then saying they’re all sick because of one virus.  That is the central illusion.

Finally, I need to make a general comment about the effects of viruses on humans.  These effects have been vastly overrated.  Consider the proponents of the so-called “hot zone” hypothesis.  For many years, they’ve claimed that viruses coming out of rainforests and traveling, in the modern age, to distant countries would cause horrific consequences—-in the form of a cascade of MANY new diseases.

Why?  Because the immune systems of people, unacquainted with these novel germs, would lack the capacity to ward them off.  But that prediction has not come to pass.

The hot zone advocates have also failed to mention that the reverse vector of travel should also result in massive epidemics: in other words, viruses which are routinely carried by Americans and Europeans—-and cause them no harm—-should be decimating native peoples in rainforests, since the “more civilized” people travel in great numbers into jungles.  The decimation has not come to pass.  Native peoples have been uprooted and damaged by industry, but they haven’t been wiped out by American or European viruses.

In fact, when you think about it, all countries and locales tend to have their own viruses which are endemic and harmless to locals, but when carried to other lands, should be wreaking havoc.

But they aren’t.  We should all be dead many times over.  But we aren’t.

The hot zone fear stories should also be dead by now.  But they still attract adherents.

Trump shows off new rapid coronavirus test kit in Rose Garden, as HHS says 1 million Americans tested

Fox News imageRe- Posted from  —— Bio and ArchivesMarch 31, 2020

President Trump and the Department of Health and Human Services [HHS] announced Monday that the United States has tested over 1 million people for the coronavirus, as the president unveiled a new rapid test kit for the contagion aimed at providing results within five minutes.

Speaking from the White House’s Rose Garden, Trump said that reaching 1 million tests is “a milestone in our war against the coronavirus.”—More…

John Roberts


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My Predictions for the next Six Months

By the end of June and into August 2020 …

In the United States civil unrest will be growing

  • The US unemployment will be over 25%
  • There will be food riots in major cities
  • Marshall Law will be required in more than a few cities
  • Andrew Cuomo  will be the Democrat presidential candidate

in the EU there will be political turmoil/collapse

  • Demonstrations in all major cities
  • Consolation of All European power in Brussels
  • Formation of a EU military
  • Elimination of all paper money





Praying to Saints & Gods during a Pandemic

A German cathedral has its collection of remains of St. Corona, the little-known Christian martyr who has been purported to be the patron saint of resisting epidemics. Her name in Latin merely means “crown,” which was an indication that the young saint had achieved the “crown of eternal life” because of the steadfastness of her faith. There is a connection with the coronaviruses, named because of their crown-like structure. So the virus is not named after her and there is not really any connection that can be verified that she is the patron saint of epidemics.


One of the excursions I have made in traveling around the world was to a tiny ancient city of Epidaurus in ancient Greece on the Argolid Peninsula at the Saronic Gulf. This is where people went to pray for their health. They prayed to Asclepius who was pictured with a staff with a serpent entwined which became our medical symbol still today. If you wanted to pray for the health of the community in times of a plague, you went to the temple next door for his daughter, Hygena, whose name is the origin of good hygiene.

Good Traders Know When They are Wrong & Also Know When Something is Wrong

Good traders know when they are wrong based upon objective evidence.
You argue that the Coronavirus isn’t a true pandemic, and that the governments’ reactions to this are politically driven with the intention of advancing a socialist agenda. Your perspective is logical and supportable. But, it is very hard not to get caught up in the media hype and the constant stream of dire predictions and numbers. So, I am still not convinced one way or the other.
What would you need to see statically for you to change your position, and determine that the Coronavirus is in fact a true pandemic warranting the governments’ response?

ANSWER: This is a pandemic, not an epidemic. The distinction is very significant. What I am saying is that politics is now taking over and using the hype for political gain. As of March 30, 2020, there have been 142,178 confirmed cases and 2,484 deaths. The flu results in 10 times the number of deaths each year. Ask yourself, why do we not shut down the entire economy for every flu?

If we take the ratio of flu numbers (10x), then there should be about 40,000 hospitalizations, 1.8 million medical visits, and 3.8 million people who get the virus. With 142,178 confirmed, we are well behind the 1.8 million for this flu season and that is not considered an epidemic.

The hype is being used for political purposes. This is way too exaggerated to make sense. This is too convenient and organized. I PERSONALLY have real information that elites in Europe were given the heads up and sold not just their shares, but their bonds. NEVER has there been a flight to quality that went directly to cash — not even 1929!

The numbers are far from what would be necessary to imply any justification for closing the entire world. It is true that good traders know when they are wrong, but they also know when something iswrong and this does not add up to the past.

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The Insanity of the Times – The Power Grab But to What End?



Am a long time blog follower, as well as a Plus membership subscriber.

I penned this poem about the absurdity that is happening with this Corona episode. I was hoping that you could share it with the public on your blog.

Hour after hour day after day,
mainstream and state media has the same thing to say.

Causing a panic amongst the masses,
gotten to the point where many cannot find the material to wipe their own asses.

A lot of societies vulnerable have lost their employment,
living on government handouts brings no enjoyment.

Media aggression,
has caused a severe depression.

Perhaps this will all pass in a matter of time,
though probably not before a major surge in crime.

Government says we cannot leave our door,
yet every year the common flu kills so many more.

So isolate yourself and follow our news,
makes one wonder if this is all just a ruse?

I surely am not the lone informed soul,
understanding the endgame is more government control!



The Sentiment in Germany is Turning Against Exaggerated Virus